Wolfenstein New Order

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What game or games are you getting in May I'm getting Wolfenstein New Order the game looks so sick.

#2 Posted by CrownKingArthur (4895 posts) -

not getting, but keeping an eye on tex murphy, wolfenstein, transistor, watch_dogs,

#3 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (5143 posts) -

Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs.

#4 Posted by sukraj (23060 posts) -

Thanks for the comments guys.

#5 Posted by BattleSpectre (6235 posts) -

@GrenadeLauncher said:

Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs.

#6 Posted by IgGy621985 (4817 posts) -

Will wait for reviews

#7 Posted by cooolio (498 posts) -

I am going to rent Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs from gamefly just to try them out for a week, and then I will send them back. I will buy them when i get a PS4.

#8 Posted by R4gn4r0k (16659 posts) -

Age of Mythology, Mario Kart and Wolfenstein I'll be getting for sure.

All the other games remain to be seen.

#9 Posted by Spartan070 (16359 posts) -

Already have Bound by Flame and the Borderlands 2 VITA bundle paid for.

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Wolfenstien, Watch dogs, and maybe God of war vita collection.

#11 Posted by freedomfreak (40972 posts) -

Yeah, I should pick it up.

Mario Kart is preordered, and I have a €15 coupon for that. Schaweet!

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Not getting anything EVER (as far as last-gen consoles are concerned). I have a backlog consisting of a couple of dozens of games. The only games I ever need to buy are Mass Effect 2 and 3. I have everything else already. Then I'm moving on to next-gen in September/October.

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I may get Child of Light, GoW Collection (vita), Borderlands 2 (vita), and Watch Dogs. Right now I have Wolfenstein as a gamefly rental. If it's as good as it looks then I will just keep it from gamefly.

Edit: Forgot Mario Kart 8 as well.

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Nothing on the games front but I'm interested in two movies, Godzilla and X-men.

#15 Posted by Animal-Mother (26962 posts) -

Definitely getting watch dogs.

I am quite the hype for it.

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For MAY I'm getting Watch Dogs and MLB The Show 14 for PS4. I'll prob gamefly Wolfenstein.

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I bought the last Wolfenstein and was MAJORLY DISAPPOINTED (and it was hyped before release). I will wait to see if this one is any good before I jump in