Will you hold off on next gen?

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Gamespot recommends that. Worst consoles launch ever ? PC FTW ?

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Eventually games like Infamous, Quantum Break, Destiny and KH3 will warrant buying a console but right now the best games are multi plats that are best on PC.

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If things carry on the way they are, with Watchdogs and maybe DriveClub being delayed, I'll be upgrading my video card before I jump to the next gen. I reckon once Infamous is released next year, the PS4 will be the console to have.

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I wasn't planning on picking up a next gen consoles (probably PS4) until end of 2014. Now that movied to end 2015.

With games beign sub 1080p, some still running at 30 fps, it's just not a priority. I'll get to it, when I get to it,

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I will probably wait for two years at least before going next gen, far too many games to get through this gen to be honest

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No sooner or later than late 2014. That's wen i'm picking a WiiU.

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I have the PS4 preordered for launch on amazon but I think I will be skipping them til Destiny (if it does not come to PC) or KH 3 and FFXV. There are too many games for PS3 i still need to play. I swear if the PS4 was backwards compatible it would have been great to buy it at launch.

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the games i want are just around the corner so yea ill pick it up now. since watchdogs was delayed im going with one shooter while still playing my ps3 and 360 until infamous second son comes out. from there the games are going to be rolling out

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i always wait a year before getting a console. no need to waste time on crap launch games. i'll wait for the adults to enter the room.

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They say that, but they have access to all the consoles themselves... early even. If I had a PS4 and Xbox One debug unit at my job, I may not be preaching that people should rush out and buy consoles either.

Having said that, I like to have an informed opinion about the merits of whatever hardware I can afford. I set a budget strategy in June for saving enough money to buy the consoles on day one, and I am really excited about getting them both delivered to me with Amazon... no more waiting in lines for me. First time I haven't sat out in the cold on launch day for a new console. Amazon Prime... gotta love it. Anyhow, while others speculate about features etc., I will be able to base my comments off of actual experiences, which means a lot to me. And as somebody who is going to get both new platforms, I don't feel a insecurity regarding brand loyalty as suggested by some of the comments I've seen on this forum. So yeah, good times. Gonna be a hell of a Thanksgiving.

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i'll most likely pick up a Wii U on my birthday in April. followed by a PS4 in early 2015.

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This question gets asked a couple of times each week. I'm holding off. The genres I play the most don't exist on these new systems or are new entries into historically s**t series (ie Killer Instinct).

Once Quantic Dream or RPGs start hitting, I'll be down.

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No I am not holding off. I am getting the PS4 at the same time I always planned on getting it, which is Christmas 2014.

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As far as ps4/xbone is concerned, im definitely waiting till next summer. By then, Titanfall will be out. Until then, buying one of these consoles day 1 is a horrible waste of time. I will stick with 360/ps3 till then and im picking up a WiiU this weekend. Im perfectly happy with this combo.

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I'll get a Wii U sometime, probably next year. I've got enough current gen games to play in the meantime.

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For better or worse, I am all in on PS4 at launch. I already have it paid in full on Amazon, and there is really nothing else I would want to buy on Amazon with that credit. Well, Wii U, but it's not directly available on Amazon.

With the X1, however, I will definitely be holding off.

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Already got my Wii U and will get my PS4 in 2014.

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The launches both look fine to be honest. I'm giving it a year though.

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The launch line ups are weak and there's nothing of interest announced for either console outside of inFAMOUS Second Son IMO. I'll be sticking with PS3 and Wii U for a good while before I consider picking up either PS4 or Xbox One.

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Nope. Most launch titles I've ever wanted for my PS4. Holding off on X1 until Halo 5.

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imma wait till the ps4 has at least 5-10 games I want then ill jump in.

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I'll be getting my Wii U this November with Super Mario 3D World (looks better than Galaxy). Hopefully the Wind Waker HD bundle will still be available.

If the bundle is not available I'll get Wind Waker HD as my second game, Sonic Lost World comes close though.

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Definitely going to wait for a while. Maybe I'll pick up a current gen console on Black friday and catch up on some of the console exclusives. After that, perhaps next gen consoles will be worth owning

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It's not looking good though...

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

Killzone: Shadow Fall


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Need for Speed: Rivals


Skylanders: Swap Force

DC Universe Online

PlanetSide 2

and Warframe

Is the door open for the future? Of course. Is there any reason to get a PS4 this year? Absolutely not.

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I'm getting a Xbox One at launch with Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

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I have many games i have yet to play from this gen. Sony keeps putting out exclusives on PS3 and I can easily see myself not getting a PS4 until the PS4 slim is out and games start entering greatest hits territory.

My PS3 isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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I'm waiting at least a year, I can play the majority of the next gen titles that interest me on my PS3, PS4's range of excluives seem pretty poor so far and while Xbox One's range of exclusives seem decent, I'd suspect it will be heavily frontloaded. That said, I'm still undecided on which console to get, I'd guess that this time next year I'll take a look at what games are available on each console, as well as the upcoming releases then make my decision. I also suspect both consoles may have had price drops by then.

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At least a year

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Waiting at least a year. Buying either the PS4 or Xbox One on release would be a bad waste of good money.

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Lots of great games are going to be released in 2014 and their wont be a price drop for 1.5-2 years out, so there's no reason to wait other than if you don't have enough money yet.

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No way jose. I have never bought a console a launch, so that in and of itself is got me excited to get the PS4 at midnight and play till will hours in the morning.

I stated long ago, before the launch date was even announced that I know launch lines ups and the amount of games available would be thin, just like all console launches, but I have 4 other gaming platforms to play games on. PS4 will be my indulgence. MmMmMmm soooo good.

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Xbone looks like the best gaming choice at launch. Funny how that turned out.

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Already have a Wii U.