Will there ever be a Zelda as great as Ocarina of Time?

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Posted by SolidGame_basic (19098 posts) 10 months, 2 days ago

Poll: Will there ever be a Zelda as great as Ocarina of Time? (63 votes)

yes 56%
no 13%
Ocarina of Time wasn't that great 32%

I'm not a nostalgist. Nor am I a die hard Zelda fan (I think Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda I beat). But since then, I haven't found a Zelda that tops this game. Closest was Windwaker HD. Skyward Sword was terribly boring and very uninspired. The controls were wonky and the story/characters just wasn't that interesting. A Link Between Worlds was nice, but incredibly easy. I didn't even bother with Skyward Sword. So I ask you, SW, since you know everything, will there ever be a Zelda as great as OoT?

#1 Posted by freedomfreak (42890 posts) -

I prefer Wind Waker, myself, so there.

#2 Posted by AugustEvans (116 posts) -

Nintendo is done.

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I think Wind Waker is best. Really, if you cast aside the enormous impact OOT was at release, and I'm not sure if it's fair to do that, I would say that Skyward Sword is also better.

#4 Posted by MBirdy88 (8994 posts) -

No. why would there be? not many games offered what Zelda offered back then... a large 3d world to explore.... they are now in abundance.... times change.... zelda is no longer a massive deal.... thats not to say they are not quality games... its just... they don't stand out anymore...

Hell..... there are minecraft mods out there that could make a better adventure game by players. people now get lost in games like Skyrim for 100s of hours....

simply put.... Zelda feels very small these days. as much as I like them... they feel aimed at a young audiance like I was when I first played it on the N64... now .... its not challenging, its 100% predictable. you cant grasp that same charm over time.

#5 Posted by Shinobishyguy (22576 posts) -

Will TC ever stop making shitty threads?

That's a better question

#6 Posted by SolidGame_basic (19098 posts) -

@Shinobishyguy said:

Will TC ever stop making shitty threads?

That's a better question

the answer is no

#7 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (26220 posts) -

Yes, It can happen. Ocarina of Time is like the Citizen Cain of Video Games. No one dares to question it's brilliance or integrity, but I actually thought Nintendo far surpassed it with Twilight Princess.

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IMO the game already exists, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask have always been as good as OoT in my mind. I even like elements of Majora's Mask better.

#9 Posted by inb4uall (6310 posts) -

Wind waker is my favorite 3D. ALttP is the best 2D.

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Yeah. They're called Wind Waker and Twilight Princess

#11 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3767 posts) -

You mean Masterpiece of Time? Probably not.

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Let me get this straight: You found Skyward Sword boring and uninspired, yet you never bothered with it?

What the fuck?

#13 Posted by charizard1605 (60807 posts) -

I mean, Wind Waker is already better...

#14 Posted by darkspineslayer (20342 posts) -

Ocarina of Time has aged like shit TBH. It's middling at best these days.

#15 Posted by inb4uall (6310 posts) -

@speedfreak48t5p said:

Let me get this straight: You found Skyward Sword boring and uninspired, yet you never bothered with it?

What the fuck?

Thats a Metal Gear fan for you. Stupid and convoluted.

#16 Posted by ConanTheStoner (7204 posts) -

Wind Waker, Link to the Past, Majoras Mask, Twilight Princess... all Zelda games that I felt were better than OoT. I'll probably put Link Between Worlds up there too when I finally get around to making some progress.

For its time, OoT was one of the most impressive games I ever played. It was just wow omg holy fucking shit impressive to me when it came out. Stepping away from that though, it's just another Zelda game.

#18 Posted by LadyBlue (3985 posts) -

Never. Not only was it the best zelda game ever made, it was one of the biggest achievements in gaming.

#19 Posted by PhazonBlazer (11988 posts) -

Skyward Sword is much better than OoT

#20 Posted by foxhound_fox (90520 posts) -

Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

I personally would argue A Link to the Past is the best. but that depends on whether or not you would compare 2D to 3D games.

#21 Edited by santoron (7965 posts) -

It was already a big letdown after aLttP. OoT isn't even in the top three.

I know I know, but the Threeeee Deeee......

#22 Posted by Renegade_Fury (17470 posts) -

I like Majora's Mask about as much as OoT. ALttP, TP, and Skyward Sword were all excellent too. Wind Waker was garbage.

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Not a 3D one.

#24 Posted by sonic_spark (4764 posts) -

Twilight Princess is the best of the series, 2D or 3D, IMO.

#25 Posted by Telekill (5032 posts) -

@sonic_spark: Agreed. I'm never getting rid of my Gamecube version. Definitely the last great Nintendo system.

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Yes. Its called Majora's Mask

#27 Posted by sHaDyCuBe321 (4244 posts) -

If we take into account the impact it had along with how excellent it is, then easily no.

People act as if you can judge things in a vacuum.

All things being equal every Zelda after it improved in some ways, but the impact those had on gaming is minuscule compared to what OoT was.

That first time you pull out the master sword, the first time you play the Bolero of Fire, the first time you face Ganon. Just...wow!

It's moments like those that made OoT what it is, and anyone who experienced it when it first came out understands why it holds a place atop many a gamers GOAT lists.

#28 Posted by Jag85 (5248 posts) -

Never say never.

#29 Posted by ButDuuude (563 posts) -

I hope so.

#30 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29714 posts) -

Wind Waker is amazing but Ocarina is better

#31 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6759 posts) -

As far as scores go OoT was in a very Unique situation with it comming out when it did with very limited reviews, good game but has been surpassed already.

Ever since more review sites and such have come out, and pretty hard to get as high a score, not to mention how the first impression OoT left on a pure technical level.

I doubt we will see something as earthshattering as the swap from 2d to 3d envioments, But I would claim that A link to the past, Wind Waker. A tidbit of random info: My all time favorite LoZ game was Ironically the very first one.

#32 Posted by SolidGame_basic (19098 posts) -

@sHaDyCuBe321: I know exactly what you mean. I really don't think some people understand what it was like to play that game when it first came out. Especially growing up with previous generations.

#33 Posted by Ballroompirate (23667 posts) -

OoT is highly overrated while WW, MM and Twlp were a hundred times better.

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It really depends on taste.

To me, each Zelda is really unique and tries to do something different.

Wii U Zelda especially is taking the risk of getting rid of the conventions its been stuck with since Ocarina of Time with its more open world Zelda 1 style. and its not simply gonna be open world. As Aunoma explained, Ocarina and especially Wind Waker had these little tricks to make it seem that the world is big and connected with the huge ocean and such, but you still couldnt go over boundaries. Zelda U wants to break this entrapment and let you tackle whatever you want, most spefifically "The puzzles when you decide what you want to do".Im really anxious to see how this will turn out, especially given Link between World's open world worked so well, and it was playing it safe being similar to Link to the Past.

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MM already surpassed it.

#36 Posted by mario-galaxys (574 posts) -

Since the series still has life and Nintendo continues to produce great games, it can have a game as great as Ocarina of Time sometime in the future.

#37 Posted by bbkkristian (14967 posts) -

There is too much Wind Waker praise in this thread. It's good, but it's not that good folks. :p

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There are already Zelda's as great as OoT.

ALttP, ALBW, MM, WW are all equally as great.

#39 Posted by cainetao11 (19122 posts) -

I don't understand, you didn't bother with skyward sword but the controls are wonky and the story is boring, uninspired?

#41 Posted by mems_1224 (48338 posts) -

3D Zelda? No idea. LBW was awfully close though. I flip flop between the two for my 2nd favorite Zelda game.

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God damn it scott, I want to respond to your post but my head would explode.

#43 Posted by santoron (7965 posts) -

@scottpsfan14 said:

Mario 64 is THE BEST Mario game. Along with Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario World is THE BEST Mario Game. Mario 64 was great. Galaxy games were good if you ignored the fact that the game basically had to help you constantly due to the imprecise controls, but no where near the classics.

#46 Posted by coasterguy65 (6231 posts) -

Personally I prefer A link to the Past, and Wind Waker to OOT any day.

#47 Posted by starwolf474 (965 posts) -

I hope so, but considering that I haven't enjoyed a Zelda game since Majora's Mask, I don't expect it to happen anytime soon.

#48 Posted by Heirren (18707 posts) -

Structurally I still think OoT is still the best of the 3D Zeldas. Windwaker is great but has a few flaws--imo the wand swinging could have been more intuitive in a few aspects. Twilight Princess is criminally underrated.

#49 Edited by jg4xchamp (49886 posts) -

As great in what sense?

As good straight up? I don't think OoT is up to snuff with Majora's Mask.

In terms of impact? hell no. It will never come close to that. OoT had the benefit of devs learning how to make games in 3D around that time.

#50 Posted by Shinobishyguy (22576 posts) -

@scottpsfan14: Oh god this again, really?

You would think after the reviews started rolling in all the shit talking on 3d world would cease but here we are 6 months later