Will Halflife 2 ever feel outdated?

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Are Valve titles like Halflife 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal what we, the mass would classify as "timeless" games?

After going back every couple of months and playing Halflife 2, it always seems to feel fresh and just "better" than other games. Do you feel this sometimes? Inside.

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guhhh. half life 2 felt outdated on release day. never understood the praise for that game.

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The end sequence of Half-Life 2 with the modified gravity gun still brings out the young-side in me. So fun.

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To put it simple


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Doubt it. Played through the game and the episodes for the first time this year, and it played amazing and was a blast.

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Depends what you find outdated in it that it would hinder your enjoyment. Graphics, the lack of iron sight, etc. As for controls, on PC at least, they'll always be ageless and easy to get into as far as the mouse & keyboard stay relevant. Even after, there will be mods to suit any other future control scheme. As for preference, i like HL1 far more. Better gunplay and much better AI.

... But honestly, i just play what i want from Space Invaders to Crysis, whether i enjoy the game or not is my business. I don't trouble my self with bullshit semantics such as this that are completely meaningless outside the internet boards. But it is fun to discuss such stuff.

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at the none existent pace shooters are evolving,,,,,,,,,,,,, never...

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There a LOT of people who feel that it's dated, and that's perfectly fine.

Personally, I never felt like it. It's still a great game to go back and play when there's nothing else worth playing. It just has that pacing and atmosphere.

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It already does look and feel outdated.

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My friend, I feel the same way about Uncharted and Tlou. What do you think TC?

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It already is but it's still enjoyable.

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@PinkieWinkie said:

My friend, I feel the same way about Uncharted and Tlou. What do you think TC?

What does that have to with Half-Life 2?

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portal became a bore since you mentioned it,

I remember thinking "wow it is so thought out and open"

but upon doing the challenges it became apparent the was only one true way of doing things,

I felt cheated, so much so I haven't bothered to play portal 2.....

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already is

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Depends who's playing. It doesn't feel outdated to me because I can still have a lot of fun with it

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No. Never.

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Currently playing the original Portal right now and it's still amazing. Valve's humour in the game is great. =P

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The gunplay is outdated and bad. The vehicle sections were always monotonous. The graphics are ancient.

The narrative style, characters and atmosphere, things that usually never get outdated in any game, will remain.

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It felt outdated years ago.

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@StrongBlackVine: Comparing them to hl2. I don't think they can ever feel outdated. Hl2, uncharted and tlou surr are 3 special games. What do you think tc?

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It will never feel out-dated to me... it was so ahead of its time. Still the best game ever made IMO.

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Nah, it still holds up

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My friend, I feel the same way about Uncharted and Tlou. What do you think TC?

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Outdated ? No.

But they feel a bit stale now.

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it feels very outdated, when it came out i thought Riddick blew it out of the water.

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Big fan of TF2 and Portal but HL2 is terrible now and does not hold up well at all. The gunplay is terrible (At least til the Gravity Gun comes into play).

And Left 4 Dead would just be part of a better games multiplayer at this point.

So yes, Some Valve games grow tired and stale.

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i am a pc gamer but this game series is one of the most over rated games of all time.

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@osirisx3 said:

i am a pc gamer but this game series is one of the most over rated games of all time.

It was nice of you to expand upon that.

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It was outdated about a year later when FEAR came out.

Better graphics, gunplay, sound design, and infinitely better AI.

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@senses_fail_06 said:

It was outdated about a year later when FEAR came out.

Better graphics, gunplay, sound design, and infinitely better AI.

My friend, I agree (to this day) Fear has the best gunplay in any FPS. The sound design and graphics look horrible in comparison.

My chumling, what one must remember, aside from looking fantastic, Halflife 2 also ran fantastic. Fear, at the time, ran like shit in comparison. The gunplay was also what saved, not enhanced by the gunplay as without it, the gameplay would have probably got redundant within 40 minutes.

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is SMB3 outdated? is a link to the past outdated? is RE2 outdated? HELL NO! these are timeless classics, just like HL2.

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But Resident Evil 2 is outdated.

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@uninspiredcup: But so is half life. I feel 10 years from now Uncharted and tlou will still be remembered and played by many.

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I used Source engine to demonstrate some designs my team made in Architecture class. This was also the first time I truly played Half Life 2. Upon playing the game I thought the gunplay was dated, character movement/abilities were dated, the graphics dated, the AI dated. This was 3-4 years ago.

The original FEAR was something I saw as really special and have recommended to others a few years ago. That was a game truly ahead of it's time.

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Never. Valve games aren't bound to the limit of time.

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No. Half-Life 1 (no mods) doesn't feel outdated. I played it for the first time this year, it's still amazing.

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HL2 will never feel outdated. In fact, I just played some last night and it felt better than any other FPS i've played since the last time I played HL2. I'm going to go play it right now to celebrate the new year.

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The vehicles were always garbage and no fun to drive in HL2.

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Half life 2 outdated, yes I say it is, eh Ai even for it's time boring gunplay, until the gravity gun atleast, and the annoying vehicle controls, now Half life outdated no that's a masterpiece

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Its outdated but it still plays well.

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But Resident Evil 2 is outdated.

much like HL2's gunplay, but the premise and how it sets about its genre is timeless and essentially a blueprint for what followed much in the vein i think halo 1 and 2 are timeless and set a benchmark for console fps's and gran turismo 2 as well because it does a lot of things right and a lot of racing series including forza have borrowed heavily from the career and various other mechanics whilst a lot of its parts might be outdated its still a stellar game nearly 13 years on.

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@razgriz_101 said:

much like HL2's gunplay,

Eh. Nothings wrong with Halflife 2's gunplay. Iron sights are used to compensate for control pads lack of aim. Being a pc specific built game, it doesn't need iron sights.

My friends, having replayed the vehicle sections, it's fair to say it was ahead of it's time. Since Farcry 3 ripped if off. Only without an exciting helicopter chase, Actually, Farcry 3 does have chase sequences, they are highly scripted, you don't actually control the vehicle like Halflife 2 and the person you are with is a cunt.

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Same here. The game started feeling dated after the gravity gun got boring, which was about 5 minutes after using it.

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HL2 is a timeless masterpiece. Best FPS campaign of all time in my book.