Will Call of Duty remain very popular this gen?

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Posted by SolidGame_basic (18977 posts) 11 months, 28 days ago

Poll: Will Call of Duty remain very popular this gen? (41 votes)

yea 51%
no 49%

Or will it fizzle out?

#51 Posted by locopatho (20540 posts) -

Yes, but Titanfall will overtake it.

#52 Edited by quakke (191 posts) -

Cawwadoody was just flavor of the week. I see it die before summer already, since the declining sales numbers don't lie. Last Cawwadoody fans were also screwed by their dear own father, Activision. So even the last Cawwadoody players got against Cawwadoody after Coats.

#53 Posted by finalstar2007 (25715 posts) -

Of course, a game that sells millions over millions is a pretty big game.. the moment when it sells less than a million is the time when the franchise is officially done.

#54 Posted by APiranhaAteMyVa (2963 posts) -

It will still sell millions, so it will still be popular. I don't think it will be as popular though I think Titanfall may become the new COD once the sequel goes multiplat and Destiny.

#55 Posted by xxyetixx (1321 posts) -

The smartest thing Activision could do would be to release an ultimate COD this November that was just multiplayer only and it's just every COD map in the series from COD4 to Ghosts. All game types all weapons. Give that to fans and take the time to work on refreshing the series new engine new graphics and then release a all new fresh COD November of 2015!

#56 Posted by wolverine4262 (20071 posts) -

What does it matter? Ill keep on not buying it anyway.

#57 Posted by freedomfreak (42399 posts) -

Honestly, it doesn't matter. Me, and millions of others will keep on buying it anyway.

#58 Posted by cainetao11 (18816 posts) -

@lglz1337 said:

it's better than titanfall so obviously yes

HAHAHA That was a good one

#59 Posted by cainetao11 (18816 posts) -

@sts106mat said:

@SNIPER4321 said:

Sadly it will be due to corrupt media and marketing and ppls buy everything that media say. COD was once a great series. COD1 and UO were good. they were not that mainstream popular than suddenly COD4 come out and not only ruin COD series but FPS genre too.

success of COD4 lead to destruction of FPS genre.

absolute twaddle

I think if Ghosts had sold 250k copies, he would be calling it the best COD since the first. Popularity is all he sees.

#60 Edited by Master_ShakeXXX (13361 posts) -

It's always going to sell well. It has ingrained it's self into pop culture much like Mario and Final Fantasy have. It will be around forever.

#61 Posted by Nonstop-Madness (9491 posts) -

Probably not.

COD sales have gone down in the past few years but they still have pretty large launch numbers because their core audience is still quite active. Not to mention Activision has the ability to pump a ton of money into it's development, marketing etc.

#62 Edited by Twizded (100 posts) -

COD sales are from casuals and noobs, as much as returning players. There is always millions of kids. That are new to gaming, unfortunately lol.

#63 Edited by fueled-system (6326 posts) -

Ghost was a disaster... Two gens or not, the game was not active at all and on the youtube portion there were more people going back to previous games than that trash

Sledgehammer is making the next one so this will be a good show until Treyarc can save the franchise

#64 Edited by NFJSupreme (5387 posts) -

It will remain popular the way halo has remained popular but it will never be at the same level again.

#65 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3730 posts) -

People who like masterpieces will keep on buying them anyway.