Wii U: AAA Spin the Bottle to receive 6 new games feb.13

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Danish developer KnapNok Games will release an update Feb. 13 for Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party that introduces six new minigames, the developer announced via Facebook.

In Spin the Bottle, 2-8 players perform physical actions like dancing, jumping or spinning around the Wii U's GamePad. The game's six new activities are Act Like an Animal, in which players mime an animal for their partner; Put Your Hat On, where players search for virtual hats around the room; a game where two people use only their feet, Footie Ball; Don't Laugh; Body Twister, or Twister with the GamePad; and Nature Photographer, where players take pictures of animals around the room.

For those that already own the game, the update is free; however, the price will increase for everyone else after Feb. 13 to $11.99. The update also includes several tweaks to the game, bonus challenges and new TV settings.

Despite what some will think when they see this, this is actually a best selling title.

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about time..


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Oh boy.

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I've heard great things about that game.

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I thought this was a joke until I saw it on the eShop.

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@Jakandsigz said:

Despite what some will think when they see this, this is actually a best selling title.

Indeed! This is one of the very best party games ever created and makes for a FANTASTIC drinking game! ;)

If you own a Wii U and have a nice mix of guys/gals/alcohol, this game is a MUST.

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Guaranteed to sell more WiiU's....more likely to obliterate Sony and MS in this generation.