Why no support for PS Vita and mobile devices?

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It's late, so I'll try to make this short. Basically, when a developer releases a game multiplat that includes the PS Vita, they tend to give more support (updates, DLC, and such) to the console versions of the game. My question is.....why?!

I ask this because sometimes I PREFER having my games (like ZoE and Sonic & ASRT) on my Vita rather than on consoles. Yet, I also want to use the same DLC or get the same pre-order bonuses as the console versions. And for it to release alongside consoles.

The same could go for some PC releases, too.

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I just want some decent exclusives ffs. Right now there's no reason to get a Vita besides Wipeout and a few JRPGs that won't make it outside of Japan and NA.

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Larger audience. Take care of the majority first. I think a few games are doing that kind of cross-DLC. Particularly the cross-play games like UMvC3 and PSASBR.
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not enough consumers. and they will not do it of the kindness of their heart. ill break it down even more. lets say they spend $1000 to develop a dlc for vita this includes labor of employess ect final cost $1000 and it took a period of 3months, and only two people baught it within a period of six months. thats why.

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Because software sales for handheld games arent good enough