Why does red hate blue so much?

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Have you ever been playing Halo online and wonder what is all the fighting is about? I mean what am I fighting for? What is with all the senseless violence.

Are they fighting over scarce resources? Political Differences? Or do they just hate each other because they are a different color? What is my battle cry.


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Racism, which is another thing besides violence that games encourage.

Ban them!

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FC Porto 12 - 4 Benfica

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Blue told his sister not to give Red a map. No friendship could ever recover after that.

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Doesn't see the need for light blend when full flavor does the trick.

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Red scuffed Blue's sneakers.
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because red is jealous of how awesome blue is.
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because red is jealous of how awesome blue is.campzor
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Red raped my mother and killed my father. Since that day I have sworn that I would fight along side blue until they are defeated.

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http://youtu.be/rFwad7UE5JY?t=5m34s The eternal struggle.
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Purple hates Green sometimes too.

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Blue bumped into red and left a purple bruise...
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well the red spy ****ed the blue scouts mom, that may have something to do with it.

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Because they're dirty blues! :x
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This kind of post is good for the lounge, not its own topic.