whose vr are you looking foward too?

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Nintendo which I can see getting into the sway. I see them offering a nrw console soon lol. Microsoft with fortazela or sony with a vr headset. Or oculus....I am going with ir to your face fortazela.

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Because the Virtua Boy was such a resounding success

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headmounted display isn't VR.. you still play with a controller or kb/m

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@Couth_: well its some sort of future. I like ms idea the best. So futuristic. Xbox close browser

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Out of those, Oculus, it has the potential to be used in games that the devs didn't intend for it to be used in. The console alternatives will likely need to be specifically designed to be played with the device (or at least have it enabled by the dev).

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The Oculus is the only one worth giving a damn about.

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@soulitane: thats a goof argument. I can see fortazela work in different kinds of ways