Who wins E3 2014(Microsoft or Sony) ?

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2114 posts) 4 months, 5 days ago

Poll: Who wins E3 2014(Microsoft or Sony) ? (12 votes)

Microsoft 42%
Sony 58%

Microsoft Conference:

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay for Xbox One
  • DirectX 12 trailer for Xbox One
  • Fable Legends gameplay for Xbox One
  • Forza Horizon 2 gameplay for Xbox One
  • Gears of War 4 gameplay for Xbox One
  • Halo 5 tech demo for Xbox One
  • Kinect TV & Shows trailer for Xbox One
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay for Xbox One
  • Quantum Break gameplay for Xbox One
  • Star Wars: Battlefront III gameplay for Xbox One
  • Titanfall DLC gameplay for Xbox One

Sony Conference:

  • Destiny gameplay for PS4
  • DriveClub trailer for PS4
  • God of War 4 CGI for PS4
  • Indie Games trailer for PS3/PS4/Vita
  • inFamous: Second Son DLC gameplay for PS4
  • The Order: 1886 gameplay for PS4
  • Uncharted 4: The Sunken Blade tech demo for PS4
  • Watch_Dogs gameplay for PS4

Those are E3 games we see at press. If its 100% true, then who wins E3 2014? Who has better games?

Black games are exclusives. NO DLC count.


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Ill wait for the actual conferences instead of relying on rumors. Thank you very much.

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Every year: E3 rumors.

Every year: Huge disappointment after E3 by entitled gamers that believed dumb rumors.

Every year: I ignore the E3 rumors.

Every year: I enjoy E3 with a clean slate and no HYPE build up due to fake rumors.

C-ya next year.

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You forgot the last guardian and project beast for the PS4, which is both heavily rumored, if you are making a thread with no facts and filled with rumors, you might as well make it correct

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@Sweenix: That wouldn't fit his agenda. Also add GG's new IP and AC Unity to the Sony conference.

Also LOL at Gears 4 gameplay...that game is at least two years away.

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For no reason at all,


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Sources proved proof many times before and all were true. So, why would he lie now? I dont think he is. So far Microsoft got bigger exclusive. CGI and tech demo leaves only 2 exclusive against 6 microsoft exclusves

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Nintendo does not have press E3. There is no Nintendo

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Based on the rumors Sony will completely destroy MS this E3 because again based on the rumores Sony has a new IP RPG from Guerrilla Games, a new IP from media molecule, a new IP form the creators of heavnly swords, a new game form Santa Monica, Uncharted gameplay, a new game form the creators of the Demon Souls, the Last Guardian confirmation for PS4 game, The order, TF PS4 version and PS3 price drop

Microsoft will completely lose the console war if the rumors ( which seem highly likely ) to be true.

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@FreedomFreeLife: then you should change it to who will have the better press conference not E3 in general because Nintendo is attending.

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DirectX 12 trailer for Xbox One


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From those lists (if true, which is probably not), I'd say Microsoft. Just.

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At this point , these are just rumors but I went with M$ because of stuff like Quantum Break and DX12 . Games like Order 1886 , god of war , Uncharted etc aren't my thing (Youtube is there for a reason) .

I'm also not interested in Gears of War and other Xbox One games but Quantum Break and DX 12 tech are something new and innovative .

The thing that I'm most looking forward to is The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt gameplay on high end PC .

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@StrongBlackVine: how are they not competing? They'll be at e3. They just won't do the Pre-E3 conference.

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Don't use fake E3 lists to create threads. Compare both E3 conferences after they are both done.