Who has the better looking console?

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Posted by WG_McFartypants (218 posts) 1 year, 24 days ago

Poll: Who has the better looking console? (28 votes)

PS4 - it harnesses the power of the parallelogram! 54%
XBox One - It's big, black, and beautiful. 21%
Um, they both look like a$$. 7%
Who cares what the box looks like? I'm here to play games! 18%

I'm curious what y'all think. The reactions in the review were so strong and so bass-ackwards from my own reaction to them both.

#1 Posted by joel_c17 (2861 posts) -

PS4 is sexy. Xbone looks like a 90's vcr.

#2 Posted by lglz1337 (3855 posts) -

ps4 wins hands down

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#4 Posted by inb4uall (5806 posts) -

Wii U.

#5 Posted by _Matt_ (8924 posts) -

On looks, they both look great in their own way.

I give PS4 my vote though because of how much more of a compact package it is.

#6 Edited by farrell2k (6386 posts) -

WiiU. The other two look like DVRs.

#7 Posted by Telekill (4726 posts) -

I prefer the look of the PS4 but looks don't matter, the games do. Luckily PS4 has both games and looks.

#8 Posted by AppleFan1991 (3077 posts) -

They both are meh. The only reason I chose PS4 is because of the blue/white light that comes on when you turn the system on. It's just sex

#9 Posted by Ginosaji (965 posts) -

The PS4 would look better if it wasn't awkwardly shaped.

The X1 looks like a VCR, which is a good thing because it's going in an entertainment center with other devices that also look like a VCR. It won't be a misshapen white eye-sore like the original X360.

My vote goes to X1.

#10 Posted by ni6htmare01 (984 posts) -

I actually thought that they both looks great this gen, but XB1 can be a little smaller and WII-U looks like cheap external CD drive.

#11 Posted by lostrib (37798 posts) -

Who cares? they're both just black boxes. nothing to get excited about

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@inb4uall said:

Wii U.

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The one looks like it's straight from the 80's, the ps4 looks sleek and reminds me of the futuristic look the ps2 had for some reason. Maybe it is the matte plastic.

#14 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3621 posts) -

Wii U easily. Looks sexy as hell.