Which February release are you MOST looking forward to?

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Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) 2 months, 20 days ago

Which February release are you MOST looking forward to? (49 votes)

Earth Defense Force 2025 0%
Fable Anniversary 2%
The Lego Movie Videogame 0%
The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors 4%
Outlast (PS4) 4%
Double Dragon Neon 0%
Bravely Default 16%
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 12%
Toukiden: The Age of Demons 2%
One Piece: Romance Dawn 0%
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 0%
Rayman Legends (PS4, X1) 0%
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 18%
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 16%
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 4%
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles 0%
Thief 16%
Divinity: Original Sin 0%
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 0%
Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition 4%

So many good games coming out this month, which one are you most looking forward to? I'd say Donkey Kong. It looks reaaaaaaaaaal perdy.

#1 Posted by Telekill (3948 posts) -

I'm not buying anything this month.

#2 Posted by Syn_Valence (1320 posts) -

Notta, waiting til next month

#3 Posted by benleslie5 (7592 posts) -

Already have Professor Layton and Bravely Default both released in the UK back in both November and December

#4 Posted by Zassimick (6001 posts) -

I won't be purchasing anything this month (might receive Bravely Default as a gift though) but my most anticipated is probably Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. But I'm also anticipating Bravely Default and Lightning Returns (gotta play FFXIII-2 first.)

#5 Posted by marcheegsr (2226 posts) -

Only buying Thief for ps4. But looking forward to playing outlast from ps plus.

#6 Edited by MonsieurX (27151 posts) -

I'll wait for a price drop on DK

#7 Posted by Ballroompirate (20641 posts) -

Only thing worth wild is The Wolf Among Us ep 2. If I still had a 3DS I would get Bravely Default.

#8 Edited by good_sk8er7 (4235 posts) -

Looking forwards to LR:FFXIII the most, followed closely by Thief. Outlast and Tropical Freeze to a much smaller degree.

#9 Posted by I_can_haz (5734 posts) -

Nothing. I'm not buying anything this month.

#10 Posted by lostrib (26503 posts) -

None of the above

I am looking forward to titanfall beta (if it's open to all) just to see how it plays

#11 Posted by Zidaneski (8411 posts) -

Lightning Returns for me. That sounds weird. I was debating a long time whether to invest in a PC but there are just too many awesome japanese games (not on PC) that are coming out so I can't wait for LR which will be the start of awesome japanese games this year.

#12 Posted by RealJaysonguy (219 posts) -

Well damn, I didn't realize thief was coming out this soon. For some reason, I thought it was a 2014 holiday release.

#13 Edited by Joedgabe (4996 posts) -

Castlevania :)

#14 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (4973 posts) -

Thief for XB1.

#15 Posted by bbkkristian (14351 posts) -

Bravely default, I can't wait for my CE to come in.

#16 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (2600 posts) -

Lightning Returns. Duh.

#17 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (5705 posts) -

Bravely Default, but my wife really wants Donkey Kong, so I will probably get that one first and hopefully Bravely Default will have a price drop by the time I get around to playing it.

#18 Posted by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -

Lightning Returns.

#19 Edited by Chutebox (35693 posts) -

I thought dark souls comes out this month? Don't know what the hell I was thinking. Anywho, outlast and donkey Kong for me

#20 Edited by Seabas989 (9674 posts) -

Bravely Default.

I might get DK Tropical Freeze.

#21 Edited by millerlight89 (18330 posts) -

Thief will be glorious on PS4, and I will be playing outlast on it and the Titanfall beta. Oh yea, DK I will get in April and Wold Among Us....maybe. It's cheap, but then again it isn't that great.

#22 Posted by lundy86_4 (41673 posts) -

Is that you Jak?

Bravely Default.

#23 Posted by Bigboi500 (27957 posts) -

Dat Tropical Freeze.

#24 Posted by Slashkice (12864 posts) -

Even though I already played it: Danganronpa.

In second place, it's between Lightning Returns and Bravely Default.

#25 Edited by k2theswiss (16223 posts) -

would be plants vs zombies but i am going hold off and make it a pick upper when i get bored in the summer

I don't care much about any of them though

#26 Edited by finalstar2007 (24218 posts) -
  • Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
#27 Posted by happyduds77 (1069 posts) -

As of right none. I still have tons of backlogs on my PS3 and Xbox 360, and I am still not interested in any next gen system, though I really want to buy a Wii U, but I am broke.

#28 Posted by -Damien- (4933 posts) -

Toukiden: Age of Demons

#29 Posted by blackace (18524 posts) -

The only game I care about is Bravely Default at this point. i will be getting Fable Anniversary as well, but it's not a priority. Outlast will be free on PS4, so sure I'll grab that as well.

#30 Posted by CrashNBurn281 (301 posts) -


#31 Posted by CleanPlayer (9693 posts) -

Probably won't buy anything this month, but I really want to play Tales of Symphonia again in HD. That game was astounding on the gamecube, I remember the combat being insanely fun and the characters were memorable and likable as well.

March is the month where I will be broke.

#32 Posted by darkspineslayer (19019 posts) -

I've already got DK on the way courtesy of Amazon. Well, technically anyways. Just waiting for them to charge my card and ship it.

Passing on BD for now, and I've already got Rayman Legends on one platform too many. Game is already gorgeous on PS3.

Other than that, holding out for March.

#33 Posted by finalfantasy94 (25828 posts) -

FFLR.I cant wait for my LE to come in.

#34 Posted by sailor232 (4019 posts) -

The Wolf Among Us, can not wait for tomorrow so I can play the second episode. Then I'll want Donkey Kong.

#35 Posted by MirkoS77 (6267 posts) -

I'll have my eyes on Thief and Bravely Default, but I'm eagerly awaiting TLoU DLC.

#36 Posted by Litchie (16103 posts) -

DK: TP fur shur!

#37 Posted by CTR360 (6678 posts) -

castlevania 2 tales of sumphonia fable aniversary final 13-3

#38 Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) -

Is that you Jak?

Bravely Default.

must be nice having 40K posts

#39 Posted by gameofthering (9656 posts) -

The Wolf Among Us - Today

Metal Slug 3 - 07/02/2014

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition - 28/02/2014

That will do me for this month.

#40 Posted by Alucard_Prime (2407 posts) -

Easy one for me....Castlevania....should keep me busy until the release of Titanfall. Also getting Wolf among Us, first one was great. Double Dragon was released last year already on the 360, is it coming out on a new platform?