Which console SHOULD I BUY? (2 CONSOLES)

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Poll: Which console SHOULD I BUY? (2 CONSOLES) (52 votes)

Playstation 4 and Xbox One 27%
Xbox One and Wii U 10%
Wii U and Playstation 4 63%

We usually have always 1 winner and 2 loser.

Well how about 2 winners?

Which consoles won next gen and who lost for you? Who seems to have bright future and whose not?

#1 Posted by BigShotSmoov007 (228 posts) -

Get what you like, no one can and should tell you what to get with your own money. Be a leader and not a follower.

#2 Posted by farrell2k (5227 posts) -

The PS4 and XB1 are essentially the same. Theres no point in buying both. The WiiU with whichever other console you like.

#3 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16482 posts) -

I vote PS4 and Wii U.

#4 Edited by foxhound_fox (86976 posts) -

Start with the Wii U and then wait a year or two for the others to get something of a library to judge whether or not you should buy one.

#5 Edited by Muffin2020 (527 posts) -

Going to say the PS4 + 1 other.

Decided on the Xbox one as 1 Mario game is not worth it.

#6 Edited by Couth_ (9926 posts) -

PS4 and Xbone easily. Wii U will be discontinued within a few months and all the Wii U games will be on both systems

#7 Posted by k2theswiss (16598 posts) -

as much as i say ps4/xbox. We all know they will pretty much get the same multiplats so exclusive must matter to you for this


don't really want to recommend the wii u because it's complete fail and at this point Nintendo is only one supporting it... any game come from a third party is most likely getting a chunk of it's bills paid by Nintendo

#8 Posted by charizard1605 (54494 posts) -

PS4/Wii U

#9 Posted by Stevo_the_gamer (42539 posts) -

Wii U and PC.

#10 Edited by Zen_Light (1217 posts) -

PS4 and Wii U. Xbox One will be discontinued soon and Microsoft's exclusives will be... wait, they have no exclusives so nobody gives a fuck.

#11 Edited by adders99 (2564 posts) -

who won next gen? the gen just started so there is no winner or loser.

#12 Posted by jake44 (1908 posts) -

I have Wii U, 3DS, and a good PC. Will get a PS4 around March.

#13 Edited by blamix99 (1545 posts) -

ps4 and wiiu is the best

#14 Posted by Solid_Max13 (3485 posts) -

PS4 and WiiU I speak from experience :)

#15 Posted by Heil68 (42710 posts) -

PS4 and WiiU

#16 Edited by drekula2 (1880 posts) -

PS4 for third parties and exclusives. Wii-u for exclusives.

Xbox One for lols

#17 Posted by osirisx3 (1711 posts) -

why the hell would you buy xboxone and ps4 the line ups will be almost identical? Get wii u it will have its own games for god sakes. People are dumb and waste money.

#18 Posted by enzyme36 (1419 posts) -

Wii U and pick one

#19 Edited by Comduter (2113 posts) -

Don't care.

#20 Posted by AtariKidX (6192 posts) -

PS4 and WiiU.

#21 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4320 posts) -

Ps4 and Wii U.

PS4 and X1 will pretty much have all the same games, even the exclusives will be similar.

So get one (PS4) and then get a Wii U because the games you'll get on that will be very different than anything you'll see on the other two platforms.

#22 Edited by Link3301 (1680 posts) -

PS4 + Wii U, both consoles are looking great right now.

#23 Posted by wolverine4262 (18811 posts) -

Or you could just get a PC and be done with it.