Which console has brighter future?(Xbox One. or Wii U)

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2430 posts) 10 months, 30 days ago

Poll: Which console has brighter future?(Xbox One. or Wii U) (64 votes)

Xbox One 45%
Wii U 55%

I just don´t add PS4 on poll because we already all know that PS4 is already winner.

Instead i ask which console seems to have bright future? Xbox One Kinect or Wii U?

1)Which console sells most?(XOne or Wii U)

2)Which console you want to be most successful?(XOne or Wii U)

3)Which console will have brighter future?(XOne or Wii U)

#1 Posted by nathan_till (18 posts) -

1) Xbox One probably. The Wii U hasn't been advertised well and it has a lot of undeserved negative publicity from the gaming community. I do think the Wii U will be a solid third as sales seem to be picking up slowly and people start to see how good the console can be based on pure fun.

2) For me, I would want all consoles to end on the same level. Highly successful and highly profitable. The better the consoles do the more great games I have to play - Why do you want a console to be more successful than the other? Were gamer's here... we should want AAA titles on all platforms.

3) Xbox One has the hardware to have a bright future. Wii U has the input for a innovative future.

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I think everyone knows the answer.

#3 Posted by tubbyc (3741 posts) -

Xbox One because I think it will appeal to a much wider variety of gamers. It will have big-selling exclusives of its own as usual as well as solid third party support. I disagree with the approach Nintendo and MS have taken, but I think MS have done better and would like to see the Xbox One sell more than Wii U.

#4 Posted by freedom01 (679 posts) -

Why no option for both

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@freedom01 said:

Why no option for both

Because there never will be 2 winners. Those consoles can´t sell same much. Very different systems.

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I go for wii-u ..

because people will one day realise Ps4 and Xbone r basically the same .... in terms of multiplats game .... and people are leaning towards ps4 ........ while wii-u will slip in slowly like a worm especially the the price getting cheap

#8 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2430 posts) -

@hippiesanta said:

I go for wii-u ..

because people will one day realise Ps4 and Xbone r basically the same .... in terms of multiplats game .... and people are leaning towards ps4 ........ while wii-u will slip in slowly like a worm especially the the price getting cheap

And when we talking about casual games then Xbox One still wins with Kinect.

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WiiU..........good console.XBone sucks......and i don't see any reason to buy a XBone.PS4 is better,cheaper and with a lot better games and better controller.

#10 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (25352 posts) -

Xbox One.

WiiU has already been pinned as the Next Wii.

But it'll probably end up as the Next Dreamcast or Gamecube in terms of Support

#11 Posted by blamix99 (1952 posts) -

both are dark right now.. can't see the future for both. all i see right now with a bright future is the ps4

#12 Posted by Solid_Max13 (3548 posts) -

It's a toss up right now Wii U needs life and a lot of it Zelda and SSMB will sell consoles but will it be enough? Xbox has a bright future with some slick games

#13 Posted by Vatusus (4616 posts) -

1) Xbox One saddly

2) Wii U

3) Wii U

#14 Posted by foxhound_fox (88319 posts) -

Wii U.

It has Nintendo first party.

#15 Posted by John_Matherson (2031 posts) -


Anyone in their right minds know that it's dumb to even compare both to each other. For one, they're not fighting for the same demographic. Nintendo will literally have to ship real human body parts to the home of every of their fans before they lose their hardcore audience. That audience ins't going anywhere anytime soon. And as for Xbox One. MS has 3rd party along with their brodude core audience so as long as Xbox Live exists, the XBone isn't going anywhere.

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at the moment the X1. it has the potential to attract people outside gaming with its TV functionality, it has a formidable weapon in the form of xbox live and it will get the 3rd party support with plenty of exclusive and timed exclusive content.

for the wiiu to be successful nintendo need to find its wii sports. if they dont the wiiu will, sadly, face oblivion...probably reaching only GC numbers. with mario world failing to set the charts on fire nintendo dont even have that to bail the wiiu out anymore.

if nintendo do find the wiius tetris/wii sports though then it will be very competative against the PS4 and will become the defacto complimentary console (which is a strategy nintendo should be targeting at this stage). that is a very big if though.

#17 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6088 posts) -

Both have potential, but I think XB1 will do better.

#18 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (7280 posts) -

I think Microsoft has more invested and needs the Xbox One to do much better than the Wii U for them to consider it a success. I really doubt the XB1 ends up being as profitable for MS as the Wii U will be for Nintendo.

#19 Posted by sukraj (22775 posts) -

Xbox One

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The Wii-U making a spontaneous come back & taking second spot in popularity from XB1 would be absolutely hilarious.

#21 Posted by farrell2k (6088 posts) -

Depends on what you mean. Microsoft is $7 billion in the red with the Xbox, so I doubt it has much of a future at all, unless they do the impossible which is to sell more than $7 billion worth of consoles and games this generation, which is not going to happen.

#22 Posted by MrXboxOne (742 posts) -

Easily the Xbox One. While these are the two best next gen systems. Its safe tou say Xbox One>>> Wii U>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS4

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I'm sick of Microsoft and I kind of wish they fail especially because had all that anti-consumer stuff in place.

Even if they removed most of it just because they planned to have it before all the backlash makes me hope the Xbox One fails.

If they never did that anti-consumer stuff in the first place I would hope that all three systems succeed.

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Xbox One will sell at least two times more consoles than the Wii U....i think.

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xBone easily. Not only will it have full third party support with megatonne sellers starting early next year, it will likely also get all the nintendo franchises when they go third party next year.

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@FreedomFreeLife said:

@hippiesanta said:

I go for wii-u ..

because people will one day realise Ps4 and Xbone r basically the same .... in terms of multiplats game .... and people are leaning towards ps4 ........ while wii-u will slip in slowly like a worm especially the the price getting cheap

And when we talking about casual games then Xbox One still wins with Kinect.

Kung-fu Live for PS3 >>>>>> Fighter Within .... lol

#27 Posted by XVision84 (13632 posts) -

I want PS4 to do the best out of them all, and I want Xbox One to crash and fail horribly. Why? Because:

Xbox One: Microsoft has to understand the importance of quality gaming over quality tv time. Make better games, make better exclusives. If I buy a $500 console, it better be a performance god. If it isn't, someone wasn't thinking clearly over at Microsoft. I don't mind Kinect, I think it's cool, just give me great games that make proper use of it and all will be good. Also, make a proper pay service. I at least get some cool games out of PSN Plus.

Wii U: Not much to complain about this one, Nintendo releases another console with 7 year old hardware. It's a pretty stupid decision, but for some reason it made sense over at Nintendo. You have excellent first party, so stick with it, just mix things up more and that's it. The Wii and 3DS are solid, stick with the fun innovations but avoid the terrible hardware and incompetent online component.

#28 Posted by laus_basic (8286 posts) -

X >>>> all
therefore, Wii U

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XBox One. Wait until the E3. Hehehehe!! BOOOOOOM!!


#30 Posted by trugs26 (5478 posts) -

1. Which will sell more: Xbox One
2. Which I prefer: Wii U
3. Which will have a brighter future: Seems too relative a term to say. I think the Wii U will have decent sales with a solid library of games - which is in my eyes a bright future. Xbox One will have a lackluster library (in my opinion), and good sales. Which is also a bright future from the company's perspective. But some gamers will like the library too, so that's bright too.

#31 Posted by WitIsWisdom (3777 posts) -

Wait until E3 for X1? What are they going to show? lol...

I truly believe both will do just fine, but if the Wii U continues to kick out killer games then I feel Nintendo has a much better chance of hanging tough than people think. Am I saying the Wii U will do better than the X1? No... not necessarily, however, Nintendo has momentum and I think the race will definitely be for 2nd place with neither having a HUGE edge. That being said, I still believe the X1 will probably do better.

#32 Posted by kemar7856 (11507 posts) -

wii-u is already on life support smash bros and zelda will give it some sales but come on

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xbox1 by far

#34 Posted by The_Last_Ride (71742 posts) -

Nintendo has far bigger potential when it comes to games for it. X1 doesn't seem to have that many games attached to it atm and most of them are done by 2nd party studios

#35 Posted by conkertheking1 (835 posts) -

I choose Wii U. Xbone doesn't really seem to have any major exclusives on their way because we all know Halo fell off a while ago, and how much further can they carry KI?

Nintendo on the other hand will never run out of games to make

#36 Posted by Ghost120x (3890 posts) -

If we are talking about sales then I think xbox one will be. If we are talking about games, then I wii u will eventually win.