Where is the love for Splinter Cell Blacklist?

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After the disappointment that was Conviction, I really didn't care for Blacklist. The first gameplay trailer was very lackluster and since then I almost didn't see anything else, just a couple of trailers here and there which made me have some hope for the game, but nothing more. And latter the reviews weren't exactly stellar.

But the magic of Steam made get this game and Jesus Christ it is an incredible game. It's easily my favorite game of 2013 and I certainly don't say this lightely.

First it looks great, sounds great, runs great and the animations are precise. Not to mention an incredible lighting system. But the true star of the game is the gamplay. It's a soft redesign of Conviction control scheme that works incredibly well. Sam Fisher feels like the ultimate operative. You can easily move across the battlefield, climbing walls and pipes, effortless moving from cover to cover and you can take out your enemies with surgical precision. In a way it's a game I always dreamed of. If you ever wanted to feel like Jason Bourne, this is it. And don't forget the amazing multiplayer!

And on top of it all, it actually has a great gunplay. It's a problem I always had with stealth heavy games. No matter how trained your character is, he can't shoot straight. In Blacklist, shooting enemies actually feel like an viable option.

So, where is the praise? I feel this game is incredibly underated.

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I personally love SC:BL, I am a long time SC fan and it's my favorite game in the series (With CT and PT).

It was CRIMINALLY under-rated and over-shadowed by the next gen console launches, while it is actually one of the most flexible and dynamic stealth games available on the market. So many ways to play it, good AI, great character customization, well designed levels.

Ubisoft TO did a great job and its a shame it will always be a sleeper hit imo.

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In my pants.

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Blacklist is arguably the best Splinter Cell. I am very much gutted it sold so poorly, as frankly in a lot of ways it is as good, if not better than Chaos Theory, it is pretty much a Chaos Theory mk.ii but with so much more flexibility. The coop was also brilliant. I wish more people would buy it, best stealth game for quite a lot of years.

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@freedomfreak said:


In my pants.

Well, that would explain why there is so little of it.

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Blacklist was great. I liked Conviction but Blacklist was the perfect mix of Chaos Theory and Conviction. Its a shame that the online matchmaking was so poor because Spies vs Mercs was fun

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Tom Clancy titles stopped being good when Ubisoft turned them into young people console titles.

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@padaporra said:

Well, that would explain why there is so little of it.


I praised this game quite a lot back when it came out.

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I understand dud. I'm a big fan of Sam Fisher too, but lately people are into FPS multiplayer games or heavy story oriented single player corridor games or open world shooters. Stealth genre is a dying breed. We only have handful of stealth games coming out like Thief and maybe hitman (in future hopefully) and Deus Ex. Looks like Eidos is the only company who see's potential in stealth games. Hopefully stealth pick's up in future.

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I just got it in sale.

The story is about as interesting as porridge. The gameplay was OK but nothing special.

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It always came off as the game if Conviction was done correctly.

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gameplay was freakin awesome...

the story however is complete action movie trash imo...and sort of ruins the game.

graphics on wiiU version werent that good...im sure ps3/360 were the same..the gamepad was awesome in this game though.

id love to play PC graphics at 60fps with the gamepad controls.

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It got buried under GTA and new console excitement. Appropriately Ubi let this one sneak on to store shelves and nobody knows it's there. That or it just didn't have that 'Ironsides magic'. Take your pick.

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It sold poorly and I doubt we're going to see another. It shouldn't be a surprise by now that rebooting franchises for no good reason is a sure to piss off an entire fanbase and for people to start losing interest. Capcom has experienced this countless of times but never really learned from it and now they're practically nearly bankrupt. You got a new idea? Make a new franchise under a different name.

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I haven't got it yet.

Those who have it say it's pretty awesome while those who don't are still miffed at how "bad" (I didn't find it bad) Conviction was.

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im just waitin 4 a price reduction

$30 still 2 much

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Only complaint about the gameplay I have at this point is no light or sound meter. The stealth gameplay is the best since Chaos Theory.

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I've been wanting to play it... however I keep hearing how bad the story is... yet everywhere there's praise on it's gameplay.

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Didn't bother with Conviction, so I couldn't compare the two even if I played Black List (which I haven't), but the truth is that I didn't like any of the games up to, and including, Double Agent (yes, even Chaos Theory). The movement and controls have been way too rigid throughout the series for me to appreciate it or have any patience for it. Splinter Cell's control scheme is, by far, the most needlessly complex and bizarre mockup I've ever encountered: its design has always struck me as a way for the developers to increase the game's difficulty without making it too obvious that they've outright broken you're ability to interface with it effectively (without completely rewiring your brain's understanding of the gamepad's layout).

I admit that Conviction interested me because it sounded like they were ditching the shoddy controls and stiff movement to some extent, but when I saw that insta-kill option where the game basically takes the burden of execution out of your hands, that interest immediately evaporated. And, of course, I could tell from a mile away that it had a cookie-cutter storyline.

I'm not going to risk purchasing Black List for anything more than an ultra-low bargain bin price.

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I love blacklist. I still go back to my ps3 and play the spies vs mercs online mode. Its so addicting.

It got released too close to GTAV. People were too busy playing that.

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There's no talk of it cos fuck all people bought or played it fearing the worst as far as I can tell.

The people who HAVE played it constantly say it's the best SC game

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@seanmcloughlin said:

The people who HAVE played it constantly say it's the best SC game

Well come on, those people are a little crazy.

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Playing through it now, got to say I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought, especially how you can approach missions differently and how well the stealth plays out.

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@seanmcloughlin said:

There's no talk of it cos fuck all people bought or played it fearing the worst as far as I can tell.

The people who HAVE played it constantly say it's the best SC game

I think it's the former because the damn game came out when GTA V was coming out.

Even Nintendo with Pokemon couldn't catch up with that game, despite X and Y hitting the millions (unfortuately, I don't think Splinter Cell ever got that high).

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I haven't played it yet.

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I wanted it, but I am never getting it unless it comes to the PlayStation 4, because I am never getting another PlayStation 3.

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Haven't gotten it yet. Too many other games to play,