What would convince you to buy an Xbox One?

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Poll: What would convince you to buy an Xbox One? (106 votes)

Better Exclusives 15%
More Exclusives (Not just Timed) 16%
More Timed Exclusives 1%
More and Better TV options. 1%
Free Online (Like PS 3) 5%
Price Cut ($300-$349) 3%
Price Cut ($250-$299) 3%
Price Cut ($200-$249) 8%
Nothing as of Yet 27%
I already own an Xbox One 22%

What would convince you to buy an Xbox One?

#51 Edited by PurpleMan5000 (7438 posts) -

If it had free online, I would have bought one at launch. I would still get one now with free online, but the console was sort of more appealing to me when Kinect was bundled with every unit.

#52 Edited by Boddicker (2879 posts) -

If they got a franchise that I love like XCOM, GalCiv, Bioshock, Borderlands, or a space flight sim that rivals TIE Fighter.

I would be mad about it though because they would be forcing me to buy their shitty console with useless (to me) TV features for one franchise.

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@lostrib said:

Price cut plus interesting non-timed exclusives

Both of those have already been done. Get your wallet out.


@l34052 said:

Nothing, MS can kiss my ass. Its not like they actually care about games or the industry as a whole all they want is money and they'll lie, cheat, steal and whatever else it takes to get it, not from me though.

Then Sony must be kissing your ass already. Or maybe it's the other way around. Everything you've said, Sony has already done 10x's over.

#54 Posted by osirisx3 (1888 posts) -

games i want only on xbox

#55 Posted by lostrib (39004 posts) -

@blackace said:
@lostrib said:

Price cut plus interesting non-timed exclusives

Both of those have already been done. Get your wallet out.


#56 Posted by pyro1245 (947 posts) -

I chose "Nothing as of yet" but I though od something: A new true-to-roots Banjo-Kazooie game.

#57 Posted by DocSanchez (1701 posts) -

I need a must have, can't be missed game.

#58 Posted by Shmiity (5171 posts) -

Backwards compatibility was a big issue for me. One of the reasons why I did not adopt one around launch. Well, neither ps4 or X1 are BC, so I didn't want either. Also, the 500gig hard drive turned me off of the PS4 and X1. Yeah, sure, you can put your own HD in the Ps4, but thats just more money on top of the initial price. I was holding out for a terabyte, and looks like I'm getting my wish. I'm not gonna touch this "graphics war" between the consoles. Games look so good now, I don't care that much.

Im just afraid that if PS4 continues to slay the xbox in units sold, it's gonna get more software support- which is the most important part of the console. The games. But I much prefer achievements to trophies, and the Xbox controller is still better than the dualshocks. (Although Dualshock 4's are quite nice).

#59 Edited by SecretPolice (22449 posts) -

A MCC or FH2 Christmas bundaru including Kinect for hmm, $379.99... $349.99 would be even saweeter. Make it happen MS. :P

#60 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (7438 posts) -

@Shmiity said:

But I much prefer achievements to trophies

How are they different?

#61 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

Better exclusives and less pandering to the casual

#62 Posted by clone01 (24931 posts) -

You leaving SW forever, TC.

#63 Edited by KungfuKitten (21200 posts) -

For real? I probably wouldn't want to pay the Xbox Live fee to have the 'privilege' to buy and play MS exclusives...
So if it were free (with the caveat that I can't sell it to anyone) I would take it... but I'm not sure I'd even use it.
It would need way better exclusives, and more of them too.

#64 Posted by WitIsWisdom (3809 posts) -

I already own one, but the first two would be the best for me. As of now, I am not impressed by any exclusives not on Nintendo. Although I own a few for each console.

#65 Posted by santoron (7792 posts) -

Probably nothing, or at least nothing that's likely to happen. If Xbox came up with some industry changing game play experience that was only available on their platform then yeah I probably get one in 10 minutes, but that's not likely.

And really, it's nothing against the XB1, or at least the XB1 as it stands now. It's just that I already have a substantially similar system in my collection and not enough time to play all the games I want for the systems I already have. I'll likely get an XB1 the same way I get most systems I pass up initially: as a legacy system after new consoles release for a steal from someone looking to unload his old collection.

MS will get a shot at my business again next gen though, and I think the lessons learned from this gen will drive them towards a very compelling product.

#66 Edited by joel_c17 (2867 posts) -

Knowing the MS are actually going to get a first party and develop exclusive games - not just buy times exclusives then pump out gears/halo/forza all over again.

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You left ''A cooler/less VCRish looking console design''

like this, link for better quality: Picture

#68 Posted by nishanth12 (527 posts) -

More and better TV options Duh...

#69 Edited by tubbyc (3784 posts) -

An absolute must-have, permanent exclusive, since I can get multi-plats on the PS4 or PC. At this point, I don't know if it will happen. Like with the Wii U, if I ever get one, it will only be a second-hand one. Don't really want to buy two brand-new consoles just for a very small number of games.

#70 Posted by getyeryayasout (7723 posts) -

Low price, 8-10 must play exclusives. I'm thinking around it's third holiday season, maybe it's fourth will be the right time for me to jump back in.

#71 Posted by CTR360 (7161 posts) -

@ni6htmare01 said:

Shenmue 3 exclusively for XB1 for me to buy one at this point!

same here my friend but probably never happens

#72 Edited by Stringerboy (7134 posts) -

Price cut because I sadly cannot afford the d0sh to purchase one.

#73 Posted by humanistpotato (533 posts) -

@papatrop said:

For all three consoles, they'd simply have to be about $50-$100.

$400 is too expensive when the consoles are only providing 1-2 good exclusives a year. Then factor in that $50 yearly subscription. No thanks.

#74 Edited by bforrester420 (1700 posts) -

Nothing, honestly. If I end up getting a console from this gen, it'll be a PS4. I see no reason to waste my money getting both consoles when there's considerable overlap in their libraries. Playstation is home to the exclusive franchises I've been playing for the last 18 years. I don't play first-person shooters, so the bulk of Xbox exclusives don't appeal to me.

#75 Posted by Doozie78 (375 posts) -

At the moment I don't think I can possibly be compelled to buy it. I may get one in a couple years but there just isn't anything on it making the system worthy of purchase.

#76 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (7635 posts) -
  • A legit Banjo Kazooie platformer.
  • A new Perfect Dark.
  • A new Conker game.
  • A redesign would be nice, but not necessary.
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The only reason I am getting a PS4 and not an Xbox One is because I flipped a coin and it landed on tails instead of heads.

#78 Edited by Alcapello (970 posts) -

lifetime warranty with game coverage incentive.

#79 Posted by asylumni (2141 posts) -

Free online. It's nothing personal, but when pre-orders opened up, the PS4 had a better offer so I chose it. Now, as much as I dislike paying to play online, I absolutely refuse to do it for 2 systems. So I guess I'll just have to miss out on the Xbox One.