What will be your platform(s) of choice post-E3?

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Posted by IgGy621985 (4842 posts) 7 months, 16 days ago

Poll: What will be your platform(s) of choice post-E3? (146 votes)

PS4 15%
Xbox One 10%
PC 14%
WiiU 4%
PS4 + Xbox One 3%
PS4 + PC 18%
Xbox One + PC 2%
WiiU + PS4 10%
WiiU + Xbox One 4%
WiiU + PC 10%
Some other combo? (post your choice) 4%
All of them 5%

So now when we saw all the press conferences, can you decide what platform, or platforms will be the best to game on?

I'm aware we're still waiting for Nintendo digital conference.

I'm gonna go with PC + PS4

What about you?

#1 Posted by always_explicit (2972 posts) -

PC and X1. Still didnt see anything that excited me from the Sony camp, waiting for Drive club and The Order to drop and I might reevaluate.

#2 Edited by gameofthering (10365 posts) -

Thinking of sticking with the PC and just upgrading it.

I'd get a PS4 if some gameplay is shown for the new DBZ game and turns out to be good.

#3 Edited by FinalFighters (1622 posts) -

Playstation + PC, like always.

#4 Posted by cainetao11 (17979 posts) -

Already have a PC and X1. I know I will get a PS4 at some point, but nothing is making me get one yet.

#5 Posted by Ghost120x (3973 posts) -

Got a ps4 at launch and I must say I'm quite disappointed. Once I get my Xbox one in fall it will be my main console and ps4 is reserved for multiplats.

#6 Edited by Effec_Tor (345 posts) -

PS4 + PC best gaming option imho.

#7 Posted by DEadliNE-Zero0 (3334 posts) -

PC and WiiU since i already have it. Only game that's an absolute must have that doesn't have a PC version is Bloodborne and tha's probably gonna be delayed to 2016.

So about 2 years in, and only 1 must have from either console. Ironically, while i do consider console exclusives awesome too, with GTA 5 coming to PC, and Unreal Tournament and Star Citizen/Elite: Dangerous being PC only, PC as more desireable exclusives than consoles for the forseeable future.

#8 Edited by Pikminmaniac (9104 posts) -

Wii U for the rest of this year (its the only console with anything right now and in the near future)... PS4 isn't starting until 2015, but when it does then I'll be getting my second current gen console... Batman Arkham Knight *drools*

#9 Edited by SecretPolice (22450 posts) -

The One showing all dem dar games mang. :P

#10 Posted by remiks00 (1967 posts) -

PC primarily. PS4 for console exclusives that a care about...(metal gear solid V). But to be honest, I could play that on Xbox one too. Along with Phantom Dust (loved the orginal). hmmmm

#11 Posted by tdkmillsy (1533 posts) -

I already have an Xbox One, but if I didn't I'd go for a PC first.

The best games are multiplats coming to PC and I can also play the new elite :)

#12 Posted by freedomfreak (41386 posts) -

Ps4 and Xbox One. They both showed games I'm interested in.

#13 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (7635 posts) -

Wii U and PC. I didn't see anything on Xbox One or PS4 that I can't live without.

#14 Posted by xxyetixx (1299 posts) -

X1 it's got Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat X, Rainbow 6 Siege, COD, Madden, Forza, Halo, and Gears.

I need nothing else :)

#15 Edited by ironcreed (14083 posts) -

I already have a Wii U and Microsoft only solidified my decision to buy an Xbox One by showing me a lot more yesterday. So, U One for me.

#16 Edited by Telekill (4794 posts) -

My stance hasn't changed. PS4 is plenty for me and my family this gen.

#17 Edited by Fuhrer_D (55 posts) -

By the end of this year, for the PS4 there will be Infamous (played half of one, didn't play two), Drive Club (FH2 looks significantly better, even Sony agreed with a no show), and Little Big Planet (played some of one, none of two, have logged 50 hours in Project Spark), so I won't need to pick up a PS4 for while since I own a Xbox One (probably will just get Halo and KI:S2, will gamefly everything else) and Wii U (Mario New Super/ Kart/ 3D, Pikmin, Smash, more to play on this console than the others), and there is nothing of interest until Bloodborne (though, I loved Demon's Souls, I barely played the other Souls games); if The Last Guardian had been shown, I'd probably pick one up and get back to playing the upgraded DC Universe (150+ hours on PS3).

#18 Posted by clr84651 (5515 posts) -

PS4 is the machine for us.

#19 Posted by Heil68 (45693 posts) -

@clr84651 said:

PS4 is the machine for us.

#20 Posted by osan0 (12810 posts) -

looks like itll be PC and wiiu.

sony and MSs conferences were good but there is nothing coming this year that really grabs me.

the wiiu already has a bit of a backlog and nintendo already made the sale when they showed X. that backlog will, hopefully, get a bit bigger after their event later today. i still have to actually buy one though :P.

#21 Posted by LadyBlue (3929 posts) -

PS4 will continue to be the platform of choice. Xbox might have to wait a bit more considering what was announced.

Can't wait for Nintendo to blow me away. Zelda U (follow up to SS masterpiece), Project x, Bayo 2, Majora's 3d, and Metroid.

#22 Posted by Wild_man_22 (652 posts) -

Wii u and Xbox one. Their is enough content coming in the future, and with third party support I'd feel pretty good about being able to play most things. Probably would wait on Ps4 until something really special gets released. Like the Last of Us with the Ps3.

#23 Posted by starwolf474 (736 posts) -

Xbox One will be my primary console where I buy nearly all multiplats. Wii U and PlayStation 4 will be my secondary consoles that I use mainly for their exclusives games. I've never been a big fan of playing games on PC other than the occasional strategy games like Civilization, but I will definitely buy Star Citizen on PC if it doesn't also get released on consoles since that game looks too awesome to miss out on.

#24 Posted by turtlethetaffer (16843 posts) -

Definitely PS4 and WiiU. Sony knocked it out of the park with their conference and Nintendo is Nintendo.

#25 Posted by gamefan67 (9906 posts) -

Nothing on the horizon right now that makes me feel like dropping 400-500 on a new console so I'll probably just stick with my PS3+WiiU combo for a little while longer.

#26 Posted by IgGy621985 (4842 posts) -

I think Microsoft needs to step on it, because their E3 press conference was somewhat underwhelming. When I remember Microsoft with 360 and Microsoft with One, it feels like two different companies back then and now :-/

#27 Edited by lostrib (39005 posts) -

PC like always

add PS4 at a later date

#28 Posted by Netherscourge (16328 posts) -

There's no reason to get a XB1 if you own a gaming PC and a PS4.

Games will run better on the PC/PS4 and it's cheaper to game on the PC/PS4 from the get-go.

#29 Posted by ProjectPat187 (1981 posts) -

PC, Xbox One and Wii U, Sony does not have any exclusives im interested in.

#30 Edited by sam890 (1108 posts) -

PC always but I'll be getting PS4 whenever Bloodborne, KH3 and FFXV are released.

#31 Edited by aroxx_ab (10471 posts) -

If you have money and dont mind have some platforms stand collecting dust while wait for some good exclusive, get all of them.

#32 Posted by jsmoke03 (12980 posts) -

i have both but ps4 has the better multi plats so ps4 will have the bigger library again this gen

#33 Posted by Ballroompirate (23279 posts) -

Still going with PS4 + Wii U + PC

#34 Edited by GoldenElementXL (3445 posts) -

PC+PS4+Xbox One+Wii U+Vita+3DS

I have enjoyed them all and am excited to see how the games shape up in the future!

#35 Edited by Cloud_imperium (4260 posts) -

Definitely PC .

#36 Edited by blackace (21073 posts) -

XBox One+PS4+PC

That's the True Gamer combination right there. Until Nintendo does a decent price cut with a nice bundle.

#37 Posted by Renegade_Fury (17279 posts) -

PC, and all of my older systems. No one showed me a reason to get a new console in 2014.

#38 Posted by lostrib (39005 posts) -

@blackace said:

XBox One+PS4+PC

That's the True Gamer combination right there. Until Nintendo does a decent price cut with a nice bundle.

lol "true gamer"

#39 Edited by donalbane (16368 posts) -

PS4 and X1 for exclusives, PC for exclusives and all multiplats... aside from the games my friends want me to get on one of the other platforms.

#40 Posted by Tonindo (473 posts) -

I'm sticking to my Wii U and PC for another year. I will eventually buy a PS4, but I wasn't very impressed by Sony. So, next year maybe.

#41 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3912 posts) -

PC - PS4 - Wii U for me...

PC for multiplatform games and the others two for their exclusives.

#42 Posted by ghostwarrior786 (5487 posts) -

well i wont be getting a ps4 this year like i planned to because uncharted is releasing next year. the master chief bundle is amazing value because of the multiplayer portion but nothing else on x1 exclusives wise appeals to me right now plus the console is big im going to wait for slim version.

#43 Posted by Foxi911 (1676 posts) -

Xbox One ( I already have) and Wii U (which I will be getting) It's the perfect combination.

#44 Posted by monson21502 (8074 posts) -

xbox one. because i already own it... ps4 and wii u showed nothing that is coming out this year that will make me pay 399 to get 1. didnt watch nintendos till the end where they was talking about those skylander clones. i would get a wii if they were 99 bucks but i guess that will be next year too

#45 Posted by harry_james_pot (11029 posts) -

Just the PC.

#46 Posted by Suppaman100 (4008 posts) -

PC + PS4 (+ 3DS)

#47 Edited by MonsieurX (30818 posts) -

PC\Wii U

Might get a PS4 in 2015 with a price drop and some games

#48 Posted by ChristianGmr14 (155 posts) -

PS4+Wii U, because those are the only next gen systems I own. Though truth is it should be PS4+3DS because I play those systems more than anything else, actually my 3DS is my most played system. I would like to upgrade my PC though, just haven't had the time.

#49 Posted by finalstar2007 (25334 posts) -


#50 Edited by Pray_to_me (2920 posts) -

Just PS4. Not dealing with PC hassles this gen.