What will be the first game this-gen get a 10/10 from GS

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Posted by drekula2 (1949 posts) 10 months, 10 days ago

Poll: What will be the first game this-gen get a 10/10 from GS (129 votes)

Halo 5 4%
Smash Bros. WiiU or 3DS 1%
Zelda (Wii U) 6%
The Witcher 3 8%
Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain 22%
Destiny 9%
Watch Dogs 2%
Uncharted 4 7%
Elder Scrolls Online 0%
None of the above , or Other 26%
yay!!! i like pancakes!!! 16%

I'm guessing Zelda or MGS5.

the others are likely going to be 9's (with a few upsetting 8's).

#1 Posted by Bigboi500 (30329 posts) -

Who ever is paying the most for adds/offering the most schwag.

#2 Edited by lundy86_4 (43754 posts) -

Kinect Sports Rivals.

#3 Posted by Telekill (4815 posts) -

It'll be a hentai WiiU import.

#4 Posted by Blabadon (27262 posts) -

It'll be a Vita master race game

#5 Posted by Jankarcop (9967 posts) -

Star Citizen

#6 Posted by foxhound_fox (89460 posts) -

Destiny and Star Citizen have the biggest chances.

It'll probably be something unexpected like Demon's Souls was though.

#7 Posted by happyduds77 (1536 posts) -

None of them.

#8 Posted by Heil68 (45801 posts) -

Hoping Destiny..

#9 Posted by stationplay_4 (443 posts) -

none. it will be a while.

#10 Posted by Kevlar101 (6409 posts) -

The Witcher 3.

#11 Edited by marcheegsr (2917 posts) -

A 10 from gamespot is rare these days... If I had to choose one from the list, I would say MGS Phantom pain.

#12 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (14709 posts) -

Probably MGS5.

#13 Posted by PAL360 (27022 posts) -

I voted The Witcher 3, but probably none. Standards are too high these days.

#14 Posted by Ballroompirate (23291 posts) -

Nothing will get a 10 this gen, Gamespot doesn't have the balls to put a game that high on the pedestal anymore.

#16 Edited by lundy86_4 (43754 posts) -

@underdog123x said:

Star Citizen looks retarded

Thanks for your excellent insight. Please show yourself to the door, and be sure to smack yourself in the face on the way out.

#19 Posted by Sphire (2074 posts) -

Gone Home 2 obviously.

#20 Posted by Vatusus (4812 posts) -

I honestlly believe none will

#21 Posted by foxhound_fox (89460 posts) -

@underdog123x said:

Star Citizen looks retarded

Spoke the guy with his pants-on-head.

#22 Posted by lhughey (4247 posts) -

Quantum break

#24 Posted by Jankarcop (9967 posts) -

@underdog123x said:

@lundy86_4 said:

@underdog123x said:

@lundy86_4 said:

@underdog123x said:

Star Citizen looks retarded

Thanks for your excellent insight. Please show yourself to the door, and be sure to smack yourself in the face on the way out.

Ok, enjoy your shitty game.

Wow, your trolling needs work lol.

Not trolling, just speaking fact.

Look: another anti-PC troll alt. Because we didn't already have enough.

First place every gen, you'll get enemies.

#25 Posted by lundy86_4 (43754 posts) -

@underdog123x said:

Not trolling, just speaking fact.

Fact requires evidence... Get to it.

#26 Posted by bbkkristian (14963 posts) -

Monolith Soft's X, the first JRPG to get a 10 since the golden years.

#27 Edited by NoirLamia777 (2166 posts) -

Dark Souls 3.

#28 Posted by silversix_ (15027 posts) -

MGS, TW3 and Destiny all have a very good shot

#29 Posted by Ballroompirate (23291 posts) -

@bbkkristian said:

Monolith Soft's X, the first JRPG to get a 10 since the golden years.

I wish, that needs to come out asap (also P4G should've gotten a 10). X is the reason why I want a Wii-U (and the LoZ games).

#30 Posted by WitIsWisdom (3816 posts) -

I don't think any of those outside Zelda have a chance... however, I do like pancakes... so you can guess what I picked.

#31 Posted by dreamdude (4618 posts) -


Also hoping Destiny.

#32 Posted by BiggChonies882 (51 posts) -

MGS5. MGS4 got a 10/10 and it wasn't even close to as good as MGS, MGS3. But hope all those games get 10's. Would be nice to have some great games to play.

#33 Posted by AppleFan1991 (3135 posts) -

Uncharted. Hands down pants off. But if it gets a 9 from McShea that's basically the same thing.

#34 Edited by Spartan070 (16367 posts) -

Every gen everyone so "none, no game will get it" then every gen something does. Something will for sure.

Out of those, either Zelda, Destiny or The Phantom Pain.

#35 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6428 posts) -

@lundy86_4 said:

Kinect Sports Rivals.


I say Destiny.

#36 Edited by PhazonBlazer (11962 posts) -

Assassins Creed Unity baby. All day, everyday.

#37 Posted by hehe101 (783 posts) -

I think destiny has the shot here.

#38 Posted by benleslie5 (7904 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid V

#39 Posted by Nengo_Flow (9992 posts) -

Phantom Pain

#40 Edited by RageQuitter69 (1297 posts) -

Sadly MGSV, despite what ever cash grabbing tactic Hideo Kojima uses this time.

I know Watch Dogs won't get a 10, if it gets anything over an 8, the critic will be fired, it's going to be the most underrated game of 2014.

#41 Edited by super600 (30821 posts) -

No exclusive will get a 10 for awhile because both sony and ms's first party studios are not strong enough to get 10's from a site like gamespot, but from looking at trends last gen and in the 6th gen there is a very high chance a nintendo game will be the first game to get a 10 or a third party game.

#42 Posted by JangoWuzHere (16807 posts) -

Phantom Pain, it will probably blow everyone's minds when it comes out.

#43 Posted by yokofox33 (30048 posts) -

Persona 5. It'll get an 11/10. Book it.

#44 Posted by TheTruthIsREAL (761 posts) -

Some Naughty Dog game. May not be Uncharted, but I expect a Naughty Dog game in general.

#45 Posted by BigBadBully (644 posts) -

Went with other, going balls to the wall with NHL 15 being the first 10/10.

#46 Posted by commander (8250 posts) -

@NoirLamia777 said:

Dark Souls 3.


Dark souls II is optimized for the pc, If you look at the difference between dark souls 1 on the pc and the consoles I expect something majestic from dark souls II on the pc.

#47 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (34179 posts) -

I can't really confidentally or seriously expect any game to get a 10 on GS, when the 10 rating is so rarely given (and rightfully so). Out of what is listed Destiny has the greatest chance though I guess.

#48 Posted by cainetao11 (18024 posts) -

@lundy86_4 said:

Kinect Sports Rivals.

LOL I would crack up at the DC

#49 Posted by AcidTango (640 posts) -

I hope that if the game gets a 10 it really deserves a 10. I'm sorry but Gamespot seems to overrate some of the game as being 10/10 like they did with Tony Hawk 3, GTA IV, MGS4, and yes (flame shield) even Mario Galaxy 2. I mean I liked Mario Galaxy 2 and MGS4 but I felt that they were not a perfect 10. Buy still I will say that they are no longer throwing out 10s this time so it might be hard for this gen to get it.

#50 Posted by princeofshapeir (14447 posts) -

Phantom Pain. It's gonna happen.