What was with the hype over graphics in The Last of Us?

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#101 Posted by Stringerboy (7135 posts) -

I never understood this, Uncharted 3 heck even uncharted 2 looks better.

#102 Posted by LustForSoul (5898 posts) -

They just make character models look good and the rest mediocre.

#103 Posted by Chutebox (37643 posts) -

@hippiesanta: I think he would rather have the best picture tvs offer right now

#104 Edited by 2Chalupas (5204 posts) -

@cain006 said:

@farrell2k said:

The graphic are pretty damned good for 2006 hardware.

Agreed but lots of cows were outright saying it could be a contender for best looking game of all time and matched up with stuff like Crysis 3 and Witcher 2. Oh and another thing, Witcher 2 looks nowhere as good as it's hyped up to be if you ask me. Also runs very poorly for how it looks.

Now I didn't believe them but I expected it to at least look good most of the time...

Crysis 3 or Witcher 2 on PC running at 1080p (or better) and high framerates? Yeah, not even close. On PS3 or 360, and limited to 720p? I'm pretty sure Last of Us destroys them. Those console ports should be disqualified for running like crap, whereas at least TLOU looks good AND maintains a stable frame-rate.

That being said, now with next gen here - TLOU will start to look dated in a hurry over the next couple of years. But at the time of it's release, and with the caveat of being on the 6+ year old hardware, it was amazing how nice that game looked. There were literally only a handful of games on that generation of consoles even in the same ballpark.

#105 Posted by TrueVoice (2 posts) -

@Pray_to_me: I know, right? What jaggs and low res textures are they crying about? They seem like sore losers to me.

#106 Posted by AtariKidX (6295 posts) -

Probably you have a bad HDTV.The game looks awesome and better that any game on the XBOX360.

#107 Posted by TrueVoice (2 posts) -

@AtariKidX: Uh? did you read my comment correctly?

#108 Posted by MirkoS77 (7775 posts) -

I can look at literally every game ever made and point out a technical flaw. So what?

I view visuals in the context they reside in and don't focus on specifics. I find TLoU to be an outright gorgeous game and have not been bothered once by a texture or jaggies. To be honest, I don't even notice them. Perhaps I'm not astute enough.

Art style and atmosphere are far more relevant to me when I see a game. IMO TLoU excels at these far past what miniscule technical blemishes are capable of marring.

The game's beautiful and I think it'll age quite well.

#109 Posted by rosko123 (533 posts) -

It looks better than any 360 game i've played (yes I own a 360 with more games than I do on my PS3) it's also a lot longer and a fair bit more open than Uncharted.

#110 Posted by mbrockway (3493 posts) -

I absolutely hated playing Uncharted 3. I stuck it on easy and basically hate-played it to get the story and pretty graphics. Gameplay and design are awful, I hate that difficulty to Naughty Dog seems to equal grenade launchers and snipers. That said, anyone saying Uncharted and TLOU are obviously too in love with their 360's shiny 2xaa hallway shooters to appreciate what ND's done with the hardware.

#111 Posted by Phazevariance (10993 posts) -

@ristactionjakso said:

@cain006 said:

I picked up that PS3 black friday bundle with The Last of Us and Arkham Origins and I gotta say I am very disappointed with the graphics in The Last of Us. It seems like there's hardly any AA if any at all, there's a lot of bad textures, and the blur bothers me. The shadows look good though.

It shocks me that people were saying it actually looked better than PC games... Even multiplat games running on my 460 look way better than it.

I personally think KZ3 and KZ2 are still the best looking games on the ps3.

I actually think I agree with this. BUT tlou was a more fun game than either of those. Also, Uncharted 2 and 3 looked as good as tlou but didn't suffer from the same lack of AA.

#112 Posted by blamix99 (2234 posts) -

it must be your tv, or your just making that up

#113 Posted by MK-Professor (3840 posts) -

@farrell2k said:

The graphic are pretty damned good for 2006 hardware.

No, a 8800GTX (2006 hardware), produce better visuals than ps3.

#114 Posted by farrell2k (6675 posts) -

@MK-Professor said:

@farrell2k said:

The graphic are pretty damned good for 2006 hardware.

No, a 8800GTX (2006 hardware), produce better visuals than ps3.

Yeah, so? That doesn't mean that the hardware wasn't decent for a console.