What was the last game you finished without...

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having read any reviews of it beforehand?

Honestly I can't really think of one in recent memory lol. I think I'd have to go back to PS1/N64 era.

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Probably back when I was a kid.

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No idea, i generally like to make informed purchasing decisions

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IDK, whatever the last game I beat was. I rarely read reviews.

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@lostrib said:

No idea, i generally like to make informed purchasing decisions

this, i always read on the internet before making any purchase, with the internet around why buy something without informing yourself first.

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I read and watch multiple Reviews before. Always !

Last impulse game I purchased was Portal 2 only because I played it before and wanted to finnish it so I bought for myself. As for DiRT 2, I played the Demo and bought the game..... Twice !

Oh and I think I bought Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood impulsively but thats because I liked the original.

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Frontlines- Fuel of War.

I couldn't find any good info on it; but it turned out being a great game.

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Not sure, probably been a while. I usually enjoy reading reviews even if I'm already planning to get (or not to get) a game.

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I don't really read that many reviews. I mean sure I'll catch the scores and if something was receiving overwhelmingly bad ones I might give it a pass or see why it was getting slammed, but I pretty much know what I'll enjoy.

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I don't think I read any reviews before playing Dirt 3. Honestly, I forgot there was a third game until it was on sale for $5.

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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition last night.

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Prob a madden game back in the ps2 days. They all got such high reviews every yr during that time (not anymore) that I would just buy it without reading any reviews.

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Saints Row The Third. But it was a free/rental/whatever from PS+ so I had nothing to lose.

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Way back in the magazine days probably.

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I don't remember. Really. But I've played and finished a lot of games despite less than stellar reviews.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist I guess. I wont need a review for MGS either. Some titles I just have grown to love, and I am an easy to please guy.

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I haven't finished it yet but I bought Soul Sacrifice w/o looking at any reviews. I know I'm gonna buy Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 w/o looking at any of the scores/reviews.

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That would be the last game I finished, which was Prototype. I don't bother reading reviews. I just look at Gamerankings and look at the average score. Anything about a 75% is fair game for me. I will watch video of the games though.

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Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

I had ruined the surprise of both Revelations and ACIII by watching a bunch of trailers and reading and watching reviews. So with Black Flag, I wanted to go in with a completely open mind with almost no pre-game impressions. It paid off.

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Did you mean PREviews? I haven't read a review in like 5 or 6 years

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have bought games for cheap without looking at reviews but i find my self still looking the game up

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Haven't finished many games at all.

Played many on recommendations that don't come anywhere close to the reviews (i.e. NIER).

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I don't read reviews, so practically all of my games.

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There are several games that I've fully pre-ordered and paid for without knowing much more than the release date, but no, not recently.

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Back when I was a kid, I had no internet back then.

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hardly ever watch/read reviews of anything. I either know I'm going to like the game regardless of what someone being paid to be heard says or I am hesitant, but ultimately trust the comments of people I know who bought the game/ consensus of gamers who made the purchase on the internet.

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I don't remember. It was some time in the 6th gen.

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Hard Reset on the PC. I saw the Bladerunner-sque setting and decided I wanted it.


Finding out later that it's an arcade FPS (like the old-school ones) was a bonus.

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I think it was GTA V.

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I don't really read reviews for games I'm going to buy. I'll watch a GB quicklook which is usually more informative than a review. Steam and smaller games have allowed that luxury of throwing caution to the wind on something that looks interesting, be it good or not.

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I check reviews, but that's not the deciding factor. To decide on a purchase i go on GAF for general opinions or on other good forums, as well as checking Youtube videos. After i've understood the consensus on a game, and if it interests me, i grab it.

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@treedoor said:

I don't read reviews, so practically all of my games.

neither do i

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Often, but only with PSN and XBLA games. I try the demo, if I like it, I buy.

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I had never played an AC game and the deal was great so i bought it and only watched a review after i beat it. Worth it.

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Damn, i don't know, i usually do it all the time. Depends on the game though

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@lostrib said:

No idea, i generally like to make informed purchasing decisions

same. even if i know a game reviews badly, i still want to know what im getting into.

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Duke Nukem forever

The game was here a week out before it launched in the rest of the world. pretty weird anyway I had a blast playing it. I found then 0 reviews about it.

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Metal Gear Rising.

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I haven't used reviews to make any purchasing decisions, since 2008. I don't need them.

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Probably the PS2 era.