What was the best handheld game of the year?

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Poll: What was the best handheld game of the year? (51 votes)

Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) 31%
Soul Sacrifice (PSV) 2%
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) 2%
Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) 0%
Pokemon X/Y (3DS) 4%
Killzone: Mercenary (PSV) 10%
Tearaway (PSV) 12%
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) 24%
Other (Please Specify) 16%

All major handheld games of the year have been released- which one was the best handheld title released in 2013?

#1 Posted by Zassimick (7114 posts) -

Won't be playing Zelda for a while yet, and while Pokémon has been incredibly addicting I had to go with Fire Emblem.

#2 Posted by freedomfreak (43492 posts) -

Luigi's Mansion 2, I guess, although I'm pretty sure Bravely Default will be mine.

#3 Posted by Xaero_Gravity (9520 posts) -

P4G since it came out in Europe this year. :cool:

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#5 Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) -

doesn't matter, just play and have fun! (oh wait, this is system wars I'm suppose to choose)

#6 Edited by SonicNextGen2 (3553 posts) -

Totes Fire Emblem.

Still disappointed at how Pokemon turned out, if you aren't when of those super trainers, the game gets boring fast. Hopefully, the Poke-bank will give me a reason to play the game again.

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@Blabadon said:


Even tho I dont own a Vita :D

#8 Posted by BilboSwagginsYo (33 posts) -

Fire Emblem, d'uh.

#9 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (26357 posts) -

I'm going to go ahead and say Fire Emblem Awakening.

Even though I the best Handheld Game I've enjoyed this entire year was actually Persona 4 Golden, but that came out 2012.

#10 Edited by mems_1224 (48572 posts) -

Fire Emblem by far. Haven't played LBW though.

#11 Posted by Sword-Demon (7001 posts) -

Haven't played Zelda yet, but somehow I doubt it surpasses Fire Emblem

#12 Edited by lx_theo (6211 posts) -

Fire Emblem. Tearaway might challenge it. Still need to play it.

#13 Edited by Ghost120x (4173 posts) -

I have been playing the hell out of tearaway and Ys but I have to go with ALBW.

#14 Posted by Thefatness16 (4672 posts) -

It's gotta be Monhun for me. Picked it up, having never played a Monster Hunter game before, and 160 hours later I'm more than satisfied. Still haven't even done anything in G rank yet. I need to pick it up and play some more. Fire Emblem is a close second. I should pick up some of the DLC and add to my 130 hours playtime.

#15 Edited by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -

Tearaway for me, but i still have some jRPGs to play.

#16 Edited by Joedgabe (5134 posts) -

Rune Factory 4 for me :P

Fire Emblem was one of my biggest disappointments this year. watered down Fire Emblem game =[

#17 Edited by voljin1987 (903 posts) -

Show it some love folks.. @Joedgabe how is rune factory 4.. been on the fence for that one

#18 Posted by foxhound_fox (90815 posts) -

I can't say as I even touched a handheld this year. Well, I think I moved my DS and PSP when I cleaned up the apartment that one time and reorganized my game shelf.

#19 Posted by Angryduck67 (220 posts) -

That new Zelda is the tightest and most perfect Zelda game in years. Don't worry about handhelds, that is game of the year material on any platform. Tearaway is a charming and colorful experience, but feels like an elaborate tech demo. The whole thing feels like a check-list of Vita features was used as a design document. Very cool game, but doesn't even remotely come close to the new Zelda.

#20 Posted by Whiteblade999 (5581 posts) -

Fire Emblem: Awakening. Its the best new SRPG (otherwise FFT or Tactics Ogre would win) of the last 10 years without a doubt. It hit all the right marks, and made something that genre veterans or newbs can enjoy without compromising the vision. Plus, Lucina is a major step in the right direction for Nintendo in terms of female characters if you ask me.

#21 Edited by GreySeal9 (25077 posts) -

3DS was such a beast this year.

#22 Posted by Sword-Demon (7001 posts) -

@Joedgabe said:

Fire Emblem was one of my biggest disappointments this year. watered down Fire Emblem game =[

What felt watered down to you?

I've played all the NA released FEs and Awakening did almost everything right imo. The story was on par with the past FE games, the characters are great, improved support system, the strategy is there (unless you abuse the dlc) the rpg elements are there, more freedom, better post-game, etc.

Not saying your opinion is wrong, of course, just curious about what you feel went wrong.

#23 Edited by XboxDone74 (2116 posts) -

definitely Tearaway, but vita totally owned the competition this year.

#24 Posted by GreySeal9 (25077 posts) -

@xboxdone74 said:

definitely Tearaway, but vita totally owned the competition this year.

#25 Edited by AmayaPapaya (9029 posts) -

I liked Phoenix Wright. I'll vote that.

#26 Posted by donalbane (16379 posts) -

Killzone mercenary.it actually has a great stealth component

#27 Posted by ChubbyGuy40 (26256 posts) -

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Not even kidding. Tied with SM3DW for my GOTY.

Either that or EO4 for me. Picked up Awakening and Mario And Luigi but haven't played those yet. Still need to get EO Untold, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pokemon Y, and SMT4. Probably getting ALBW for Xmas.

#28 Edited by Jolt_counter119 (4146 posts) -

I like Fire Emblem but I'm not seeing it as this masterpiece that others are making it out to be. I guess I'm just really aching for a new Advance Wars game.

I've only played through the first intro dungeon in ALBW and I already know it's my favorite game this year. But Zelda is always my favorite game of the year.

#29 Posted by Seabas989 (11018 posts) -

I'll let you know in December since there are a lot of 3DS games I still need to play and beat.

As of right now: FE: Awakening.

#30 Edited by finalfantasy94 (26885 posts) -

As of now Fire emblem. I enjoyed the story and cast and the fact you can pick who went with who and they had kids that had discussions with thier parents. Thats what really sucked me in.It also was newb friendly and allowed people like me who tend to suck at the type a game it is and lets me enjoy it. Also is a Jrpg that makes your avatar actually important and badass. Japan rarely pulls this off. Only seen in really in this and God eater. Though YS may dethrone Fire emblem for me once amazon brings my silver edition.

#31 Posted by XboxDone74 (2116 posts) -


jelly? :-)

#32 Posted by Sagem28 (10498 posts) -
@Xaero_Gravity said:

P4G since it came out in Europe this year. :cool:


if that doesn't count I'll go for Fire Emblem but that could be topped by Bravely Default in a few days.

#33 Posted by Xaero_Gravity (9520 posts) -

@Sagem28 said:
@Xaero_Gravity said:

P4G since it came out in Europe this year. :cool:


if that doesn't count I'll go for Fire Emblem but that could be topped by Bravely Default in a few days.

It's pretty apparent that Char hates Europeans.

#34 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

Firesona Emblem 4: Golden Awakening

A really great year for handhelds overall now that I think about it. And I haven't tried Bravely Default (full game), Tearaway, SS, Killzone or Zelda yet.

#35 Edited by Riverwolf007 (24187 posts) -

i don't know let me go poll a kindergarten class and get back to you on that.


just kidding, lighten up already sw.

#36 Posted by madskills6117 (4035 posts) -

From that list I've only played Soul Sacrifice and Mercenary therefore I voted for Soul Sacrifice. I need to pick up Tearaway and A Link Between Worlds.

#37 Posted by turtlethetaffer (17198 posts) -

Fire emblem awakening thus far, but SMTIV is also really great so far... It might become my favorite game on the 3DS that's been released. That being said, I'm really hyped for Bravely Default and Dragon Quest VII (if it gets localized).