What systems will you own this gen?

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vita, 3DS, PS4, Wii U

#52 Posted by Xaero_Gravity (8896 posts) -

All of them.

#53 Posted by MathMattS (4012 posts) -

I have a Wii U already and an XBox One on preorder for Day One. Those are likely the only consoles I'll go with. There's nothing on the PS4 that interests me.

#54 Posted by Renegade_Fury (17278 posts) -

probably everything at some point.

#55 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8550 posts) -

Wiiu 3ds vita ps4 maybe a Xbox one down the road I don't think I could go forever not owning one.

#56 Posted by donalbane (16368 posts) -

All of them. I even have a WiiU, though it hasn't been used for gaming since the month I purchased it.

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Wii U

iPhone 5S

iPad 4

iPad Mini

PS4 preordered

And that's probably it..

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x1 easy

#59 Posted by R3FURBISHED (10648 posts) -

In order of how I bought them

Xbox One

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In order, my planned purchases are:

3DS (already own), PS Vita (already own), Wii U, PS4.

#61 Posted by aroxx_ab (10462 posts) -

PC, WiiU and i delayed my Ps4 purchase to when it actually have a exclusive i want to play.

Xboner? lol no

#62 Posted by FinalFighters (1617 posts) -

Sticking with my PC. i'll get a PS4 way down the road (early 2015)

#63 Posted by sukraj (23176 posts) -

@HaRmLeSS_RaGe said:

nice sig

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last gen i bought both xbox and playstation but this next gen i won't buy anything for a long time unless theres a game that blows my mind...

i'm more then busy enough sticking to PC games. just the consoles dont seem very next gen, much of the hardware in them are inferior to hardware i had 3-4 years ago.

#65 Posted by scoots9 (3222 posts) -

At minimum PC+Wii U+3DS (what I own know), at maximum PC+PS4+Wii U+ Vita+3DS

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PC, X1, and PS4. Though it'll just be PC for the first 4+ years while I wait for the consoles to release new models, drop to their minimum price, and accumulate a decent number of exclusives.

#67 Posted by psymon100 (6138 posts) -

pc will probably be my trusty steed

wii u is a device i own already but i forgot what it does.

probably will get either xboner or playstation foreskin, but I don't know when.

handhelds? Not for me.

#68 Posted by cainetao11 (17978 posts) -

Already have 3ds and vita. I'll have same as last 2 gens, PS and Xbox. I had a WiiU, but I sold it. Maybe I'll get it again or just a wii.

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@HadOne2Many said:

Xbox One at launch because I actually like all of the features you folks hate, plus Forza 5.

I'll probably get a PS4, but not until at least two or three exclusive games I really want to play are out for it, maybe not until there's a price drop even.

I don't upgrade my computers because I buy laptops and All-In-One PCs, so the minute my Xbox One arrives it will be the most powerful gaming machine in my house. All I play on PC is multiplats anyway.

For handheld I have my Galaxy S4 and a Nexus 7.

Hello friend. God forbid we like an entertainment hub huh? I do as well and Im going X1 first, PS4 when games arrive, like I did last gen.

#70 Posted by GTSaiyanjin2 (6015 posts) -

PS4 and PC... I wouldn't have mind owning another console, like I did this gen with the PS3 and 360. But the xbox one just fails in so many levels.

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3DS (own),WiiU (own), PC (own), I'm leaning more towards the xbox one as at this moment the system seems more interesting, it seems to have more features and more games, but I will wait and see what the death rate will be like.

#72 Posted by JTH_22 (1438 posts) -

Definitely PS4 first (had one pre-ordered but decided to wait and canceled) and probably build a new PC then maybe an X1.