What Should Ninendo do?

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Posted by loco145 (10767 posts) 8 months, 11 days ago

Poll: What Should Ninendo do? (17 votes)

Stay First Party 53%
Go Second Party for Sony 12%
Go Second Party for MS 6%
Go Second Party for Apple 0%
Go Second Party for Valve 0%
Go Third Party 12%
Go Fourth Party! 18%

Now that has been established that Nintendo is doomed, where should they go from here?

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Oh, jeez. We already have a thread on this.

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Just drop out of home console, stick to Handhelds. If Nintendo comes out with a powerful like VITA handheld, they would be able to do everything they would of down on a home console.

I dont think, even if its time to call it quits, that they'll just go to their competitors as a 2nd Party. Nintendo is stubborn as fuck and do shit their own weird and illogical painfully slow ways. If anything they'll go to mobile (Android) or some shit that will piss everyone off (tho I can see being bought by Apple).

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Oh, jeez. We already have a thread on this.

But not a poll!

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Go Second Party for Sony

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Stay first party. The WiiU is a fail, no doubt. But people are acting like Ninty is out of money. This company is still positive.

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Stop spamming these threads.

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Cater towards the freedomfreak market.