What's your starter class gonna be in Dark Souls 2?

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I'm leaning towards Dual Wielder. I usually take a tank approach to RPGs like Souls, so Dual Wielder seems like a great change of pace in a familiar style for me (focus on quick movement and fast attacks versus absorbing damage). Not only that, but the class looks badass. I'm theorizing that your character's effectiveness with two weapons will be determined by Dexterity, which means Dex may finally have a use after all.

What about SW? Who are you going to choose to begin with in Dark Souls 2?

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@R3FURBISHED: Are we suddenly not allowed to discuss individual games on this particular forum?

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Don't know. I doubt it'll matter much based on previous games. I guess I'll go with explorer, since they look kinda goofy.

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What are the available starting classes?

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What are the available starting classes?

A warrior that lives on the battle field. Has high Strength and Dexterity, making it easy to meet stat requirements for weapons. Has a shield from the beginning.
A traveling knight. Has high Vigor and Adaptability allowing them to withstand many hits. Does not come equipped with a shield, so players need to be cautious at the beginning. Has fairly high Faith.
A swordsman with honed skills. Fights skillfully with weapons equipped in each hand. Equipped with an upgraded Scimitar and Longsword from the start.
A ruthless bandit. Has high Dexterity and can use a bow. Can react to both long range and short range threats. Best for players that want to create a Dexterity build.
A cleric on a pilgrimage. Their miracles and high Faith can show them the way forward. Has learned the Heal miracle from the start and can explore with persistence.
A wise sorcerer. Can command sorcery with high Intelligence and Attunement. Has learned Souls Arrow and is good at long ranged combat.
An explorer traveling through many lands. Does not excel in any particular area, but comes equipped with many items, allowing them to fight advantageously at the beginning of the game.
A nude person with an unknown background. Fights empty-handed. Their body itself is the proof of their existence. Starts at level 1 and therefore can grow in whatever way the player wishes to.
Dark Souls Wiki
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real/juarbles gamer

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Knight or Explorer if he ends up being what the Wanderer was.

Swordsman sounds cool.

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If a faith build becomes viable like it was in Demon's Souls; then I may go Cleric or Knight. If it's how crappy it was in Dark Souls, then I guess I will start swordsman to see how well dual wielding goes this time.

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The one with the lowest soul level, of course. Fewer wasted stats that way.

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@R3FURBISHED: Are we suddenly not allowed to discuss individual games on this particular forum?

This is too specific a thing to discuss.

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Do they all start at level 1 this time around? I want to spend max amount of attributes so i want the lowest possible level so whatever

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Always Deprived.

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knight for the 360 version explorer for the ps3 version

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@GhoX said:

The one with the lowest soul level, of course. Fewer wasted stats that way.

This is the most informed answer so far. :)

Yeah, I'll carefully look at the starting stats and find a starting character that hasn't "wasted" any points toward stats that I won't use.

Really looking forward to this one.

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Jew...wait, wrong game

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I think I'll go Knight my first time, but that depends on the starting stats. I really want to do a strength/faith build for some reason.

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@jake44: All you need to do is look to your avatar for the answer.

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I beat demon's souls, but did not finish dark souls.

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I appreciate this thread for what it is, but it's not SW material.