What racing game does not have night racing?

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What racing games in recent years does not have night racing?

Gran Turismo has had it since 1

Forza has had it in other games

Ridge racer has had it since ps1 days

NASCAR and F1 - yes, as does in real life

Dirt - yes

PGR -yes

Excitebike 64 has night racing LOL

Burnout - yes

Motorstorm - yes

NFS - yes since 2nd game (1st I'm not sure)

Can't think of one that doesn't. Why? I think it adds variety...and funness.....and stuff....I guess? I sure like racing at night....maybe that's why every racing has it.

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Mario Kart has it too.

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Mario Kart has it too.

Rainbow Road <3
Better than Spa.

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DiRT 2 only had night racing on three tracks. DiRT 3 was much better , they had night racing for just about every track and discipline.