What launch title had the biggest graphical impact upon release?

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Poll: What launch title had the biggest graphical impact upon release? (48 votes)

Super Mario Bros 4%
F-Zero 0%
Ridge Racer 0%
Super Mario 64 52%
SoulCalibur 4%
Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader 2%
Halo: Combat Evolved 29%
Perfect Dark Zero 0%
Killzone: Shadow Fall 8%

At the time of their release, which launch title had the single biggest graphical impact and leap ever, do you think?

Personally, I think it was Super Mario 64- the kind of 2D to 3D jump that it made, and its impact upon players and the industry alike, is just something that will never ever be replicated again, I think.

#1 Posted by gregbmil (2609 posts) -

I remember when Mario 64 came out, it blew my mind. I have not been so impressed with graphics (for the time of course) untill the first Gears of War came out

#2 Posted by comptonst88 (289 posts) -

I agree with Mario 64 but to me it was Zelda OOT that made a bigger impression on me.

#3 Posted by xxyetixx (1299 posts) -

The leap from PS1 to PS2 was impressive, Timesplitters, Midnight Club, Unreal Tournament even Madden 2001, then GTA 3 came out and was just amazing as can be. Other impressive games I've seen before that were, Earthworm Jim, Vectorman, Donkey Kong Country, 007, Mario64.

#4 Posted by GhoX (5053 posts) -

The titles with the greatest graphical impact have always been on the PC after the hay days of PlayStation 1.

First there was Half Life 1, then there was Half Life 2, and then Crysis showed us the capability of the current gen.

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For me? Wave Race 64. That water.

#6 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (14673 posts) -

Half life 1 easily. Quake 3 was also really impressive at release.

For consoles it was probably Zelda, Ocarina of time.

#7 Posted by cain006 (8625 posts) -

I think I only had a game boy pocket when it came out, but I think it's pretty crazy that Super Mario 64 came out in 1996.

#8 Edited by FPSfan1985 (2008 posts) -

NBA 2K14 for me. First game that bridges the gap between CG and realtime grphics quality.

#9 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -

None of those, personally.

They aren't even launch titles, but I think Far Cry, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 were the most impressive graphical showcases I've ever seen. Doom 3 especially. That was in 2004, or so.

#10 Posted by Jakandsigz (4512 posts) -

This isn't even nostalgia this time so I want to here the excuses for those who voted for Mario 64 when it was not a graphical beast at launch and looked worse than freaking Crash bandicoot 1. (it is possible it could be fanboyism although I just find it funny that one would look at the N64 launch and think for some reason M64 was the one that showed off the N64 graphic the most at launch in the first place. Hell other N64 games at launch were better and more impressive in some areas than M64 and would make a better argument over having a graphical impact compared to its competitors.)

#11 Edited by _Matt_ (8936 posts) -

Rogue Squadron in my eyes. Looked sweet on GC. That said, Super Mario 64 was incredible leap to 3D

#12 Posted by bbkkristian (14963 posts) -

Zelda Ocarina of Time was not a launch title? I didn't know that.

#13 Posted by charizard1605 (58852 posts) -

@bbkkristian said:

Zelda Ocarina of Time was not a launch title? I didn't know that.

Released in 1998 to N64's 1996 launch

#14 Posted by amaneuvering (4016 posts) -


Are you seriously that clueless?

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The correct answer is Super Mario 64.

End of.

#16 Posted by charizard1605 (58852 posts) -

@amaneuvering said:


Are you seriously that clueless?

He is a Nintendo troll. Ignore him. He's trying to get a rise.

#17 Posted by Jakandsigz (4512 posts) -

@charizard1605 said:

@amaneuvering said:


Are you seriously that clueless?

He is a Nintendo troll. Ignore him. He's trying to get a rise.

No I am not, you want me to pull the hundred of critic articles or will you shut up.

I did find out what you were trying to do though, your thread title is horribly misleading from what you actually want to say. (also i though you hated the Wii U, the only thing I have actually criticized from them anyway. so how am I a nintendo troll?)

#18 Posted by Cpt_Chaplin (96 posts) -

I was really impressed with the jump from N64/PS1 to GC/PS2.

TES: Oblivion looked amazing, too.

#19 Edited by enzyme36 (1597 posts) -

Not sure if this was a launch title.... I know it was dam close.... NFL2K on the dreamcast was really impressive the first time you saw it.

#20 Edited by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

I'm thinking Super Mario 64. First 3D Mario and all that.

#21 Edited by Jakandsigz (4512 posts) -

Wait, Why is Halo an option? Misleading as the thread title is, both solutions from how you look at it, Halo did nothing. It was not a series previously made to be awed at for moving into 3D, and while it did not look bad, it was bland in many areas and highly repetitious in certain areas.

#22 Edited by AznbkdX (3226 posts) -

Super Mario 64 by a freaking long shot. Runner up goes to Spider Man (my first GC game) though. Coming off of N64, that's a serious upgrade.

#23 Posted by NoirLamia777 (2166 posts) -

Definitely Super Mario 64. I was stunned.

#24 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (5786 posts) -

Super Mario 64.

#25 Edited by GotNugz (679 posts) -

lot of people are naming takes that weren't launch games. For me it was between perfect dark zero, super Mario 64, and shadow fall. Oops almost forgot about sonic on the dreamcast I remember being very impressed when I first played it.

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This game


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I remember Halo: CE really blew me away when I saw the commercial for it. It looked way better than any PS2 shooter, and the open levels with vehicles was something I'd never seen in a FPS before, so I was really impressed by that.

#28 Posted by -Unreal- (24544 posts) -

Mario 64 or Halo.

I remember Halo quite well. It was a pretty big jump.

#29 Posted by anybodykilla15 (114 posts) -

DUKE NUKEM 3D 64 should be on that list of launch titles. (although I am not sure if it was a N64 launch title)

#30 Posted by Renegade_Fury (17278 posts) -

None of those. For me, it was Virtua Fighter, Cyber Speedway, and Panzer Dragoon. They were fully 3D, and they blew my mind away back in 1995.

#31 Edited by Caseytappy (2159 posts) -

For me Wipeout on the PS one, you could only play 16 bit 2d games at home before that and it blew me away .

#32 Posted by TheEroica (13820 posts) -

As someone who actually witnessed every console generation release, I can tell you that the correct answer is mario64... The leap was ZOMG.

#33 Posted by TheEroica (13820 posts) -

@Jakandsigz: your posting in this thread screams, "I started gaming in 2004" you definitely weren't gaming when the n64 launched.

#34 Edited by PAL360 (27003 posts) -

It's a tie between Mario 64 and Halo CE.

#35 Posted by sukraj (23176 posts) -

dead rising 3

#36 Posted by bulby_g (1175 posts) -

Mario 64 for sure. It made such a massive impact at the time.

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@sukraj said:

dead rising 3

God you're useless.

Mario 64 and Tekken Tag Tournament for me.