What is your biggest console regret?

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#51 Posted by ProjectPat187 (1984 posts) -

My biggest regret is buying a PS3, I bought a 360 at launch and by the time the PS3 came out, i had fell in love with the 360 and endiing up using my PS3 strictly as a Blu-Ray player.

#52 Posted by The_Last_Ride (74019 posts) -

the 360 after 2012. It's been collecting dust since i got my ps3

#53 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (34232 posts) -

I don't have any regrets with the systems I have acquired or purchased, although I do regret missing out on some systems, specifically the Genesis, Dreamcast, Xbox, and PS3.

I've been lucky enough to avoid the genuinely bad systems like the Sega CD, Jaguar, CD-i,etc. Except the Virtual Boy, I did get that, although I did not actually buy that myself and think my parents got that for an older brother.

#54 Posted by EZs (1403 posts) -

None. I did a lot of research before buying any console.

#55 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (15866 posts) -

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#56 Posted by remiks00 (2327 posts) -

I regret rebuyng and selling Xbox 360's & PS3's last gen. Should have just kept them both; wasted so much money. lol

#57 Posted by TwistedShade (3138 posts) -

Buying a PS4. Spent all of last year getting into the hype and asking myself who the hell would buy an Xbox One. After playing it for awhile and hating the UI, and realizing the exclusives sucked and nothing was coming out for awhile I sold it and got an Xbox One, best choice I've made.

#58 Posted by pelvist (5146 posts) -

@1080pOnly: AVP on the Jag was an incredible game for its time, I remember that game fondly as well as Iron Soldier, almost made the money I paid for the Jag worthwhile.

#59 Posted by Spartan070 (16377 posts) -

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#60 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3695 posts) -

My only regrets are selling consoles when I was younger. I just purchased a Virtual Boy for 3 times what I spent in the Toys R Us bargain bin years and years ago. And why the hell didn't I buy Neo Geo AES carts when they were "cheap." I also fried a Dreamcast back in the day because of shitty 3rd party controllers. None of my controller ports worked just weeks after buying that thing. (Niko)

#61 Posted by SOedipus (6822 posts) -

Xbox 360. I spent a lot on it and barely used it. Wifi adaptor, 2 sets of battery chargers, Gold membership. I got it just when the PS3 started picking up. I did use it for awhile for multiplatforms but not for too long as I built my own PC and used that for most of my games. I think the 360 is a good system, I just didn't use it much and it was my fault due to poor planning and making impulsive decisions. It is my only console regret.

#62 Posted by CSI24 (2049 posts) -

DS and PSP. Never was a big fan of handheld gaming except for the rare Pokemon binge

#63 Posted by eNT1TY (1084 posts) -

Launch day ps4 and xb1 purchases. I just, i like new things, sometimes merely for the sake of um novelty... oh and the WiiU. I do have some pc regrets as well, i really really wanted an r9 290 but had to "settle" for a gtx 770 4GB because of the sudden mark ups, even the 7970ghz/280x cost more at that point.

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@locus-solus said:

my biggest regrets is impulsively buying games


#65 Posted by ___gamemaster__ (2415 posts) -

360. it fails me like twice and didnt bother to go for 3rd.

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#67 Posted by indigenous_euphoria (186 posts) -

PS2 was mine!

#68 Posted by mystic_knight (13801 posts) -

Both current gen consoles.
Sony and Microsoft proved, being an early adopter screws you over.. both my consoles have not been touched for over a month, they both dont have any interesting games to play yet. Titanfall and the Witcher 3 will change that, but they are on PC as well which says a lot.. from now on, i wont invest in a console until it at least has 10 games worth buying.

#69 Posted by R4gn4r0k (17445 posts) -

I've been buying consoles for a long time and I only have one regret: buying a 360

-RROD: never had any hardware malfunction with any console I've bought before, with the 360 it just died for no reason

-Weakest libary near the end. The 360 had a great start with games like Kameo, Saints Row, Gears of War and Alan Wake. Those were all interesting games and new IP. Near the end, all we got was another Halo, another Forza, another Gears.

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@indigenous_euphoria said:

PS2 was mine!

what? how is that possible?

#71 Posted by madskills6117 (4030 posts) -

I'd say the Panasonic 3DO. What a waste of $600. It had some decent games but definitely not enough to justify the price tag.

#72 Posted by Mr_Ditters (1908 posts) -

Regret buying a 360. RROD. Being stupid enough to pay for XBL.

No regrets about buying a PS3 after I sold my 360.

Regret buying a PS4 too early. Being stupid enough to pay for one month of PS+.

Back to PC gaming. No regrets. Just the opposite.

#73 Posted by Gammit10 (2290 posts) -

The SNES. I only had 3-5 games for it so it gathered much dust.