What is the Wii U's lacking when compared to the Xbox One and PS4?

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Posted by TheHoffenOne (6 posts) 9 months, 9 days ago

Poll: What is the Wii U's lacking when compared to the Xbox One and PS4? (36 votes)

Exclusives/New IP's 19%
Third Party Support 64%
Power/Graphics 42%
Online Multiplayer & Services 28%
Achievements/Trophies 28%
Mulitmedia Features (e.g. Blu-Ray, Digital Audio) 28%
Proper Branding/Advertising 39%
Other 17%

So, i am working on a school project where we are to analyse the Wii U and why it has "failed" compared to the Xbox One and PS4. So i would like to ask you what you think the Wii U is lacking in order to succeed.

#1 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

lacking pretty much ec erything besides a name brand...

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It has more sales, more games, including exclusives and multiplats, and free online play. At this point, it is not lacking anything!

#3 Posted by Telekill (4396 posts) -

It's lacking pretty much everything in comparison. Sure, they have their tried and true exclusives but there hasn't been a new Nintendo exclusive series since what... Pikmin?

At best, Nintendo in general is stale.

#4 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2409 posts) -

Almost everything.

Most notably:

Weak ass last gen hardware

Lack of 3rd party support

#5 Posted by DaBrainz (7628 posts) -

So far nothing except Madden. WiiU is better in every other way.

#6 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3474 posts) -

Nothing important. It's got the games.

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I voted Other.

I just think with original Wii being a massive success in the casual market it has forever tarred them with the casual brush. The large scale hardcore gamers market just tend to bypass the Wii U as a gimmick or kids device.

I like the look of the system and will probably get one when they have an inevitable massive price drop but I just don't see it as a "serious" gaming system. More a bit of fun.

#8 Posted by ImDaMan4Realz (94 posts) -

Non rehashes, good controller, non last gen hardware, good online, 3rd oarty support...pretty much everything. The wii u is the first console, besides the wii, to lack in everything compared to its competitors

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Nothing important. It's got the games.

It has a few rehashes and believe it or not, ppl buy tech based on hardware especially today.

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#11 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2770 posts) -

It's lacking games with guns and swear words. That's what makes games hardcore right? And you are only a hardcore gamer if you play hardcore games.

#12 Posted by Heirren (16542 posts) -

Power and 3rd party support, but moreso power, imo. Nintendo made a mistake judging the market. Wiiu production was probably well underway before they realized what consumer wanted. Had the wiiu been comparable in spec, maybe even exceeding the xbox and ps4, I think gamers would have eaten it up. And, had they had a one year advantage, perhaps 3rd parties would be forced to work with them. I defend nintendo, in a minority i think, in the way they do games. They understand that the current dlc trends are actually bad for the industry down the line. This is without a doubt the real reason 3rd parties care not to take on the console.

#13 Posted by getyeryayasout (7176 posts) -

I think one of the WiiU's big problems is the perception that it's a toy for children, while the PS4 and X1 are entertainment devices for adults. So I guess branding and marketing are it's main issues.

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I would say it is lacking competent leadership, but the competition would also have to have competent leadership for that to be true.

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All of the above

#16 Posted by TheGuardian03 (21538 posts) -

it's 8 years behind in online and power, it also has almost zero third party support.

#17 Posted by MBirdy88 (7704 posts) -

lacking pretty much ec erything besides a name brand...

at least it has games... good ones at that.

#18 Posted by AtariKidX (6209 posts) -

Pretty much everything.

#19 Posted by silversix_ (14072 posts) -

Just about everything that isn't jumping on flowers and collect mushrooms.

#20 Posted by KungfuKitten (20854 posts) -

It's lacking an intelligent audience to sell to.

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lacks being a next gen console

how can you sell a console with a HD4650 graphics card and expect people (and developers) to buy it as a next gen console?

#22 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6383 posts) -


pretty much nothing else, the Wii U seemed weak when it was released compared to the rumors about the other two, now that they have both come out, and were not bit jumps either, the Wii U should not not have been a horrible console.

But in the real World alot of people do not have faith in Nintendo atm. So I picked "other" and put in "faith"

#23 Posted by beerm_basic (2481 posts) -

Its lacking a bit in games but presides that im happy :) its a good console if the graphics are drawing you away then you need your head examined

#24 Posted by sailor232 (4441 posts) -

I pretty much picked all of those choices.

#25 Posted by emgesp (2082 posts) -

They need to back off Mario/Zelda and start making new mature themed IP. Also, they need to bring back SNES level third party support. They need to start talking to developers before making the hardware to find out what they want like Mark Cerny did at Sony with the PS4.

Also, a true sequel to Star Fox 64 wouldn't hurt either. The Wii U could have been a much better console if it wasn't for that stupid expensive tablet controller, The Wii U should have had a slightly less powerful APU than what is found in the XB1 and came with just a Pro controller. That Wii U could have easily been priced at $299.99 and would sell like hotcakes.

#26 Posted by PsychoLemons (2043 posts) -


#27 Posted by Joedgabe (5110 posts) -

Third party support, and Justifying it's cost being more expensive than last generation console when last generation games is all it can handle.

#28 Posted by AM-Gamer (3577 posts) -
#29 Posted by freedomfreak (39164 posts) -

All of that, except for exclusives.

#30 Posted by KingsofQueens (2175 posts) -
  1. Lack of Strong 3rd party Support
  2. Other = proper HDD of at least 320gb or more
#31 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

@MBirdy88 said:

@k2theswiss said:

lacking pretty much ec erything besides a name brand...

at least it has games... good ones at that.

yawn... ooo mario...

#32 Posted by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -

In addition to the things you listed, they also impose the most anti-consumer policies.

1.Only one of the big 3 without a proper account system

2.Only one of the big 3 that region locks

3.Only one of the big 3 that doesnt offer price protection to retailers (this is why their games dont drop in price like normal games do)