What is the most you wanna pay for PS4, Wii U, X1?

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Simple question: for each of the three consoles, what is the most you are willing to pay?

I'll start:

PS4: $400

Xbox One: $350

Wii U: $250

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Well I already paid $400 for the PS4, and 350 for the WiiU, I'm guessing I'll pay $500 for the X1.

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one million dollars

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I set a limit for myself of $400. If the PS4 had been $450 I would have passed on it. Lucky for me, it hit the mark so I will be getting it tomorrow night.

Picked up a Wii U as a sort of gift with some extra funds, so that was fine. I'd definitely be picking one up now if I didn't have one yet.

Xbox One... would have been interested at the $400 range. Don't have any future plans now though to pick one up, even if it drops in price.

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You couldn't pay me to own a Wii U. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for a PS4 if they went with even better hardware. I think a 7970 class gpu would have been the sweet spot.. I'll pay for the xb0ne for forza but they needed to have made it more powerful at the same price

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Wii U $250AUD

PS4 $300AUD

Xbone $300AUD


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I want the WiiU to make it's way down to a comfortable $99

I think I'd be find paying that.

I think $400 for the ps4 is a good price point, Xbone needs a serious reduction to the same price of a ps4 or lower.

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WiiU $100

X1 will only trade for a bag of oranges of potatoes

PS4 $450. If the console was $500 with its current specs i'd probably skip it completely but if it was much more powerful i'd gladly pay up to $500 and that goes to Xbone as well.

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@Couth_: with that gpu it wouldn't be a sweet spot but a monster of a system that could handle bf4 on ultra/1080p np

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PS4 - $250 now, $400 when inFamous is on the system

Wii U - $250

Xbone - $100

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Well, right now for the Xbox One I'd like to play Crimson Dragon, D4, Quantum Break, Halo 5, and Killer Instinct, so I'd spend about $100 at most.

The PS4 has nothing released, or announced, that looks good, so maybe $10 just so I can have it ready just in case.

Wii U I'd like to play Lego City, Pikmin, and I donno what else, so I might consider getting a Wii U for $40.

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Wii U: $270

PS4: $400

Xbone: $300

Vita: $130

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Wii U - $250

PS4 - $400

X1 - Whatever change i find between my couch cushions

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I would say an even 300$ for each is reasonable to me. 400 is pushing it, and I wont pay 500.

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Playstation 4: $400 is solid, I just have too many other games to play at the moment so I won't be picking one up right now, but that is a fair price.

Wii-U: $300. I already own one, but $350 was a tad too steep, but I bought a bundle that came with an extra game and pro controller for $40 more, so it all worked out in the end.

Xbox One: $99. The system features are interesting but seem like nothing more than a novelty. It is weaker than the Playstation 4 and Microsoft lacks the first party studios and titles that Nintendo and Sony have. This console would ultimately be redundant if I owned a Playstation 4, and if I didn't already own a Playstation 4 I would opt to purchase that console first.

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PS4: $400

X1: $500

Wii U: ........maybe when it's $200 with a game or two bundled-in

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ps4 400 euros xbox one 250 euros

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Xbox One - £300

PS4- £250

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$200 for WiiU and both PS4 and X1 should be baked and ready to come out of the oven when they hit $300 respectively.

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Already bought PS4 and WiiU at full price.

Most I'd spend on XboxOne is 350. Hopefully next year's Black Friday sees a special deal or price drop. I'd pay a little more if it was a holiday edition that came bundled with a game or two.

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The most I "wanna" pay is naturally nothing, so...



Wii U=free

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Wii U - $500

Xbox One - $99

PS4 - $100

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Wii U - $300, $350 with a game included

XB1 - $150

PS4 - $150