What is the first game you ever played?

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#1 Posted by Sweenix (5396 posts) -

Mine was call of duty ghosts

#2 Posted by finalstar2007 (24883 posts) -

inb4 lock!

oh yeah i think it was some drawing game, cant remember.

#3 Edited by _Matt_ (8837 posts) -

I don't quite understand this thread Sweenix, I guess it will get locked :P

First game I ever played was Aladdin on Dos. Quality.

#4 Posted by FastRobby (1033 posts) -

One of the Super Mario games on the old Gameboy. I think it was the second one game in the series on gameboy.

#5 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3364 posts) -

Something on the N64, probably Super Mario 64. I do know we used to own a N64, but I'm still not sure what the first game was, or even if I played it when we owned it. Just guessing here.

#6 Posted by edwardecl (1989 posts) -

Not sure... first game a remember playing and actually have any meaningful input with was probably Lemmings on the Amiga 500, I did play other stuff on the Commodore 128 like Treasure Island and the game with the ball you had to jump over holes can't even remember what it was called.

#7 Posted by FoxbatAlpha (6058 posts) -

Damn, I really have to think about this one. Space Invaders on Atari.

#8 Posted by yokofox33 (29230 posts) -

Tetris for the Gameboy. First console game was Super Mario Bros for the NES.

#9 Posted by jg4xchamp (47063 posts) -

I don't know about first game I played. First one I owned was Donkey Kong Country, but I think I might have played a Sonic or Mario game before that.

#10 Posted by lunar1122 (658 posts) -

First game i ever played was "chips" on windows 95

#11 Edited by jake44 (1942 posts) -

I can't remember exactly, but it was either Metal Gear or Super Mario Bros.

#12 Posted by blamix (192 posts) -

Mine is Super Mario World

#13 Posted by Gue1 (9416 posts) -

#14 Posted by Blabadon (25682 posts) -

First that I remember playing ever? Super Mario 64. That was at like the richest kid's house in Detroit, so much damn swag felt in that moment.

#15 Posted by johnd13 (7916 posts) -

Some Super Mario game on my cousin's Gameboy.

#16 Posted by withe1982 (450 posts) -

Horace and the spiders on the spectrum in 1984. Wow check those amazing visuals.

#17 Edited by Nightflash28 (2053 posts) -

Wizard of Wor on C64.

#18 Posted by SecretPolice (21382 posts) -

Hide and seek :o First VG was Pong. :P

#19 Posted by _Matt_ (8837 posts) -

Hide and seek :o First VG was Pong. :P

SecretPolice?! You're aliiiiiive!

#20 Posted by Shewgenja (8338 posts) -

At a Showbiz Pizza (Later became Chuck-E-Cheeses)

#21 Posted by Litchie (16212 posts) -

Super Mario Bros. 3

#22 Posted by Sweenix (5396 posts) -

Seriously though, mine was golden eye n64

#23 Posted by stationplay_4 (442 posts) -

i think it was pokemon blue on the gameboy. not sure though.

#24 Posted by Ghost120x (3687 posts) -

Super Metriod at my older cousin's house. I was born in 1991, so I was very little and had no clue what I was doing lol.

The first game I played that was actually mine was wario land 2 on GBC.

#25 Posted by getyeryayasout (7055 posts) -

Pong on one of the many Pong home consoles released in the mid-late 70's. It belonged to my older brother, I was 4 or 5.

#26 Posted by StormyJoe (4757 posts) -

@Sweenix said:

Mine was call of duty ghosts

At home, Pong. At the arcades, Asteroids.

#27 Edited by coasterguy65 (5838 posts) -

Tennis on the Odyssey.

#28 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6243 posts) -

Pac Man

#29 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (8288 posts) -

River Raid and yes, I'm that old.

#30 Posted by GiantAssPanda (1594 posts) -

It was in the early 90s. Super Mario 2 or something.

My memory is kind of fuzzy.

#31 Posted by Pikminmaniac (8702 posts) -

Donkey Kong for intellivision

#32 Posted by Zassimick (6245 posts) -

Either Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Bros 3. SMB3 was the first game I ever beat though.

#33 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2706 posts) -

Super Mario Bros NES.

#34 Edited by PAL360 (26650 posts) -

Navy Seals, Sir Fred or a Dizzy game on Spectrum. I'm not really sure which was the first.

#35 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (6865 posts) -

Pac Man

#36 Edited by archvile_78 (8382 posts) -

@Sweenix said:

Mine was call of duty ghosts

Pfft my first game was FFXV!

Actually it was Super Mario World.

#37 Edited by Renegade_Fury (17022 posts) -

Probably Auto-Racing for the intellivision, but I don't remember.

#38 Posted by ominous_titan (551 posts) -

Probably pong, first I remember is pharaohs curse on commadore64. First console I had was a vectrex with star trek hunted king ons and Romulus thru space in fps format about ten years before doom

#39 Posted by thehig1 (1173 posts) -

Chuckie Egg for the BBC Micro

#40 Edited by xxyetixx (1240 posts) -

It was either pac-man or Pitfall on the Atari.

On a side note how many of you remember seeing the Wizard staring Fred Savage and being super amped for SMB3 on NES! lol good times

#41 Edited by wolverine4262 (18933 posts) -

Hard to say, maybe Sonic 2

#42 Posted by freedomfreak (38720 posts) -

Mortal Kombat, Duke3D, and some Mario game.

#43 Posted by whiskeystrike (12068 posts) -

Mortal Kombat, Duke3D, and some Mario game.

All at the same time?

#44 Posted by freedomfreak (38720 posts) -
#45 Edited by Nengo_Flow (9376 posts) -

NES- Super Mario World Bros

SNES- Super Mario World

GameBoy- Tetris

N64- Mario Kart

GameBoy Color- Pokemon Blue

PS1- Spyro (hated it)

DreamCast- Sonic Adventure

GameCube- Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

PS2- Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

GameBoy Advance SP- some shit I cant remember

PSP- MLB The Show

PS3- Uncharted

#46 Edited by bfmv2007 (279 posts) -

First game ever played: Duke Nukem 3d, age 4
First game ever finished. Call Of Duty 1, age 11
When did the addiction start? October 2007, age 14
Game that started the addiction. The Orange Box, Xbox 360

#47 Posted by Vatusus (4353 posts) -

Sonic I think

#48 Posted by slaves (1165 posts) -

#49 Posted by thr1llh0us (29 posts) -

Some video-tennis Pong knock off from Radio Shack. 1st console game - Combat for the VCS.

#50 Posted by brimmul777 (1101 posts) -

I can't remember my first game,but my first console was the Gemini in 1979.Not sure if Gemini is the correct spelling.