What is PS3's biggest fail?

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Posted by starwolf474 (738 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: What is PS3's biggest fail? (11 votes)

Losing over half of their market share from the previous gen 27%
Lack of great games for the first few years 0%
Losing many of their previously exclusive franchises to Xbox 360 0%
Inferior online multiplayer service compared to Xbox Live 18%
Having inferior versions of most multiplat games compared to the Xbox 360 versions 18%
$600 launch price 36%

Since there is a poll about 360's biggest fail on this board, I thought it would only be fair to also have one about the PS3.

For me, it is their inferior online service. That is the biggest reason why I use my 360 a lot more than my PS3.

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All of the above. lol.

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Lol trend thead - Lock incoming!

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PSN, purchased about 30 multiplats on x360, 1 on PS3 because of this. That one was BF3 and it was full of psn-exclusive problems.

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Launching earlier than intended pretty much caused all of it's problems, just like the xb0ne this gen lawd

#5 Posted by FPSfan1985 (2008 posts) -

Worse multiplats. Seeing how 90% of the games we buy are just that, it was bound to lose market share beuase of it.

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Just say no to fad threads.