What is 360's biggest fail?

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Poll: What is 360's biggest fail? (20 votes)

Outsold by PS3 despite 1 yr head start and not being $599 25%
Lack of exclusives for the last few years (Dropped support early) 45%
MS turning their focus to Kinect 10%
RROD + disk scratching + other hardware failures 5%
Failed to launch the HD-DVD 0%
Just plain sucks 15%

For me it's the lack of games

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Lack of exclusives. Being "king of the console multiplats" means shit when it can't get quality exclusives and the comp can.

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Kinect is what made it fail at the end by focusing so much on the casuals.

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Could've used more exclusives.

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Assembly line

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Is this where we for the cow circle jerk?

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Getting too much of my playtime.

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The horrible Halo, Gears + Forza cycle that MS milked to 7 years.

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Too many jealous PS3 fanboys attacking it. Otherwise, it's a perfect system.

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everything you posted, but despite all that it still turned out to be a pretty decent system. I had fun.

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where is the "All of the above" option?

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I still don't understand why they couldn't push Kinect while still making games people want to play.

It's like they burned the good-game ship in order to motivate Lems to defend the Kinect.... there is nothing else to defend.

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And yet it has more games (inb4quality>quantity - it has more higher rated games too) than the PS3. Guess the PS3 was a mega failure.

Also it was never outsold by the PS3 hahahah

That cow fantasyland gets funnier by the day

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I'm guessing creating fanboys like you.

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Lack of exclusives for the last few years due to focusing on Kinect and the damn disk scratching problem. My son's 360 has ruined a pile of disks. Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3: SP and MP disks, Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Black Ops 2.. It ruined Battlefield 3 and the Call of Duty games the first day that he had them... Oo