What have cows got to counter Titan Fall and Quantum Break?

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Look Sony and PS3. Sony loses are up to 7 billions as we speak , PS3 had a really hard time to establish itself the first 3 years with so many problems ( architecture, overpriced ,cutting BC, no games the first 2 years , exclusive losses ) ...

Who had the quantity AND quality last gen ? PS3. Hands down. Even in 2013 Sony and PS3 delivered some amazing exclusives. Wheres 360 ? Where the its games in 2013 despite all those profits M$ made? Where are they lems ?

Who value their customers way more than anyone else despite the HUGE amount of losses all these years ? SONY

What makes you think that this generation will go better for X1 i dont get it ... If sony did such amazing job on a huge loss and with so many PS3 problems .. Lemmings you dont have a chance. Stop it please , we all know who brings the best quantity as well as quality of games in the end.

And if things go well for Sony and PS4 this gen like it seems thats the case... Oh boy .. Poor lemmings , oh boy! You wont stand a chance. Just wait