what games you give 10/10 last gen?

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none, no game was perfect

some of my favorite games like Dead Island were glitchy as hell and I'd never defend that as a 10/10, I mean it's a 10 in my heart but I'd never be a reviewer telling other people it's a perfect game

no decent review claims a 10 = perfect. Most publications or sources I've seen would merely call it a score for a game that is a gold standard for the genre in which any problems it has are so insignificant, that they honestly don't really matter.

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  • Assassin's Creed II
  • Dishonored
  • Limbo
  • To The Moon
  • Crysis

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Well I don't hand out 10/10s like candy so I'll only give it to the two most deserving (and only deserving last gen:)

Metal Gear Solid 4

The Last of Us.

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NONE. To me 10/10 means the game was perfect. I have never played the perfect video game.

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Last of us

Uncharted 2

Demons souls

Batman arkham city

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overall 1 GTA V 2 GTA SA 3 MGS3 4 MGS4 5 RE code veronica 6 RE remake 7 ninja gaiden 8 halo reach 9 halo 4 10 RDR 11 demons souls 12 dark souls 13 shenmue 14 mass effect 2 15 xenoblade 16 ni no kuni 17 final fantasy 10 18 skyrim 19 last of us 20 tomb raider (2013) 21 uncharted 2 22 zelda WW 23 GOW 3 24 gears of war 25 rayman legends 26 fallout 3 27 donley kong country return 28 orange box 29 bioshock 30 batman AC

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@yokofox33: Really Valkyria Cronicles didn't make you question it's greatness? Don't get me wrong it was a good game, but the slow pace of battles, having to wait and watch your opponent move with no option to fast forward was very tedious.

I never said the game wasn't without its flaws, but it was the closest to a 10 I would give for a game.

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@yokofox33: Not sure how much I would agree with that statement, but it was a good enjoyable game even if the pace was a little slow due to waiting for minutes to start your turn.

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  • Assassin's Creed II
  • Dishonored
  • Limbo
  • To The Moon
  • Crysis

You forgot Witcher 2. WTF

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Examples: DAOrigins, ME2, Witcher 2, DXHR, AC2, RE4 (it's considered from last gen right?)..

Ride to Hell Retribution



Call of Duty Ghosts

Such masterpieces.


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@heguain said:

@geniobastardo said:
  • Assassin's Creed II
  • Dishonored
  • Limbo
  • To The Moon
  • Crysis

You forgot Witcher 2. WTF

Oh shit. I have a very bad habit of forgetting. Fuck me!

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I don't do the whole number thing, but if I was to it would be this;

I don't know if it's fair because it has 5 great games in 1 package. Outside of The Orange Box, I don't have any 10's whatsoever. I rate the games I play by the level of enjoyment.

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Nothing. I don't think any game of the last generation was deserving of a 10, but a few were pretty damn close, like Xenoblade and Knights in the Nightmare.

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Skyward Sword

The Last of US

Demon Souls


Alan Wake

Mario Galaxy

.... I'm, tired of typing.

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For me :

Unreal Tournament 3

Gears Of War 2

Final Fantasy XIII

Bravely Default


Those are the games that I played so much. I still play Unreal even tho it came out at the start of the last gen, it is just fun.

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Demon's Souls
Fallout NV
Dragon's Dogma (9.5 cuz pawns wouldn't STFU)

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None. There is always one aspect of a game that prevents it from getting a 10/10.

I agree with this, no game I'll ever consider 10/10, that suggests there no way to improve it.

Games last Gen I'd consider 9/10 though

Skyrim (PC with mods)

Mass Effect 2 (360)

Dues Ex Human Revolution (360)

Lost Odyssey (360)

Hitman Absolution (360)

Minecraft (PC)

Football Manager 2014 (PC)

Bioshock (360)

Penumbra Black Plague (PC)

Amensia Dark Descent (PC)

The Cat Lady (PC)

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Demon's Souls and Bayonetta would be in contention for that 10 for me (naturally your 2 favorite games from the gen would fit the billing, otherwise how is something a "10" and it's not something you are super into?).

I don't value this notion that a game needs to be "perfect" or "flawless" to get a 10, because it is way too easy to find a flaw in every game, or a drawback, or a short coming. I value the execution of the games strengths, how uncompromising that game can be to a certain vision, how it stacks up against comparable games in that genre, and how excited I was while playing it. Demon's Souls and Bayonetta were the most invested in a game I was all gen. They are thoroughly satisfying to play, their few draw backs aren't around long enough for me to give a shit: shmup levels in Bayonetta, the poor explanation for world tendency in Demon's Souls. Both games deliver on tone. Bayonetta is this exciting crazy work of pure badassery and Demon's Souls is this creepy, isolated, borderline horror show. Both are gratifying to play either for the mastery of their gameplay systems or because of conquering the many ways the games test you. More importantly they are just as gratifying on replays and weren't one and done flavor of the month games for me.

Those two execute on things I love about video games, so naturally those would be the only two games I would have considered giving a 10. Other games were fantastic as well Galaxy 2, Super Meat Boy (the best 2D platformer the previous gen had to offer), Braid, and the like. But they weren't Demon's Souls and Bayonetta.Thus they are lower on the totem pole.

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None, there were no games last gen where all areas of the game was as good as possible. I would not give any game with a sub par componant a 10. Last gen most games had more flaws then good were.

Ironically last gen also held some really good games despite the flaws they had (still having those flaws, makes damn sure they don't score anything near 10/10

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If I'm not being picky, I'd have to say:

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • The Last of Us

The gen before that? Final Fantasy XII and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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  • TloU, sogoodgif
  • SMG, excellent platformer
  • U2
  • MGS4 (more due nostalgia reasons)

Close: Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 2

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GTA V last of us uncharted 2 batman ac ni no kuni xenoblade redemption AC2 tomb raider 2013

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@TheGuardian03 said:

@tonitorsi: you forgot one game brah.

The Slay Of Us?

Yep. how could you forget? :p

btw playing on Survivor and it's brutal. i'm having more difficulty with this game than RE4's hardest difficulty. and this isn't even the hardest since there is Grounded mode difficulty. two bullets = instant death.

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Red Dead Redemption comes the closest. The rest are overrated in my opinion, as much as I love them.

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For the time of it's release; there's only one that came close and that's Halo 3, should have been GOTY 2007 but GS didn't even give it Shooter of the year..GS was just being... Redonkulous. :P

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Mass Effect 2

The Witcher 2 : Enhanced Edition

Starcraft 2 : Wings of liberty

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@TheGuardian03 said:

@tonitorsi said:

@TheGuardian03 said:

@tonitorsi: you forgot one game brah.

The Slay Of Us?

Yep. how could you forget? :p

btw playing on Survivor and it's brutal. i'm having more difficulty with this game than RE4's hardest difficulty. and this isn't even the hardest since there is Grounded mode difficulty. two bullets = instant death.

I don't know W.t.h. came over me man. Tsou is a 11.5 out of 11.5 on my Slayage scale. :P

And I can't imagine the horrifying thought of being you on that police sequence near the beginning with tess and ellie on Grounded. To think I found the whole game to be very challenging on just Normal with Listening Mode on, I died a lot, I shit you not lol. The first encounter with the Bloater was just cruel for me. Mainly because they just throw you in this room with nothing take cover on, just you and this anomaly of a mutant monster charging straight at you. By far one of the greatest and most vivid gaming experiences of last gen.

Tlou definitely stands up there with Resident Evil 4 for me.

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@pelvist said:

None, no game I have played is ever perfect, they could all be better. Civ V with all its expansions is the closest I would go to giving anything 10/10.

10/10 is not perfect. There's no such thing as a perfect piece of art. According to this site, 10/10 is "prime" and all it means is that the game achieved excellence in many respects, not perfection.

For instance, I think MGS4 is a clear 10/10 of this gen and that is in spite of a few gameplay inconsistencies and the long winded cutscenes. The core gameplay shines.

A lot of people are saying Super Mario Galaxy 2, and yet that game has camera issues and some missed opportunities. And of course the plot is awful (although not as bad as SMG1 in that regard)