What game will be the first 10/10 this Gen?

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Posted by John_Matherson (2086 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: What game will be the first 10/10 this Gen? (80 votes)

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zero? 34%
Uncharted 4? 30%
Watch Dogs? 6%
Destiny? 23%
Whore of the Orient? 3%
Final Fantasy XV? 5%

Also, which platform will receive the first 10/10 exclusive? Por'que?

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I just want to see Destiny receive universal AAAs - don't care any more than that.

#2 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -

Half Life 2: Episode 2.5

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From that list i would say Destiny has the highest chance because its a new franchise (something new n fresh is always the best), setting looks amazing and it looks like the game has shitload of things to do. Can't wait for this game.

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Uncharted and MGS5.

One game with linear cooridor shooting broken up by multiple periods of 'walk through this area and listen to what this guy says' and the other a movegame with short campaign and linear gameplay in between hours of cutscenes and codec conversations.

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Gotta go with MGS5 it looks absouletly amazing it looks like the series is going to change Stealth games again.

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Ryse 2 or Knack 2

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None of those. All those games will probably be great though

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I voted for Destiny simply from the pedigree of the developer and the ambitiousness of the title.

That said, I think Halo 5 may legitimately have a chance. Yes, call me crazy, but I think it's gonna be one of the first next-gen titles to really floor us. Of course we haven't seen anything about it yet so it's too early to make accurate predictions...but I'm really hyped for it. People have blasted 343i for not quite matching Bungie's titles with Halo 4. That was their FIRST game...and it was AAA regardless. They've also publically admitted to mistakes they made with Halo 4 and fixed most of the multiplayer issues.

I think it may also put an end to this whole "lol Cloud" idea that people have, which Forza 5 should have already put away with the amazingly influential Drivetars, but my anticipation is really high for it.

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Uncharted FTW

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Uncharted 4

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Bet you guys didn't know MGS5 is going to have exclusive content on XB1 LINKY

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The Witcher 3

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Out of those choices, Destiny.

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Probably MGS cuzz its the only with nostalgia. Reviewers are way too picky these days.

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@Sushiglutton said:

The Witcher 3

Darn! Forgot this choice!

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MGS5 and UC4 are movies tho

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@yokofox33 said:

Ryse 2 or Knack 2

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I like you Yokofox!

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It's impossible to tell, but most likely none in the polls.

#24 Posted by MrYaotubo (2798 posts) -

If it ends up being even half of what it seems to offer,then easily Star Citizen,but it all depends on who would review it.

#25 Posted by John_Matherson (2086 posts) -

Man, that Uncharted 4 Hype thread will be sooooo epic. I promise. Along with that of Infamous 2. "You are not in control."

#26 Posted by cainetao11 (19052 posts) -

A Nintendo game

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Wow, not a terrible thread, John. I would guess MGS5.

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Gran Turismo 7

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Rapelay 2

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Metal Gear Solid possibly. MGS2&3 have aged well and play great on ps vita. I never played MGS4.

#32 Posted by hello505 (146 posts) -

The Division or The Order.

#33 Posted by Link3301 (1803 posts) -

MGSV but only because it's a franchise that has received a ten in the past.

#34 Posted by Chrome- (1674 posts) -

Whore of the Orient

#35 Posted by poomonger613 (1330 posts) -

its gotta be mgs5

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Uncharted 4

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The Witcher 3 will score the first 11/10 in gaming history

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I vote for either MGS4 or The Witcher( forgot to include it). Lems and herms will lose their minds if Uncharted 4 got a 10. As if they're not already annoyed enough by Uncharted 2.

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@John_Matherson: i wouldnt lose my mind because im a cow and a herm

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Whatever it is, it'll be overrated

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I just want to see Destiny receive universal AAAs - don't care any more than that.

This, if anything gets AAAA this gen it's something that hasn't been announced yet...

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Dark Souls 2.

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Uncharted 4

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MGS 5 phantom pain FTW,MGS 4 was one of the first with GTA IV that got a 10 last gen

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@cainetao11 said:

A Nintendo game

That would be my guess too.

#47 Posted by drekula2 (2959 posts) -

zelda u

#48 Posted by BlueCash (518 posts) -

Uncharted 4.

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@SNIPER4321 said:

what it should be

Half life 3

what it will be?

Next GTA

what it should be?

you not posting anymore

what it will be?

you posting more bs

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stupid poll, no half life 3