What game(s) will instantly sell you a system?

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#1 Posted by GhoX (5217 posts) -

We all know the saying: don't buy a system for a single game. It's kind of true. It'd be a very logical decision. However, we all know that there is something that will instantly push us over the boundary without room for the slightest hesitation.

And so, what games are there that will instantly convince you to buy a system, spend hundreds of dollars on the needed accessories, even if you have no other reason to possess that system?

You don't have to name any system, but it can be any game that is unannounced, frozen, cancelled or merely exist as concepts.

For me it'd be [redacted due to mental trauma] 3, Persona 5, Valkyria Chronicles proper sequel and Warcraft 4.

#2 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (26070 posts) -
  1. Battlefield 3 and to an extent Alan Wake made me want a Gaming PC.
  2. WiiU pretty much all the Nintendo Exclusives.
  3. PS4 Final Fantasy XV sold me so I'm waiting on a Bundle.
  4. Xbox One Killer Instinct, but I'm going to wait till all the kinks are flattened out.
  5. 3DS Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 sold me, though in truth I probably should have waited a few months for that Zelda Bundle.
  6. PSVita Uncharted Golden Abyss and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite got me the system.

For Any other releases for said systems.

If I can't run the game on my current PC setup then I will need to upgrade it.

Any Future Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Other Console choice would primarily be decided on their Exclusives.

#3 Posted by mems_1224 (48086 posts) -

Halo. Bought a Xbox for Halo CE, a 360 for Halo 3 and another 360 for Halo Reach

I bought a PS3 for MGS4 and never again Kojima...never again.

#4 Posted by AMD655 (4494 posts) -

Shenmue 3

Resident Evil 1,2,3 (remakes)

Turok 1,2 (remakes)

#5 Edited by loosingENDS (11790 posts) -

PS4: Demons Souls 2, Ni no Kuni 2, Dark Souls 1-2 remastered

xbox one: Fable 4, Alan Wake 2, Fable 1 remastered, Lost Odyssey 2, Blue Dragon 2, Cry On

WiiU: Real actually new Zelda

3DS: Already have one for Zelda LTTP, Bravely Default, Layton Azran etc

#6 Posted by Netret0120 (2862 posts) -



TLOU2 if that is possible considering the ending

#7 Edited by cainetao11 (18730 posts) -

I didn't buy a ps3 until mgs4 released. I always laugh when people say you can't buy a system for one game. Well that was all I wanted on PS3 at that point, but I knew they were going to release games after for it. Halo can get me to buy a console, witcher3, mgs, gow, splinter cell.

#8 Edited by gameofthering (10422 posts) -

There has to be more than one.

  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Toy Commander 2
  • Fur Fighters 2
  • Power Stone 3
#9 Posted by Sweenix (5957 posts) -

PS4 - Final Fantasy IX HD, Tales Game, Idolm@ster

Xbone - A few good japanse exclusives with a confirmed release date for the west.

Wii U - Mario party 1 hd remake.

#10 Posted by TheShensolidus (224 posts) -

I bought the Wii for Twilight Princess, a Dreamcast for Phantasy Star Online, a PSX for Final Fantasy VII, a PS2 for MGS2, a SNES for Super Mario World, a NES for Super Mario Bros., a PS3 for MGS4, a 360 for Mass Effect 2.

Yeah, a single game can, in-fact, sell me an entire console.

#11 Posted by always_explicit (3041 posts) -

Well I dislike the PS4 but if they released some Crash bandicoot games that held true to 1 + 2 without flashy gimmicks I would probably buy one.

Just jumping and spinning all the way to NEO COOORTEX

#12 Edited by kipsta77 (1117 posts) -

Because GTA always comes out later on PC's, it's the ONE game that I will go out of my way to play it day 1, whatever system it's on. (You can take Rockstar's games in general)

On PS4 I'm REALLY liking the look of Infamous:SS, it just looks like my type of game. And knowing Gran Turismo 7 will be coming eventually aswell made me preorder a PS4.

However, PC will always be my main platform and first choice.

#13 Posted by thegamer00 (153 posts) -

Titanfall on Xbox One is pretty exciting.

#14 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (16987 posts) -

KZ4 and Infamous: Second Son do it for me.

#15 Edited by Krelian-co (12423 posts) -

naught dog's games and metal gear, also jrpgs in general

#16 Edited by Pikminmaniac (9246 posts) -

With Nintendo consoles it's always been their top tier first party developers. Most of their franchises will push me to buy their consoles simply because their gaming priorities match up with mine almost exactly. They focus on gameplay, creative level design, and give you a great deal of challenge if you choose to accept it.

For the powerhouse consoles it takes a while for their 3rd party libraries to build up until I splurge. However, inFAMOUS Second Son is going to make it extra hard for me not to pick up a PS4 in February. I love that series

#17 Posted by ImBatman- (1037 posts) -

For PS4: Naughty Dog's games, Sony Santa Monica's games, Agent from Rockstar,

For Xbone: New Conker, possibly what Black Tusk is developing

I love action/adventure games in general.

#18 Edited by danabo (2474 posts) -

Rare IPs. MS have me by the balls with those. :(

#19 Posted by HaRmLeSS_RaGe (1330 posts) -

Mario 128

#20 Posted by freedomfreak (42307 posts) -

Something like Shadow of Rome on Ps4.

#21 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

No such thing for me. I never buy a system until there are at least 5-10 games I want for it. I can't wait to get and play Infamous Second Son, but I sure as hell aint running out and buying a PS4 just for that game. If I were, I would buy the PS4 the same day the game releases. I am not buying a PS4 until Christmas 2014 at the earliest because I am waiting on a lot more games to release for it that I want.

#22 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3723 posts) -

Super Smash Bros 4.

#23 Edited by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -

PS4 already has 2 (FFXV and Infamous:Second Son)

Wii U has 1 (Xenoblade) *side note: Monolith Soft>>>Nintendo*

Microsoft would have to moneyhat Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption or something for me to buy that console.

PC would have to have 5 or 6 of the best games of the generation for me to build a gaming PC.

#25 Posted by pelvist (5131 posts) -

Shenmue 3 or a worthy FFVII remake.

#26 Posted by Cyberdot (3872 posts) -

Exclusives that aren't hollywood wannabe.

Give me Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, then I'm sold for the PS4.

X1? LOL no. Never in my life.

#27 Edited by bbkkristian (14967 posts) -

Monolith Soft's X, Super Smas Bros, Legend of Zelda, Final fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror's Edge 2. Any one of them will make me buy a new console, and the Wii U already has one of them out now, so I'm getting one in two weeks.

#28 Edited by Telekill (4973 posts) -

Games that would sweaten the deal for me include Shenmue Collection (1 and 2 HD with 3 that has an ending), a Dino Crisis reboot and a good Resident Evil.

#29 Posted by ZombieKiller7 (6218 posts) -

I'm rebuilding my rig to play Train Simulator 2014.

#30 Posted by bezza2011 (2700 posts) -

No one game sells me a system the company and the system sell me it more, I just buy the next console because thats the next step, I've gone with ps4 because i know that they have a strong 1st party base who make top rated games and i honestly feel that Sony make solid systems,

I mean take the ps3 launch console that thing was a beauty and holding it you could feel the craftsmanship and quality of the build itself, xbox 360 on the other hand felt very plastic and made out of the cheapest thing they could find, not knocking the console in itself as the games were good but the build was shabby and i've had a couple die on me.

Xbox One is a gamble except from the obvious 1st party games there isn't much point but i will buy one when it becomes smaller because i have absolutely no where to put that thing, am i the only one thinking where would i put that thing, the funny thing is I'm look at the Xbox One and all this 720p business and it's inferior hardware, and yet the size of it is pretty much like a gaming rig which would blow both consoles out of the water, what are they hiding in that thing because it isn't hardware.

PC is a different story i have an resonably good pc but nothing on par with ps4 or xbox one, but PC gaming is only good if you put the time and money into the machine. there isn't a clear cut answer which annoys me with all the silly PC vs console, when that isn't the real case and everyone knows it.

#31 Posted by blackace (21269 posts) -

@GhoX: There's never been one single game that convinced me, but several.

PS4: KZ:SF, Drive Club, Infamous SS

XBox One: Forza 5, DR3, KI, Ryse, Crimson Dragon.

Xbox 360: Kameo, CoD, PGR3, PDZ

PS3: Didn't buy it at launch.

XBox: Halo, PGR, DoA3,

PS2: Didn't buy it at launch.

#32 Posted by superclocked (5863 posts) -

XB1 - Halo 5

Wii U - Zelda Wii U

I'm already sold on every other system...

#33 Edited by Murderstyle75 (4412 posts) -

Unreal Championship 3 (Liandri Conflict style). But since Lems wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass, it will probably never happen.

#34 Edited by s0ldier69 (2100 posts) -

Titanfall. I was considering passing on x1 but no way am I missing this.

#35 Posted by -RPGamer- (34283 posts) -

Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls VI, Halo 5, Persona 5 all come to mind

#36 Posted by Murderstyle75 (4412 posts) -


You know Titanfall is on the Xbox 360 as well. Right? The X1 version will probably only look slightly better than the 360 and will only have a small fraction of the community.

I'm getting Titanfall as well. One things for certain though. I will not be getting an Xbox One.

#37 Posted by StriateEnd (521 posts) -

Pokemon. And only Pokemon. That's why Nintendo handhelds will forever have a place in my wallet.

#38 Posted by Yoshi9000 (403 posts) -

PS4-Last Guardian, Kara, any final fantasy (single player, not online stuff), hd remakes of some ps2 games like suikoden

Xbone-Banjo Kazooie (proper sequel, not some spin off), Kameo elements of power 2, Alan Wake 2 (first game had a huge cliff hanger. Should also include American nightmare with it. I hate downloaded games, I just feel like I don't own them).

#39 Edited by treedoor (7648 posts) -

The Wii U, if it keeps with its current trends, will most likely never be something I purchase.

Between the Xbox One and PS4 I'm not really interested in the first party offerings, so it's more about 3rd party games, and the big thing is those 3rd party games have to be interesting/unique in comparison to what I already get on my PC, and right now Xbox One is in quite a substantial lead with games like Crimson Dragon, D4, and Quantum Break among others.

#40 Edited by coolkid93 (6717 posts) -

GTA and Battlefield would make me want a PC.

GTA V would make me want a PS3/360 if I didn't have neither one of them. That's only if I couldn't wait (which I usually won't) for it to be released for PC (if it is being released).

#41 Posted by finalstar2007 (25645 posts) -

Easily Ratchet and Clank.. if it made me purchase a PS3 in 2007 for $550 im sure this franchise will make me buy anything its on.

#42 Posted by AppleFan1991 (3214 posts) -

One of the largest reasons why I want to cancel my Xbox One preorder and get a PS4 is for Naughty Dog's unannounced game (please be Uncharted 4)

#43 Posted by Tqricardinho (434 posts) -
  1. World of Warcraft made me buy a gaming PC and leave my Playstation 3 on a corner. Of course I then started playing other things like Far Cry, Half-Life, Spore, Batman: Arkham Series, Prototype, etc...
  2. Pokemon Y is really making me buying a 3DS but I'm trying to fight it because I'm not a big fan of the rest of the games. I do like Nintendo and all their franchises but they become boring really fast to me.
  3. God of War III made me return to my Playstation and I started using my console for gaming and my PC for World of Warcraft only.
#44 Posted by NoirLamia777 (2266 posts) -

Pokemon and any Demon/Dark Souls game. Those are the only franchises I would immediately buy a system for if I hadn't planned on it already.

#45 Edited by Parado_xx (97 posts) -

Well, I pretty much bought a PC only for playing the Witcher games if that counts and my sister is going to buy a 3DS just to play Pokémon.

#46 Edited by psymon100 (6835 posts) -

half life 3 the steambox timed linux exclusive

oh wait i wouldn't have to buy anything. just boot to ubuntu and install half-life 3 on steamos.

#47 Posted by NathanDrakeSwag (5772 posts) -

Sony's brilliant first party always sell me on their consoles. Also Metal Gear Solid and anything from Rockstar.

#49 Edited by RogueStatus28 (540 posts) -

For the Wii U:

1) The Legend of Zelda

2) Metroid Prime

3) the Last Story sequel

4) Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

5) True Eternal Darkness sequel

3D World, Smash, Wind Waker, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, DKC Tropical Freeze, and X already have me buying the system.

#50 Posted by FinalFighters (1846 posts) -

Wii U = F-Zero HD

360/X1 = Shenmue 3

PS4 = Already buying it so i dont need a game to sell me on buying the console