What does DLC stand for?

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There is in-game-content that you download for your games. It's called DLC, what does it stand for?
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The term "DLC" means downloadable content.

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The term "DLC" means downloadable content.

Thanks guys, now I know what DLC means:).
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Downloadable Content.

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Shady Publishers (like Capcom) - Disc-locked content

Otherwise, it's just downloadable content. But others have already answered that.

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To capcom, its disc locked content. Its a magical thing where certain content is locked on your disc and in order to unlock it, you have to give crapcom more money. That reason of the douchebag capcom isn't getting another cent out of me. To everyone else, it is downloadable content where you download more content that is not locked on the disc and will cost you an arm, a leg, or to apple, your first born.

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It used to mean Downloadable Content

Now its commonly known as Disc-Locked Content, since its already on the disc

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Downloadable Content.

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