What current gen console has the worst library?

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I think it is Vita trailed closely by Xbox One.

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I used to think the X1 had a good library...I wanted to play Deadrising 3 and Ryse, but since it looks like many of their exclusives seem to go to, at the very least, PC....I would say the X1.

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Xbox One. PS4 has a lack of retail/physical games, but they do have a nice library of indies and digital games. For now the Xbox One is slightly less stellar than the PS4.

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Well x1 doesn't have a single exclusive worth renting so that by default.

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Probably the X1

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Gotta go with vita and PS4 for me. Not to say they're bad necessarily, but I wont spend $400 for a console that plays mostly Indies and KZ that isn't as good as 3 or enticing, and I wanted infamous SS to be..........fuck it, I am buying it for infamous SS because I love those games

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PS4 is the only one now that doesn't have a game on it I'd play.

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Not sure how anyone can say the PS4

It has:

1) More highly rated exclusives

2) More highly rated games overall

I mean, I know there's fanboyism, but there's no fighting the numbers.

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360, xbone, wii u, all have the worst library

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PS4, personal preference on games means the Xbox One beats it, both are severely lacking.

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greatness delayed

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Right now it is PS4 .

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@-Damien- said:

360, xbone, wii u, all have the worst library

What does the 360 have to do with this? SMFH.

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Both are lacking systems. If I have to choose one though, it would be the ps4. Who wants to buy a new system to get remasters and indies?

Obviously the ps4 has a decent lineup coming up but we're talking about right now.

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X1 and Vita

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The Xbox One is the least desirable system to have.

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You look at X1 library and you're like LOL for whom is this console made for.

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Not really sure. I don't care about bad ones.

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Not Ouya.

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I'd say Xbox One. Even though I own one, the current games are not worth buying a system for. Same could be said for the PS4.

In all honestly, the majority of games on these consoles you can get on last gen consoles or PC.

Some good games are coming next year, but most games you don't have to buy a system for. IMO, both consoles libraries are lackluster at best. They both have the same games. Not enough variety between them. (Excluding indies)

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Xbox One or PS4. Hard to say.

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PS4 is definitely the weakest right now. It only has one great game and it is a remastered last gen game and it doesn't have anything else until 2015 either.

Xbox One has two great games in Titanfall and Dead Rising 3.

The Wii U has plenty of great games and definitely has by far the best library at the moment.

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Xbox One

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3DS>Vita (so underrated)>Wii U>PS4>X1

Therefore the X1 has the worst library.

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The xbox one... especially if you own other systems, and a gaming pc. The X1 is the console I have the least games on, FIFA14, and Forza5.

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Right now? Probably the Xbox One, but come the end of the year it'll be the PS4, Sony's Christmas lineup is pathetic.

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Xbox no One wants.

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Right now ps4 has the weakest selection of games, but it's announcements of what's to come looks like it will improve

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Both the PS4 and XB1 have mediocre libraries.

Most of their games are multiplats, or even available on last gen. Awesome games like South Park TST and Dark Souls 2 aren't available on them either. The PS360, even if we go by the current line-up since november, are still better.

Only trully good exclusives tehy have are inFAMOUS ss and Forza 5, both standing at 80 on MC.

If we include more indie and "pc version" they don't pan out, since the PS4 also has some nice F2P and indie games Warframe, war thunder and Transistor, but the xbone has Titanfall and DR3.

So, meh on both.

If we count the WiiU, due to lack of 3rd party suppport, it's the one. Sadly.

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Has to be the PS4. Filled with indie ports and remasters, and the actual original titles it has are complete garbage like Clownzone and Knack.

And what does it have coming for the rest of the year?



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both x1 and ps4...i own both and mad a myself should have stuck with my pc and wii u

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Is the Vita still alive? If so, then that.

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@RR360DD said:

Has to be the PS4. Filled with indie ports and remasters, and the actual original titles it has are complete garbage like Clownzone and Knack.

And what does it have coming for the rest of the year?



Coming from somebody that obviously loves his Xbox One which has Ryse, The Fighter Within and Kinect Sports Rivals. I hear they are awesome games with a lot of replay value.

Also hear Xbox One is looking forward to a Halo remaster... awesome.

Sunset ADHDdrive and Flopza Horizons II 360 multiplat looks awesome though.

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The 3DS and PS4

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Xbox One.....

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3DS. Vita always has a steady steam of games coming out. 3DS only had one good year, and that was 2013.

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Either the PS4 or Xbox One. I'm enjoying Vita, 3DS, and Wii U more.

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Looks at game library, 4 game for PS4, 10 games for X1.

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In order from best to worst at the moment (no handhelds):

1. Wii U

2. Xbox One

3. PS4

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@Kjranu said:

I think it is Vita trailed closely by Xbox One.

First of all Vita is not console.

Then PS4 with X1 are pretty close.

Wii U has better exclusives out but considering its already 2 years old and lacks massive AAA caliber third party games that youll find on other 2 consoles i wouldnt say has the best library , not even close.

Then if you go to metacritic and see , PS4/X1 having the same AAA/AA amount of games in 9 months compared to Wii U in 2 years . That tells alot since you asking about library of games NOT exclusives only. Sheeps need to understand that.

I wouldnt favor a system over the other at this point. But as a whole i would favor PC this very moment which is not a console so ...

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Xbone. A couple of mediocre launch games (half of which are now multiplat), a multiplatform shooter, a shit Kinect game and a bunch of underperforming multiplatform games. If I bought one at launch I'd be mega pissed.

@RR360DD said:

More desperate damage control from 360RROD.

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The PS4's best game is still a launch game. And most of what it has that's worth playing comes with the term "HD remaster" on the front. The Xbone actually has exclusive games and the Wii U is in a distant lead and will continue to be until at least 2015.

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Wii U.

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Both PS4/Xbox One have good games so far and both have yet to reach there one year life-cycle. By the way vita is not a Console, just a Handheld.

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@Kjranu said:

I think it is Vita trailed closely by Xbox One.

PS4 for me. Besides a few indie games, there's really nothing else to play on it right now. I actually downloaded the old DC Online game just to have something to play on it. Thankfully D3 just got released for the PS4. so I'll be playing it more when I get home. I actually have been playing my PSVita more then my PS4. If I had a Wii U, I'd be playing that more then those two platforms. I play my XB1 all the time. Just started playing Crimson Dragon.