What are your top 10 game consoles of all time and why?

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What are your top 10 consoles and why? Handhelds count. Mine are:

1.Intelivision: The Intellivision was the thinking mans console. Adding games with depth and such instead of arcade ports, although it did have those too. It is possibly the most innovative console of all time. It's add-ons and accessories allowed it to have features that wowed anyone then, The graphics are unique as well using a different type of tool.

2. Atari Lynx: This power house of a console was the GBA in 1989, with some features that still beat the GBA in some areas. The console and the slim brother Lynx 2, are what got me to even look at handheld gaming. The graphical features, the scaling, and great games. While it only had a modest success so not too many games, there are still quite a lot and there is a large homebrew community as well. Would not be excited for Handheld gaming again until the PSP.

3. 3DO: This console trashed everything before it. Even at launch it was impressive. The entry price was worth it when 3DO games costed less than the competition. Goldstar system being crap aside, and yes I sadly had one, Panasonic 3DO's were great and games ran smooth. There were tons of great software on the 3DO that put it on the map. Was my primary system until 1997. The 3D graphics finally got me to stop the PCing and looking at consoles.

4. Xbox: The Xbox pretty much cut my PC gaming on the side in 12 pieces because along with great exclusives, the Xbox also got PC games as well, and in some cases, Xbox games were PORTED to the PC and sometimes worse at that. The relaible tank structure as well as a ton of awesome features made this the thing to buy in 2001.

5. Playstation Portable: Revived my slowing like of handheld gaming after around the N-gage and GBA, it was a PS1.5 basically, a debatable UMD format, but other than that, it was a system with many features, could watch movies, surf the web, had wifi, and tons of complete games at launch which all had added functions. It was basically the N-gage promise but come true minus the phone part. Every revision was better than the last, making it climb the list more, and the amazing games were also worth it. Now the PSP Go on the other hand is hated but I though it was at least decent.

6. Atari Xegs: Being able to play computer games through a console on a TV was the dream in 1987. It had it's own exclusives as well along with being compatible with the entire Atari-8-bit computer line. Ran them smooth, great controls, acessories like keyboards etc. For other games, it was fantastic.

7. Playstation 3: The PS3 started out rough a little, but it was still a great device. Sony somehow magically learned how to actually make a console. It was amazing. It was reliable, discs could read, it did not make roaring sounds, and had some great games like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance near launch., it was also powerful with clean graphics without any side effects and games were not filled with endless jags. The PSN impriovements also put it high. it started to get better and better. However, the revisions, the hacking, the older models breaking down, and a few other issues bring it down a but maing it barely ahead of the 360. Just barely.,

8. Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 and PS3 most has had a role reversal. Sure I never had the RRoD problem, but I was having all kinds of disc problems. Still, the amount RROD was reported I still knew it existed. Other wise, pushing a better online, adding achievements, and having tons of great games and PC cross games through the years was really great. Although some franchises were not brough back from the original even after it became successful, and having PGR replaced by a SIM instead of having both was big hit. I mean, PGR was MS's FLAGSHIP franchise next to Halo as was said many times before the 360 launched and during. MS also has some very odd exclusive deals. Blue Dragon and Nintey-nine-Bights for example were horrendous. But it continued to do good. Especially XBLA which had even tons more games. It has the highest rated library of all other consoles. But still as of now is just a BIT below the PS3, just a bit.

9. Nintendo Gamecube: Gamecube was the first time I saw a Nintendo system and said:"I am going to buy this." It seemed they knew what they were doing wrong, although they still made some dumb design decisions. They got all kinds of games from different support, and tried to get out of the kidovision with mild success. Had some great games on it that I would never expect to see on their consoles or handhelds. The controller was great, and it had GBA support. Which was what I used most of the time to play GBA games. Now if only they would try this again.

10. Neo-Geo: The Neo-Geo was the arcade consoles. A powerful device that I did not regret getting at launch. It had some very great games that punished everything else, and is what I considered a real leap. 2D arcade action that was smooth and well that would not have competition until the Jaguar, Saturn, 3DO. Though the games kind of started getting a mix to decent and bad until Metal Slug got me back to paying high prices in games. I did get the NG CD which had LOW cost games, but that was a disaster. But it's cool games and great hardware for the most part put it above the rest at number 10.

The Intellivision was the thinking mans console. Adding games with depth and such instead of arcade ports, although it did have those too. It is possibly the most innovative console of all time. It

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  • Xbox 360
    • Aged very well
  • Nintendo 64
    • Phenomenal video game line-up
  • Xbox One
    • I love what it offers so far, the focal point of the entertainment system is something I like.
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox
  • GameCube
    • If I had played more consoles this wouldn't be on my list

I've owned only six consoles

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10? I don't know.

My Top 5


2. PS2

3. Dreamcast

4. NES

5. PS3

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PS1 - so many classics. It was a special time in gaming where there were so many different types of games to play. I don't think we'll ever see something like that again.

Nintendo 64 - so many great memories, especially playing locally with friends.

Gameboy Pocket - back when Pokemon first came out and was a phenomenon.

GameCube - Resident Evil 4 and RE Remake - nuff said for me

PS2 - Metal Gear Solid before metal gear got the blockbuster treatment. They really should have ended the series after 4.

PC gaming 10 years ago before all this DRM, pay to play crap

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My opinion on the best cosole ever is the 60GB PS3. Why? It's backwards compatible with the two previous generations. That's three generations of awesome games.

Other memorable sysems:
- PS1
- Genesis
- Game Gear
- Dreamcast
- Gamecube
- PS2
- Sega CD

PS4 has potential to make on the list but it's still too new or unproven if you will.

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I only liked a few. NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, and PS3. So I can give you five at best.