What are your 5 worst games of last gen? Vote UPDATED

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1- Dark Souls. Fucking awful boring monotonous hack'n'slash game that only got to stardom cause of the marketing gimmick "It's so hard it's only for the manly gamers! Are YOU a manly gamer?"

2- Bioshock 1

3- Bioshock 2

4- Bioshock Infinite

5- Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

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Legendary, The Cursed Crusade, Afrika.

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Bionic Commando and Enslaved.

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Shaun White: Skateboarding

NBA 07

Eye of Judgement


Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard

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1. Duke Nukem (Multi)

2. Aliens: Colonial Marine (Multi)

3. Lair (PS3)

4. Haze (PS3)

5. Kung Fu Rider (PS3)

There was a lot more so I'll just do a top 10.

6. John Daly's Powerstoke Golf (Multi)

7. Kinect Star Wars (Xbox 360)

8. Fighters Uncaged (XBox 360)

9. PS: All Star Battle Royale (PS3)

10. The Fight: Lights Out (PS3)

It's funny watching fanboys list Halo 3, MGS4, Halo 4, Homefront, Uncharted, Witcher 2, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Read Dead Redemption (what?!?!), Vanquish, GTA IV, etc... LMAO!! None of these games were anywhere close to being as bad as the games I've listed. I could easily list another 10 more that are worse this these gamers.

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  • Jak 2 HD
  • LAIR
  • Mad World
  • Mirror's Edge
  • Red Steel 2
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@zaza__: Why would you play Bioshock 2 and Infinite if you don't like the 1st one?

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  • Resident Evil 5
  • Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
  • Anything based on Candy Crush
  • Sonic 06
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

GTA IV (played for 35+ hours and could not handle the broken cover system or the "Tokyo Drifting" vehicles, gave it a big chance but let me down)

Perfect Dark Zero (I do not need to say more)


Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (I enjoyed the game, but it was fairly broken and the pacing was absolutely horrid. Notice I am a Zelda fanatic and I will admit the game was a fairly big mess)

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@PurpleMan5000 said:

@SolidTy: Did you play Spore, though?

Yes, I not only played it multiple times, I own it. I bought it back in 2008ish, I think, it's been years. I thought it started out fun, but got boring after a long while. It's been years. I waited a long time for Spore, so I felt what others felt in the disappointment. Spore wasn't what I envisioned, but it wasn't the gawdawful wreck of design some terribly buggy games are either in comparison. I can see why people didn't like Spore, I know I didn't like it much either, but Spore wasn't a horrendous, extremely unpleasant mess of a game like the games I listed.

Spore doesn't even compare to the games I listed because it's a playable game, albeit disappointing. Most games have glitches and bugs, but after playing some of the terrible, awful games I've played, I would play Will Wright's and Maxis' Spore over and over again rather than play the duds I've played in the past. Here's just a taste...

Here's the Metascores to give a comparison:

84/100 Spore


36/100 Damnation (!)


38/100 Vampire Rain (!!)


34/100 Bomberman Act Zero (!!!)


42/100 G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra (!!!!)


It's not just me, you can see the majority of the world's professional critics agree those games above are just terrible. Spore is a good game in comparison. Those metascores reflect the kind of awful that no gamer should have to endure, but sadly many have. I played Spore and I played those atrocious games above and I agree those games are worse after dealing with those games and Spore. Yes, I played Spore (and own Spore) and I also played the above games which makes Spore seem like a wonderful game...which is sad, but true. I'd even give Spore a 7.5/10 as opposed to the 84/100 metascore...but the horrid games I listed like Damnation, I'd give a 2/10.

I have four gaming PCs, and my PCs are for exclusive PC games so obviously Spore would have been on my radar, especially after all the HYPE back in 2007-2008. I'm surprised by the question to be honest because I listed really bad games I played.

Now, if you played those pitiful games above and still feel the same about Spore being the worse game of last gen, great, but to ask me if I played Spore without having played my list of horrible games seems one sided. So, I must ask...

Did you play Damnation, Bomberman Act Zero, G.I. Joe, or Vampire Rain, though?

I have the experience of playing and sometimes completing these ghastly games to make a fair comparison to Spore and many other disappointing but good games, do you?

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5 bad games is too easy.

how about 5 bad games you assholes loved.

vanquish- lol rocketknees and mgs talking heads

bayonetta- lol fetish jdev bullshyt.

dark souls- great combat engine trapped in a japanese grief machine.

ass creed 1- lol terribad everything from a.i. to one hit kill counter through the entire game.

journey - lol, rubber band down the left stick to "win" a beee-uuu-teee-ful "interactive experence"

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Arc Rise Fantasia

I don't know who if you are telling the truth, told you that was a game to buy. But well... i guess there are some of those guys out there.