What are you hoping to see at E3 this year?

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The title says it all. What do you want to see from each company this e3?

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1 terrabyte and lesser heat ps4 .... then sony can take my money

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500 post limit will unfortunately close this legit thread :(

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Reveals for:

Killer Instinct Season 2

Halo 5

Mass Effect


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Smash Bros release date.

Halo 5 gameplay

Mass Effect 4 reveal

Zelda Wii U reveal

Retro's new project

Kingdom Hearts III info

FF XV info

Destiny gameplay

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H-hour and Hoping we get some news on a new borderlands(even just news they're working on it would make me happy. Then I want to see more of The Division and what the game will offer. Microsoft, I want to see if they have any titles that will really take advantage of Kinect. Sony, I want to see what else they have cooking besides The Order and also some exclusives that will bring a killer multiplayer experince(maybe its H-hour(i know its on pc, but i have faith this game will be good and have some fresh engaging multiplayer modes than the vanilla stuff we see)).

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Rules, yo.

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@Blabadon: I shall revive the thread if it gets locked :)

My e3 wishlist:

X release date

Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei Info

Zelda Wii U announcement

Metroid Prime U announcement

Hyrule Warriors release date

SSBWiiU/3DS release date

PS4 price drop

PS4 BC emulators (NO STREAM!!!)

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Olivia Munn neked. Seriously...................yeah that. No, really, Halo gameplay, Arkham Knight gameplay, Quantum gameplay, uhm the Last Guardian?

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I would love to see Shenmue, but after the Yu Suzuki sit down at GDC, any hopes of seeing Shenmue revived are obviously dead in the water.

So, I turn to other endevors in hopes to see Capcom pull their head from their ass and reboot Dino Crisis with Regina. Do it right.

Beyond that, I'd like to see the following:
- Uncharted 4 footage/info
- The Order footage/info/release date
- Destiny footage/info
- A dark and grity Ninja Turtles game (the movie actually has potential based off the new trailer)
- AAA PSV games shown -- where's Uncharted GA2? Isn't it the best selling game on the system?

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Hopefully the mods don't lock this. It's a good thread and deserves to stay up.

Oculus Rift release date

Microsoft’s virtual reality headset reveal

More information on Sony's virtual reality headset

Zelda Wii U with realistic graphics reveal

StarFox Wii U made by Retro reveal

Donkey Kong Country 20th Anniversary HD Collection reveal

Accessory for Wii U like the old Super Gameboy that allows you to play 3DS games on your TV

Vita TV release date for America

Uncharted 4 game play footage

God of War reboot with Norse Mythology reveal

Xbox's Summer of Arcade 2014 includes the original Super Monkey Ball with online play (I've been waiting for this for years)

TimeSplitters 4 reveal

Rockstar and Microsoft announces that GTA 6 will be exclusive to Xbox One (I want this just to see the funny reaction that fanboys would have from a huge announcement like this. It would be an epic day on System Wars.)

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  • New F-Zero
  • New StarFox
  • New Crash
  • Zelda
  • X
  • Kingdom Hearts III
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Bayonetta 2 release date, and videogames.

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Witcher 3 Gameplay .

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Zelda reveal, X info, smash info, awesome stuff from Nintendo. Witcher 3 info, arkham knight info, uncharted info, mass effect info...

A lot of other stuff. This year has a chance to be way better than last year just because we got the console reveals out of the way and the launch period droughts are coming closer to an end.

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