Were you disappointed by GTA5?

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Posted by charizard1605 (58856 posts) 1 year, 19 days ago

Poll: Were you disappointed by GTA5? (107 votes)

Yes 54%
No 46%

Simple yes or no. You may choose to elaborate on your answer if you want.

#1 Posted by millerlight89 (18593 posts) -

It's a good game, but a HUGE disappointment. I found most of the missions to be the worst in the series. The driving was solid, but the tank like cars were annoying. Most of the map was downright boring to drive. None of the characters did anything for me except Trevor and Michael to an extent. Franklin sucked. I hated his and Lamar's conversations. I don't mind the N word, but it was used way too damn much. I found the pacing really weird. I never felt like I got to know the characters. The online was cool, but it isn't anything great.

#2 Edited by PhazonBlazer (11949 posts) -

A little, but for the most part is was an extremely well made game.

The online though...

#3 Posted by Ghost120x (3973 posts) -

No. It was a good game and a lot better than gta 4, but at the same time, it wasn't better than any gta before gta 4. I don't care for the multiplayer and the whole " heist" thing got old and wasn't really complex at all. It was basically like "a or b" on a test.

#4 Posted by darkspineslayer (19986 posts) -

It was my first and probably last GTA game. It sure as hell wasn't an ambassador for the series anyways.

Boring missions, annoying characters that aren't Trevor and sometimes Michael. I have no inclination to do the random minigame shit. I tried it again earlier today, it had me doing a QTE sequence to do fucking Yoga. I put the controller down and went "Well, that's a tall glass of frosty nope".

#5 Posted by blamix99 (2233 posts) -

my only problem with the game is the boring map, but the missions and characters are great

#6 Edited by mems_1224 (47440 posts) -

Nope. I had low expectations after the crapfest that was GTA4 but the single player blew that turd away

#7 Edited by killatwill15 (845 posts) -

wow, there are just too many things to list as to what makes this game terrible,

I would probably black out if I were to say them all, so I will just say one,


fuck rockstar

#8 Edited by Joedgabe (5129 posts) -

Nope... i was just hoping for it to be better than GTA4, which wasn't hard but that's the good news... to know they went in the right direction rather than go down even more. It doesn't have to be hard work or a struggle just right.

#9 Posted by PAL360 (27006 posts) -

No, i loved the game. The gunplay still needs to be improved, though.

#10 Posted by Lucianu (9488 posts) -

Not at all. I played it at a friend's house on the PS3, and it just blew me away at how much better it looked than IV, considering the hardware.

The story, the writing, the characters are all vastly better than any GTA game released before, with the sole exception of Vice City's Tommy Vercetty. The gameplay formula is the same though.

Overall, by far the best GTA game. Finally the GTA that surpassed San Andreas as my personal favorite.

#11 Posted by silversix_ (14982 posts) -

No disappointed in GTA5 but Rockstar for wasting time on this crap instead of RDR2.

#12 Posted by clyde46 (46793 posts) -

@millerlight89: about the only time I'll ever agree with you.

#13 Posted by rosko123 (533 posts) -

I thought it was okay but you kinda know what you're getting from GTA. I guess I can't really hold that against it but it was fun for a little while.

#14 Edited by Suppaman100 (4008 posts) -

How could you be dissapointed?

People need to have rational expectations.

#15 Posted by R3FURBISHED (10648 posts) -

I love GTA V - the campaign was very good and diverse and I am loving the multiplayer - there is just so much to do.

#16 Posted by freedomfreak (41386 posts) -

Yes. GTAO, while insanely inconsistent and pretty empty overall, was one of the best MP experiences I've ever had thanks to Aris and wolverine.

I had more fun with SR4.

#17 Edited by Cheleman (7751 posts) -

Very interesting results. It seems though as Xbox fans are the most disappointed out of the bunch. Is it because they got the unplayable version this time around? I think so :]

#18 Edited by Muffin2020 (527 posts) -

No - It exceeded my expectations in every way. Online was a bit rubbish but the SP more than made up for that.

#19 Edited by dommeus (9393 posts) -

People mention 'annoying characters' and then leave Trevor out?! He was one of the most annoying characters I've ever been forced to play as. His constant slapstick bullshit got old within the first cutscene. He improved when they focused on his relationship with Michael, but only because he wasn't slapping anybody or being an absolute twat

#20 Edited by betamaxx83 (351 posts) -

No, I loved GTA V. Probably my second favorite after Vice City.

#21 Posted by Netret0120 (2255 posts) -

Not at all.

My 2nd favourite GTA of all time thus far. San Andreas takes the number 1 spot.

#22 Posted by TheEroica (13820 posts) -

@mems_1224: agreed x 10. My biggest disappointment is gtao. Wasn't what I was hoping for :/

#23 Edited by RageQuitter69 (1297 posts) -

Hell no, it is my favorite GTA and it feels like a combination of all the best things from the series. Sadly the main reason why so many people are disappointed with it is because people nowadays only play games for the story.

#24 Posted by sukraj (23193 posts) -

No I love GTA V I'm having so much fun with GTA its my fav game on last gen the graphics and shooting is top notch.

#25 Posted by BigBoss255 (3539 posts) -

Not at all. GTA IV was pure shit and probably the most disappointing game of last gen. V was excellent. The only complaint I have is Franklin, what a pointless character.

#26 Posted by Ballroompirate (23279 posts) -

No, GTA V = best in the series

#27 Posted by drinkerofjuice (3233 posts) -

Yes, yes I was. Some gameplay features like deep sea diving and hunting were extremely underdeveloped. Heists were no more than glorified missions. GTA Online is broken at best, and in some ways incomplete.

It is still a very enjoyable game essentially, but it's one of the weaker entries in the series.

#28 Posted by StriateEnd (497 posts) -

Even with the insane amount of hype behind GTA 5 I kept reasonably low expectations due to the absolute shit-fest that was GTA 4. GTA 5s campaign was a massive step in the right direction and is one of my favourite story modes for any sandbox video game easily. Minimal fetch/kill quests allowed the designers to create some really cool, non-repetitive missions. I liked all three main characters and a couple side characters like that douchey FBI agent and Lamar. However, the actual plot and plot progression was poor. The overall story was pretty messy due to constantly jumping between multiple mini storylines that eventually ended up going nowhere or tied into the main plot really poorly. To say that the story had bad pacing is an understatement. Worst GTA story imo, felt like an amateur wrote it. However it probably had the best set of missions in any GTA game/sandbox game.

GTA Online? 1/10. What a complete and utter failure. I was genuinely hyped for GTA Online.

#29 Edited by speedfreak48t5p (8515 posts) -

No, I'm dissappointed in Charizard's threads.

#30 Edited by edwardecl (2239 posts) -

Overall: No

But... certain bits of the game do disappoint me, the music and lack of custom soundtrack is disappointing. The tweaked car handling is not the greatest could be, also the car damage is awful, not a big fan of unrealistic things in a physics kinda way. The disappearing cars makes me sad, the number of enterable buildings is also bad.

But the good parts more than make up for the bad.

Edit: Oh yes the heists were disappointing, why didn't they have an unlimited amount of heists (for example about 75-100 businesses you can steal from) then put in multiple scenarios and characters you could use. Why have a leveling system if it's useless. You could even have prison escapes added to get the best characters and unlock new heists. Missed opportunity.

#31 Posted by j_assassin (915 posts) -

dissapointed with the online part but the story campaign was enjoyable

#33 Edited by sukraj (23193 posts) -

@Ballroompirate said:

No, GTA V = best in the series

I agree

#34 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2892 posts) -


GTAO sucked balls though.

#35 Posted by wolverine4262 (19607 posts) -

I could never say Im disappointed in a game when I put over 60 hours into both the sp and mp.

#36 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (8515 posts) -

GTA 5 had fantastic car damage, even better than GTA 4. Probably the best vehicle damage outside Burnout/Grid/Dirt

#37 Posted by da_illest101 (7550 posts) -

nope not one bit. It's my favourite game of the gen and the only game I enjoyed from rockstar this gen. It's not better than san Andreas though

#38 Posted by Quaker-w00ts (1607 posts) -

it wasn't, just the multiplayer got progressively worse.

#39 Posted by Blabadon (27129 posts) -

As a technological achievement, it's beyond anything else I've ever seen in gaming.

As a form of satire? It's blatantly trying too hard, yet not trying at all sometimes.

As a game? The gameplay and mission design are absolutely boring more often than not.

#40 Posted by edwardecl (2239 posts) -

Not enough damage though, smash into a car at 50 MPH and all you get is a slightly dented bumper, I know it would make the game hard if it got totaled but at least put more visible damage in. The sad part is the damage system is clearly there but someone has almost turned it off, if you get hit by a train your car can get some nice damage. Hit by a truck not so much.

#41 Posted by SonicNextGen2 (3489 posts) -

Graphics were good......that's about it.

I feel as if GTA has lost its presence with me since better sandbox such as Saint's Row and Just Cause 2 have come out.

But it's GTA, so everyone wants in on that controversial hot sauce.

#42 Edited by Bread_or_Decide (17913 posts) -

Reminded me why I haven't played a GTA since Vice City.

Too repetitive. Too long. Too much time spent traveling. Horrible shooting mechanics. Horrible cover mechanics. Now...if you ignore all the story missions it's a fine game. Once the game starts asking you to land helicopters and do other very specific things it falls apart. Too much cursing. Too much characters yacking yacking yacking. UGH. I will never play another GTA ever again. I forced myself to finish this one and that's it, I'm done. DONE.

Even the fast travel is ass. I'm playing game and I'm WAITING FOR A CAB? IN A GAME? I wish I could play a version of GTAV that streamlines me to all the action, cuts out the bullspit driving here and driving there and driving everywhere. Take me to the action.

#43 Posted by AdamPA1006 (6420 posts) -

No one has mentioned the hugely disappointing soundtrack and radio commercials that were no where near as funny as GTA4?

#44 Posted by ninjapirate2000 (3097 posts) -

Disappointed with the story, not the gameplay.

#45 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (14680 posts) -

about halfway through I became totally burnt out on gta 5. I think I over hyped the game for myself to the point where It just became boring for me because there's no possible way it could meet my expectations any longer.

It's still a good game, and in some ways great. But I definitely feel it could have been better.

#46 Edited by murat8 (10358 posts) -

At first no, I was very impressed but when i hit about 50% I got really tired of driving, even asking random people in the house to drive me to the next mission. Really if there was less driving i would say the game was great.

#47 Edited by heretrix (37453 posts) -

Single player- No. I loved it. It's my GOTY. ( On a side note, I just recently started Saint's Row 4. It's fucking GREAT!)

Online- Yes. Extremely disappointed. It literally killed any desire to continue to play the game until the inevitable single player DLC drops.

#48 Edited by Bread_or_Decide (17913 posts) -

@ReadingRainbow4 said:

about halfway through I became totally burnt out on gta 5. I think I over hyped the game for myself to the point where It just became boring for me because there's no possible way it could meet my expectations any longer.

It's still a good game, and in some ways great. But I definitely feel it could have been better.

You didn't over hype the game. It is really really boring at times. OH BOY crane mission!!! Exciting!!! An entire mission dedicated to....buying a jump suit....wow......

And how about this...for the final mission good luck running away from the cops in a 4 star chase. Good luck...

Thank god for the SKIP button.

#49 Edited by uninspiredcup (9627 posts) -

As a pc gamer, I don't know what that is.

#50 Posted by jg4xchamp (48695 posts) -

No I don't expect a lot from Rockstar. They are much closer to average than the hype surrounding them.

I do expect more from Nintendo though. Mario 3D World? Fire Emblem Awakening? Now those were disappointing.