Watch Dogs sells 4 million in first week

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#51 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2570 posts) -

I was very happy with the game a couple of hours in. After a few more hours my enjoyment has shrunk a bit. The mission design can be quite poor and the instant fail stealth stuff is a bummer.

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I am the only one that finds Watch Dogs boring?

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@ladyblue said:

AC might be a lot of things but shovelware isn't one of them... In fact its far from it. Rockstar has been hit or miss as of late. L.A. Noire, and GTA4 among their misses.

I was talking about how GTA comes out and blows people away. And I'd say GTA 4 was amazing at release. It was the first real next gen open world GTA game at the time and it blew minds. But imho, I only really like AC1 and AC4. The rest do nothing for me.