Virtual Reality Will Be Massive!

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For this reason alone

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2

This is one island, i won't be leaving.

hopefully Konami realizes the potential this game will have.

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The Japanese will have waaay too much fun with VR.

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I hope your joking because that shit is stupid.

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VR + Improved boob physics = Drool.

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@Sweenix said:

This is one island, i won't be leaving.


Have you ever even touched a boob you weren't related to?

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EDIT : Actually I'll just remove that video since I doubt Gamespot is happy with anything sexual (Even a Japanese VR game) compared to anything death and murder.

EDIT2: Search Youtube for "japanese virtual reality sex simulator" if you want to see it.

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Ok, beanie-wearer.

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I'm not convinced yet. With all the non sense about resolution, will people be into VR if its low grade visually?

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you must be 15 years old

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@SolidGame_basic said:

you must be 15 years old

And a virgin...

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3D porn *drools* VR will indeed be crazy....

Test drive cars from your home

Flight simulators

Space exploration

and some other apps I cant think of

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@LJS9502_basic said:

@SolidGame_basic said:

you must be 15 years old

And a virgin...

And fat

Don't forget fat.

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the only impressive VR supported games i've seen are on PC, like The Forest and Star Citizen.

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That's just dumb

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I appreciate the technology... and if executed well, will be on board to try it, but never will I buy into a virtual jack off machine... that's for teh lonely folk.

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If only the demo had a DOA character.

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It will not, and no one will buy it.

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I'd get it just for DOA.

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Lol at people calling each other virgins on a videogame website.

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Also lol at people trying to use virgin as some sort of insult.

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I lack the sufficient facial-neck hair to care about such an endevour

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Yes and will truly shine on the pc

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Don't want to admit that I'm slightly interested...

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Call me once VR gets to the actual good stuff like the Holodeck, then I'll consider jumping on the VR hype train.