VGA 2013 predictions?

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With the VGAs just a few weeks away, I didn't see a thread dedicated to predictions on what will be shown/revealed. If it already exists, I apologize. Anyway, here's what I think/hope will be shown:

TitanFall gameplay trailer

Sunset Overdrive trailer with a sprinkling of gameplay

Quantum Break trailer with a sprinkling of gameplay

Halo 5 teaser with 0 gameplay (maybe)

The Order 1886 gameplay trailer

Infamous gameplay trailer

Something about Uncharted 4

MGS 5 gameplay trailer

Mass Effect 4 reveal?

Something from Epic Games

Fallout 4 reveal?

Finally, some Destiny gameplay goodness.

I think that I read that nothing from Black Tusk will be shown, hopefully I'm wrong.

What do you all think?

Some people have been mentioning at HL3 reveal by Valve...I don't see that happening, ever. If it was happening, I think we would have heard something by now. It's been nearly a decade since HL2 and it would unquestionably be the single most-hyped videogame in history. It would inevitably disappoint people because of the impossibly high expectations and even if Jesus himself parted the clouds and descended from on High and gave us HL3, people would still complain. I would of course like to be wrong in this prediction, but I doubt it.

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New Zeruda for Wii U

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@Bruin1986 said:

The Order 1886 gameplay trailer

^ This would be really nice.

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I'm all for either a Fallout 4 or a Mass Effect 4 reveal, even the next TES game would be perfect for this event.

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There is a Tomb Raider announcement and The Witcher 3 that I know of. I'd love to see some Mass Effect though.

One bet: Next Uncharted.

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What I would like:

The Order gameplay trailer

Uncharted 4 info (maybe release window)

Tomb Raider sequel trailer

Dino Crisis reboot announcement

Shenmue Collection (1, 2 & 3) announcement

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@Telekill said:

What I would like:

Tomb Raider sequel trailer

Hell fucking YES!!!

And while we're at it, let's have a new Perfect Dark announcement. Sequel or reboot, I'll take either.

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@Bruin1986: Don't know if any FO fans are here but...

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Hoping for more info on U4 F4 and Zeruda Wii U reveal.

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God of War 4........can't wait for this.

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Uncharted 4


Fallout 4

Mass Effect 4

These are the strongest bets I'd reckon

Other games that might get shown:

New Zelda

Order 1886

Sony Santa Monica game

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Expect either a new Tomb Raider or Deus Ex game.

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You are expecting way too many things man. The VGAs usually only has like one of two announcements, and only one is usually a big announcement.

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I'll throw some wild cards, because.

  • Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon/Dark Souls Director)s new game (possibly Tenchu or Demons Souls 2)
  • Legacy of Kain reboot teaser, by Eidos.
  • Red Dead 3, Bully 2 or something else by Rockstar San Diego, even less likely but I'll put it here, Agent.
  • Whore of the Orient trailer, but under a new name.

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It will be hours of advertisements and unfunny Z celebs pretending to be down with the hips?
Oh, and dorito pope. Because it's totally legit.

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Uncharted 4 info and a Fallout 4 reveal and i would be one happy person

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if Uncharted 4 it's coming fall next-year or 2015 I think it's too early to be showing trailers or gameplay. Leave that for E3 and the Order too. Sony should have inFamous and Driveclub in the spotlight for now since both are coming around the first half of 2014. Although I don't have much faith for Driveclub... A new MotorStorm would have taken greater advantage from the PS4 instead of just another generic racing game with tacked on social features.

Still hoping for a Crash Bandicoot tease even if I'll most likely end up disappointed.

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No Uncharted or Halo 5 at all, maybe an announcement that Crash is back but nothing but a very brief trailer at max

The Order: 1886 gameplay will be shown

Fallout 4 announced

Quantum Break gameplay

Sunset Overdrive shows up in some form

New Thief trailer

Nintendo will show off more Smash (their special announcement)

My big guess: Reveal of Santa Monica's next project

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If Nintendo show a realistic Zelda in full 1080p glory, this will be the show stopper.

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People still watch the VGA's?

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8 shooters, 1 obligatory sports game, 1 obligatory mario game

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@brucebenzing said:

People still watch the VGA's?

Nobody watch the VGAs, we all just look at the trailers and the annoucements the next day.

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Mass Effect 4 would be a nice reveal.

But if they announce a new Zelda...HNNNNGGGGHHHH!

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I want Zelda but they said that would be for E3.

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Zelda Wii U TEASER. Gameplay will be saved for E3. Show Link riding his horse and swinging his sword, that alone would win VGX.

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Whatever Nintendo will show would not only have to be an high profile title as the other games getting shown such as Tomb Raider and Titanfall but something the audience watching would accept and perhaps even consider buying a Wii U for. Meaning they shouldn't show Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi's Epic Yarn, or Wii Fit U.

With all this in consideration… The Legend of Zelda Wii U would be the logical choice.

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Aonuma intended on showing Zelda Wii U at E3, didn't get to so it got pushed to Comic Con, didn't have enough time to throw something together now months later, should for sure be more enough time to throw something together.

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Fallout 4 is my dream right now. - listen this "Main Theme" already 30 minutes.