Undecideds: What do you expect from E3 2014?

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For those of you who have none of the three consoles WiiU/X1/PS4, aren't particularly loyal to either of the three companies and want to pick up one of the consoles soon, what do you expect from this E3?

From Nintendo? From Sony? From Microsoft? And overall.

For me, I expect Nintendo to have a big plan to save their ass, new IP's, revive their old IP's, appealing Zelda footage and more social features for their consoles.

Microsoft will need to show me that they will have more than just shooters and kinect-casual games for their console. And that it wont be a repeat of the X360 abandoning innovative games when they don't sell well.

Sony, I expect to see exclusives, period. Their game line-up is horrible right now. Particularly, their Vita needs help.

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We need a sticky, Jesus.

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I want to see what the new DBZ game will be like on the PS4 since it's not getting a PC version :(

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A bunch of announcements for 2015

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Smoke and mirrors, delays, and exclusives that aren't exclusives.

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I hope Sony comes out with some interesting exclusives. So far I haven't seen anything on the PS4 that interests me

MS needs to improve their UI now that its kinectless and some more indie games wouldn't hurt.

Nintendo needs to show some great 3DS games, I dont care about the WiiU.

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an exclusive or 2....and release dates for ff xv and kh3

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This gen I'll be sticking with only 1 console. Whichever impresses me more with exclusives between the PS4 and Xbone is the one I'll go with.

PS4 Wishlist:

The Order: 1886 gameplay being impressive, Uncharted 4 gameplay being impressive, Project Beast, The Last Guardian re-revealed, Guerilla's new IP, Syphon Filter, Crash, God of War reboot, Agent

Xbone Wishlist:

Halo 5 gameplay being impressive, Gears 4, Crackdown, Project Nagano, Rare IP revival (Banjo, Conker, or Battle Toads would be preferred), Huge megaton (something like Star Wars: Battlefront 3 exclusive)

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I would imagine it'll be something like this:

Nintendo announces there classic titles. Nothing unpredictable, but solid. A new mario, maybe Zelda, etc. etc. Might be something from left field like a Platinum game or Mistwalker JRPG something. Nintendo is always really predictable at their confences. They announce new titles to the ips they have done for decades. this isnt a bad thing, and this is why you bought a nintendo console.

Sony will probably have some cool new gameplay to show off. Uncharted will probably have an amazing show (come on, theyre tigthly scripted games with awesome graphics, obviously it will). The order will probably show well as well (for the same reason as above). There should be a couple of new announcements, such as potentially a new GOW game, and maybe GT or something like that. I expect a couple of new ips to be announced as well. They'll probably spend way too much time bragging about sales and showing off montages. And then needless indie talk. I like sony's games, they're really good for those tight movie-like 8 hour games, but god, I hate their gloating about sales and badtalk. Last year's E3 for sony was a disaster, yet their badmouthing the competition made it successful....I hate that it works... I expect at least 1 cool new ip. I think Guerilla is supposed to have a new IP, and there's the Demon Souls sequel thing. The problem here I think is that sony really didn't do anything last year at E3, and they got a lot of praise, and sales are doing very well. I think that's why this E3 might be really underwhelming.

Microsoft should have some new gameplay for Halo Guardians, which is my personal most looked forward thing of the show. I'm also expecting that Halo 1-4 leaked thing to be real. I hope these are remakes a la Anniversary. They had some old MLG halo guys playing at 343 so i expect this will have some sort of mp attached to it as well. Halo is my favorite game series so I'm sure this alone will please me.There should also be some new gameplay of Quantum Break, Fable, etc. probably a teaser for the new Gears. They keep on hyping up their E3, and they've made a good case for it based upon the pre-E3 announcements. I remain skeptical however. While their last E3 had a very good games showing (although it was overshadowed by the DRM crap), the ones before it were weak for the past couple of years. Hopefully they announce something from left-field like a Banjo or Perfect Dark. Killer Instinct was rather succesful so this is completely within question (whether or not rare makes it is really irrelevant).

** I think Microsoft has the most to prove. They've had a lot of momentum, and they can use E3 to captilize on it. if they don't it gets squashed.

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I really hope they don't focus on kids games or other worthless things real gamers don't care about.

We need pure focus on core games... The ones that will actually grow the systems with real gamers.

Less business talk as well... No one cares for that.

New IP's, future plans, progress updates on anticipated games.

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I'm expecting from but hole or despair.

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more on monolith "X" game, Fallout 4, FFXV, Guilty Gear XRD localization. free coffee

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@lostrib said:

A bunch of announcements for 2015

Nintendo's new policy dictates that they don't announce any titles more than six months away from release. So yeah, you're wrong, you smug PC gamer. You don't look forward to E3 because there's really nothing for you to look forward to.

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All I really care for at E3 is to see gameplay of Batman. I'll be happy with that.

But it'll be nice to see Zelda, Witcher 3, Cyber 2077, a new Metroid (please Nintendo? Pretty please?), and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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@zaraxius said:

@lostrib said:

A bunch of announcements for 2015

Nintendo's new policy dictates that they don't announce any titles more than six months away from release. So yeah, you're wrong, you smug PC gamer. You don't look forward to E3 because there's really nothing for you to look forward to.

I didn't know Nintendo was the only company at E3

I see you're back to continue your irrational crusade against PC gamers...well, until you're suspended (again) or banned

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the last guardian ps4

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I expect a mix bag of multiplats being presented and Microsoft and Sony's E3 conferences, and a few notable exclusives from each.

I only expect exclusives from Nintendo's end.

It'll be an exciting event, everyone wants to see what the future has in store for us.

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I wouldn't get your hopes up on Nintendo.

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I already have a PS4 but I want to see:

DMC5 or DmC2 announcement, or both

RE7 going more RE4 and less RE5/6

An announcement for an offline mode in Destiny

Ninja Gaiden 4 (I liked NG3:RE, sue me)

Metal Gear Rising 2

Project Beast being Demon's Souls 2 or a spiritual successor to DS but different enough to stand aside Dark Souls

These would make E3 2014 pretty epic for me