Transfering Xbox 360 saved games to a PS3?

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   I'm posting this also to the PS3 forum, so please don't get mad for cross-posting.

   Anyways, I recently got a PS3, and want to now ditch my Xbox 360, but have several saved games on there that I don't want to lose. Now, I was wondering if there was any way (complicated or not, I'm pretty computer literate) to transfer Xbox 360 games to my PS3? This is probably a futile question; I'm sure if Microsoft didn't make it impossible to transfer data to rival systems, they probably will send men through my window to off me if I succeed. Just in case, though, I thought I'd ask...




#2 Posted by McdonaIdsGuy (3046 posts) - not possible and it wont ever happen.
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I highly doubt it, but if you want like a complete game save in GTA, I'm pretty sure you could share that from one PS3 to another. You just have to find someone with that saved file.
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that is just not possible, congrats on your new PS3.
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It's unpossible, sorry.
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you have to wait till home is out, till then, that feature wont be available
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You can't transfer saves across platforms, but you could go to a site like ps3brew and find a save file comparable to where you were and download it to your ps3.
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Why would you want to ditch your 360, just get it fixed, do you really want to your games to just rot? But no, it isnt possible, for some games between PC/360 it works but i really doubt it for PS3
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Thankfully that's not possible, we don't want the lameness of the PS3 to infect the 360.
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Your trying to tell us you went out and bought every multiplatform game you owned on the 360 for the PS3.
Judging by your initial post your probably trying to use the 360 discs in the PS3 anyway.

Please try harder next time.