TLOU: Complete Edition for PS4 Appears on Spanish Retailer

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Saw this hours ago and havent seen a thread yet. (about the listing, not about the exec who mentioned it existed).

While Sony hasn’t confirmed plans for the release of The Last of Us for PS4, something interesting appeared on the website of the Spanish retailer Xtralife: The Last of Us Complete Editon, as discovered by Twitter user Hero of Time.

This comes after a PS4 version of the game was mentioned by Sony Eurasia Market Manager Sercan Sülün. A mention of it was also spotted yesterday on GameStop Germany‘s internal system.

The release date is listed as June 19th, that isn’t exactly “summer” as hinted by Sülün, but it’s close enough. The screenshots on the page are from the PS3 version of the game, but that’s not really surprising.

Of course this is no official confirmation, and shouldn’t be considered as such, but it isn’t the first time European retailers with an overeager trigger finger oust a release in this way (a recent example is the inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 Bundle) and it’s definitely an interesting piece of this mysterious puzzle. We’ll have to wait and see if it’ll turn out to be legit, but for now we’ll have to take this with the usual pinch of salt.

Below you can see a screencap of the listing and the box art, since it’ll probably be taken down as soon as someone at Sony notices.

On topic, I think everybody knew this was coming. I knew before the game even came out, that they intended the entire time to release it on PS4, just like GTAV. I just hope Sony makes it part of their $10 next gen upgrades deal because I'd get it on PS4 just to be able to play the MP with the DS4. One less reason to ever have to turn on my PS3 again. I havent touched the multiplayer for TLOU in over 2 months (since getting a PS4), because I cant go back to the Dualshock 3 after using the DS4. That, and going back to the XMB.

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I'd seriously get this just for the bag

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killer app right thur

i'm in!

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Yea, saw this on GAF as well. I'll triple dip for it. Can't wait.

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If true it would certainly be a day 1 for me.

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I'd seriously get this just for the bag

You need a PS4...... Why are you buying PS4 games wasting the money that could be used to buy a PS4!

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lol full price

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Couldnt see myself playing this game again (even when its a PS4 version)

Felt pretty linear and boring to me.

The story and the interaction between Joel and Ellie is what kept me playing the game.

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You can't go back to DS3 after DS4? That's silly.

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@MonsieurX: good game, not even a year old, comes with all the DLC. I'd pay full price for it.

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Full price for this?


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Back to dominate another gen, and cause jelly in lems and herms.


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im definitely double dipping the chip

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dat cash grab

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You know cows will eat this up.

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ill be triple dipping on this game

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Take my money ND.

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I'd seriously get this just for the bag

lol I said the samething when i saw it.

Im gonna buy too, even tho I dont even a own a PS4 yet.

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You can't go back to DS3 after DS4? That's silly.

you will if your DS4 dies after 4 hours

Seriously SONY fucked it up with that horrible battery life, how do you go from 30 hours on the DS3 to 4-5 hours on the DS4?

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I'm throwing my weekly paycheck at the screen, but nothing is happening.

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So, the PS3 is losing an exclusive I see.

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I'm starting to hate this trend of rereleases, but I'll get it day 1 so I'm a part of the problem. :(

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Can't wait to see some screenshots. What we're seeing now is what PC has been doing since forever, receiving a superior version with higher quality assets.

And this is one game that definitely deserves it.

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Definitely picking this up since i didn't play it on PS3

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I'll pass. Its honestly way too soon.

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You know whats funny, that there will be a GOTY edition later this year to on the PS3 and now thats its coming to the PS4, there will also be a "Complete Edition GOTY Edition" too.

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Can't wait to see more. I never bought the PS3 version.

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So, the PS3 is losing an exclusive I see.

And the PS4 is gaining another AA exclusive

AAA if you count the dlc ;)

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Sign me up

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lol full price

It's less than a year since release. Equivalently, you'd be dumb if you think GTA V releasing right now on the PC would not draw a $50 price tag even though the game is over 6 months old already.

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@_Matt_ said:

Can't wait to see more. I never bought the PS3 version.

You're in for a treat, wish I could play it again for the very first time.

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Would buy again. Only played through TLoU once.

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@_Matt_ said:

Can't wait to see more. I never bought the PS3 version.

You're in for a treat, wish I could play it again for the very first time.

Oh I should clarify:

I have played it. I borrowed it off a friend and played it through once. It was however a fairly rushed borrow, so played through it on normal difficulty with little additional exploration.

I would love to own it and play it through properly at a nice pace on hard difficulty.

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@Sweenix: no....the PS4 wouldn't be getting another exclusive. TLOU is on another platform. Therefore it's a multiplat actually. So the PS4 would be gaining an AA title, which is still good.

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June 19th isn't summer?

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Will get this as I never picked up the original, only played a bit at a friends house.

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As much as I hate the idea of this I will still buy it.

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Looks like PS4 owners are getting another multiplat.