TitanFall VS Infamous Second Son: Gamespot Score prediction?

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Posted by RobotOrange (13 posts) 10 months, 25 days ago

Poll: TitanFall VS Infamous Second Son: Gamespot Score prediction? (21 votes)

Titan Fall 57%
Infamous 43%

Which will score Higher!!!

#1 Posted by RobotOrange (13 posts) -

imo Infamous in a "7" series and Titanfall has AAA written all over it!

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The upset camp/PS4 supporters playing it safe and voting Titanfall dis is funny.

#3 Posted by Mozelleple112 (6695 posts) -

@robotorange said:

imo Infamous in a "7" series and Titanfall has AAA written all over it!

Dumbest thing I've read all day.

Titanfall as sub 6/10 written all over it.

Infamous.. maybe 8/10

#4 Posted by lostrib (39044 posts) -

probably both get 8's

#5 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (5507 posts) -

GS decide not to push the boat out and give both 7.

#6 Posted by silversix_ (14984 posts) -

@robotorange said:

Titanfall has AAA written all over it!

just like Call of Bro Duty. On thread i think both will get 8.

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People here talked down on Titanfall for not having single player and looking ugly with all this resolution talk while praising Infamous for focusing in the story and having amazing graphics. So you would think they think Infamous will be the better scoring game but I bet the polls will differ.

#8 Posted by killatwill15 (845 posts) -

you know its a tough call,

gamespot has rated games low because of weak singleplayer before,

be it cod of battlefield.

so will they give titanfall a low score because of no singleplayer?

or rate infamous second son lower because it doesn't have multiplayer?

#9 Posted by HitmanActual (399 posts) -

Titanfall reviews will be biased as MS has too much riding on this game, so I am sure they will have things in place to make sure it's reviews will be nothing but positive.

Infamous will score ok but no doubt will have minor flaws made to be a big deal and negatives highlighted to keep Titanfall looking squeaky clean and shiny.

Game reviewers are all on the take. GS has a clear hard-on for Titanfall so it will review it through rose coloured glasses, ignoring it's many obvious flaws.

#10 Posted by Messiahbolical- (5563 posts) -

Infamous 8.5

Titanfall 7.5

#11 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2621 posts) -

Modern Warfare > Infamous

Titanfall > InFamous

#12 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2895 posts) -

I predict both of them will score something between 0-9

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Already a thread on this subject about a week ago.


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@lostrib said:

probably both get 8's

#15 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3445 posts) -

Titanfall 9

Infamous 8

Cows will lose their minds.

Lems will turn it into the second coming of Jesus.

Herms will be ignored.

Sheep will keep waiting for May 30th.

I will be too busy playing games to care.

#16 Edited by Master_ShakeXXX (13361 posts) -

Titanfall is pretty much guaranteed an 8 or 9.

InFamous, well, it all depends on whether or not it improves upon the second game or repeats it's mistakes. With McShea reviewing it it could go either way. Guy loved the original and part 2 not so much. I personally share his opinion.

#17 Posted by BattleSpectre (6386 posts) -

@Messiahbolical- said:

Infamous 8.5

Titanfall 7.5

Gamespot no longer have half ratings. In Gamespots own words: If an 8 is "great" and a 9 is "superb," what purpose does an 8.5 serve? To address this, we've decided to simplify and remove half-points all together.

#18 Posted by FragTycoon (6430 posts) -

GS is so inconsistent with criteria for reviews I wouldn't even venture a guess.

What I would assume is no matter what the sore for these games, lems are going to keep on pretending TF is an exclusive.

I personally don't think either game is breaking new ground game play wise but SS is definitely leading consoles in "next gen" visuals. I'm kinda over the auto-aim, auto-fire, auto-explode, call in support/dogs/air-strike/death noob-friendly FPS genera, so I don't think I'll be getting TF (for PC or 360)..... as for SS? I'm wait and see atm.

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