Titanfall on Xbone looks atrocious

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I know I don't have 500 posts, but I think this thread warrants an exception.


Looks bad, but not atrocious, right? Yeah, except you're going to be playing this on a 36-50" TV, not a 10" screen.

Open the image up from the direct link to see how the game will look like on your TV: http://i.imgur.com/H0vpXl1.jpg

I really doubt the 360 version is going to be noticeably inferior to the Xbone version. No wonder why Microsoft paid EA to delay the 360 version. If people saw a comparison vid, they'd just get the 360 version.

This game is just more proof that the Xbone is barely stronger than the 360.

CBOAT is probably wrong about 720p + alpha textures on final build, but after seeing those direct-feed shots, I wouldn't blame CBOAT for thinking that.

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mm MMM. Dem next gen visuals.

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Yes. If anything, another Titanfall thread warrants an exception.

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Looks stunning.

Now please stand by for the lock.

Not only are you below 500 posts, but there is also a sticky.

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Looks like the 900p rumor went up into the air along with the cloud.

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No, piss off.

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Power of Xbone. Running last gen multiplats in 792p while maintaining a smooth framerate of 45fps.

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that looks reallly bad yes just awfull now what about the gameplay ?

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@FreedomFreeLife said:


Lol, it'll still look like shit.

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Yea... That's pretty bad looking. I've still yet to play it though, might get it after a few price cuts on Pc.

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that looks reallly bad yes just awfull now what about the gameplay ?

Played the Beta on my PC and I have to say that the game can only be enjoyed by people who don't know they're killing bots.

I doubt any lemming on this site actually enjoys playing the game. It's fake, manufactured hype.

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1. No, it does not warrant an exception. It's very cut and dry with the rule. 500 or more posts to create a thread.

2. There is a titanfsll sticky. Keep titanfall information in that sticky.